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Getting Mean

May 29, 2020, 10:21 PM
Q: Hi - We are having concerns about our mini bernedoodle's aggressive tendencies. She's 12 weeks old. She gets vey angry and growly and wants to attack our hands. arms and calves and feet. It's not in a playful or teething way. She is downright mean. Nothing we have tried - positive reinforcement, redirection, etc. none of it works. In fact, it only makes her more aggressive. We often don't feel we can even play with her because she gets super aggressive super fast. We always have to keep a blanket in our lap to guard against her teeth. She doesn't to sleep during day and when we crate her she cries and cries - if we crate her every hour and force her to sleep, the aggression is much less but it's not actually solving the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Kelly
A: In this instance positive reinforcement has no place and redirection makes no sense to me. The first step is to avoid the interaction that produces the response and the second is to implement swift and rememberable corrective measures. It seems extensive “time out” in a penalty box could be best. The penalty box is an unfamiliar place that is only used for that purpose.