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Mini Sheepadoodle Customer: Waldo Striker


Mini Sheepadoodle Customer: Waldo Striker

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Storytime Examples

  • Pup's Gotcha Day (Homecoming)
  • Puppy Surprise Gift for a Loved One
  • Holidays (Xmas, Halloween, etc.)
  • Pup’s Birthday Party
  • Puppy Toy Reviews (good toys vs bad toys)
  • Potty Training Timeline Progress
  • Obedience Training/Graduation
  • Traveling with your Puppy
  • or other cute events with your puppy

Storytime Guidelines

We are looking for engaging puppy stories to be shown within our Storytime videos. Videos should be at least 30 seconds long, and it should represent a story of an event or timeline, instead of a quick 5 second clip of a cute puppy moment.

After you submit your Storytime video, please allow us adequate time to review the content. If we like the content, we will publish it on our website. If we feel that the submission needs some editing or adjustments, we will reply with what changes we think needs to be made.

Submitting a video does not guarantee that it will be published on our site, but we want to feature as many Storytimes as possible! Happy posting!

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