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January 26, 2018, 1:30 PM
Q: I’m not sure how to respond on your website to an email I received from you. My question was about my 4 month old self sampling. I have her in a crate during the evenings. She doesn’t eliminate in the crate. However, when I take her outside, she will immediately eat her feces after she goes or find old feces and try to eat it. Same with urinating, after she goes, she will lick the grass. Also, I do not work and am at home all the time. She is rarely left alone. The few times she has been left in the crate, she doesn’t eliminate inside. Other than that or the nighttime, she roams the house freely.
A: If consuming poop is a big part of her problem you need to try some of the products that you add to her food to change the smell/taste of her forces. "Forbid" is a popular one and often effective. There are also several "herbal" varieties you can find in most pet stores. Even unseasoned meat tenderizer sprinkled on food often works. You need to add the product to every meal for about 2 weeks.