Birth Date 3/25/2021
Gender Female
Current Weight 4lb 2oz
Est Adult Weight 7-12 lbs
Registry n/a
Vaccinations Up-To-Date On All Shots
Vet Inspection 5/25/2021

The Pomeranian Bichon also affectionately known as the Pomachon, Pom Frise and Bichon-A-Ranian is a designer cross breed between the Pomeranian and the Bichon Frise. The Pomachon was first bred to create a dog that would have the best qualities of both parent breeds. This charming little pooch has become one of the most popular companion dog.

Appearance and Grooming

It is fair to say, that these breed of dog has no distinct look and can come out in a variety of ways. Most will have round heads that may look like a puff if their hair is more on the curly side, with dark eyes and a black nose and a tail that curls towards their back. Their hypoallergenic coat can be white and curly like the Bichon Frise parent or straight with the colors of brown, tan, red, orange or black like the Pomeranian parent. They require a moderate amount of upkeep, so daily brushing along with regular grooming appointments will be necessary for your puppy’s health.


They have a sweet and gentle disposition, but if provoked can easily become irritated and impatient causing them to snap at someone. They make wonderful lap dogs and tend to pick one or two people with whom they form especially close bonds.

Family and Companionship

Their friendly, outgoing and sociable nature makes them the perfect fit for homes with individuals of all ages. They are also very affectionate, so if you have a hectic lifestyle and cannot make extra time to give them attention, they may not be the best dog for you as they can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. These dogs can live happily in urban areas and are suited to apartment life as long as their exercise needs are met.


This breed can become overweight if not exercised enough or fed too much. A recommended 40 to 60 minutes of exercise is necessary to keep this dog in top shape. This can be broken up by two walks or one walk and either indoor or outdoor play.

Training and Socialization

These intelligent dogs are very easy to train as long as you as the trainer remain consistent and patient. Like with most all animals, they do not respond well when yelled at as they are sensitive and this can cause them to develop anxiety. Equally important is socialization at a young age as these puppies need to experience a multitude of sights and sounds to remain confident and calm. 


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The health of your new family member is our primary concern. We take all necessary precautions from vet inspection of our pups to their parents requirement to pass annual exams. If there’s something undiscoverable at 8 weeks of age that later comes up as hereditary or congenital, you’re covered. We stand behind our pups with up to a 10 year guanrantee.


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Our breeder partners are our allies in serving the interests of our clients in bringing to market the highest quality puppies available. We seek breeder partnerships that share our concern for social responsibility and the environment.

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Developing long-term, personal relationships with breeders means we can work closely with the people, who raise the puppies we provide. We frequently visit our breeders to ensure our puppies and the practices used to raise them are always improving. With our breeders, their pets and pups are their main focus and priority.