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Potty Training Routine

January 2, 2015, 7:42 AM
Q: After watching your potty training videos, I decided to crate train my 8 week old Morkie. I think it's too cold outside for both of us and he just shakes when outside. I have our crate set up like the pup pee poo palace. He peed and pooped on his pee pad a few times yesterday...as well as peed on his bed area once. I was up feeding at 3am as he isn't eating as well as I would like...then got up at 8am to sit next to his crate to wait for him to pee before getting him out to feed again. He wouldn't pee. I sat there from 8-830am while he hopped from his bed to his pee pad, whined, layed down, then did it all over again for the entire half hour. So I got him out and fed him from 830-845. He ate 10 pieces of his food, a few teaspoons of his wet food and about 2cc of baby food/karo mixture. He drank a bit of water too. I then put him back in his crate at 845 waiting for him to pee...it's now 910 and he gave up and went to sleep. What should I do differently?
A: It sounds like his appetite is going okay. So far as the training goes my suggestion would be not to sit with him at all. Once you know he is awake wait at least 1- minutes before you go to him. He should be in the crate whenever he is not engaged with you. Take a look at the potty training series of videos.