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Indoor Potty Training

January 12, 2018, 2:22 AM
Q: We got our 10 week old westie puppy this week. I noticed that he still pees or poos when let out of the palace when we get home. Is this normal and will he adjust to going in the palace? I live in an apartment and he isnt finish with vaccinations so dont want him outside yet. Should I have other areas outside the palace set up to potty indoors or will it confuse him. Do you recommend using and xpen with the crate now or wait a bit until he is fully trained in the palace. I am a new dog owner and having much anxiety although I know ita just day 4. Thanks, Natasha Clinton-Starks
A: If pad training is your goal then he needs to stay in the palace until he eliminates. Add more space doesn’t come into play until Phase 2, watch the video “Training with the PupPeePooPalace”