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Pad Training takes extra effort

January 12, 2018, 5:17 PM
Q: I purchased the pup pee poo palace when I adopted my dog on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been doing all the basic principles of potty training, when he has an accident I say bad boy and take him to his palace. Also when I see that he is about to go I can rush him in there on time and he won’t go, he will whine to come out and if I let him out he goes Straight to the carpet to pee or poop. I just can’t get him to go potty in his palace alone. I don’t think he even understands when I take him to that place and say go potty a million times over and ovEr. What do I do?
A: He does not know that is where he is supposed to go until you teach him. The only way to do that is he has to stay in the Palace until he eliminates which then gives the opportunity for praise. At first it takes a look of patience but once you are able to start praising then it will go faster. Pad training is more difficult than outdoor training most of the time. You have to stick to Phase Training as detailed in “Training with the PupPeePooPalace”