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8 Signs You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person

8 Signs You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person - Premier Pups

8 Signs You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person

Published Friday, October 28, 2022 by PremierPups

Dogs are man's best friend, and they love you unconditionally. They're also happy to let you know when you're their favorite person in the world. Dogs are known to be very loyal and loving creatures.  

A dog's love and loyalty cannot be taught, but they can definitely be earned. Dogs can be very expressive, and if your dog is showing signs that they think of you as their favorite person, it's likely because you are. 

One thing that is universal among humans and dogs is that we love attention and affection from those we care about. Dogs are especially sensitive to human emotions and will often respond to your moods by acting accordingly. If you're feeling down or stressed out, your dog may try to cheer you up with some of these behaviors. 

Here are a few signs you are your dog’s favorite person. 

Your Dog Licks You When He Sees You 

One of the biggest signs your dog sees you as their favorite person is affection towards you. Dogs show affection in many ways, but the most obvious sign of affection is licking.  

Dogs lick for many reasons. Licking is a form of communication and bonding, it’s a way for dogs to show affection and love for their owners.  

Dogs lick to express their emotions, like when they want attention or something from their owners. Dogs also use licking as a way to bond with others, it helps them build relationships with humans and other animals in the household. 

If your dog licks you often, or more often than he/she licks others in your family, you can be sure you are their favorite person. 

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He Follows You Everywhere 

Your dog is loyal to you in a way that few humans have been before. When you open the front door, he's right behind you, eager to go on an adventure with you. When you take him for a walk around the neighborhood, he's right there at your heels, his head pointed straight ahead as if nothing could distract him from seeing what's around every corner. 

Dogs often follow their humans around the house, as if they are giving them a tour. This is called dog-led behavior. Dogs are very social animals, so it makes sense that they would want to spend time with their human companions. It's also possible that dogs are trying to protect or watch over their humans, which may be why they follow them around the house. 

If your dog chooses to follow you everywhere, especially when there are others around, this is another sign that you are their favorite person.  

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Your Dog Sleeps in Your Bed 

Dogs are very loyal and loving creatures. They love their owners unconditionally, and you will often find them sitting or lying next to you when you are relaxing on the couch or bed. If your dog sleeps in your bed, then he must see himself as part of your family. 

Dogs are social animals, so they like being around other members of their pack, especially when they're sleeping. If your dog regularly sleeps at the foot of your bed or jumps up on the mattress when you're going to bed, then it's safe to assume that he thinks of you as his pack leader.  

If your dog chooses to sleep curled next to you and glued at your side, you can be sure you are their favorite person in the world.  

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Your Dog Brings You Presents 

It’s adorable when your dog brings you a gift, and it can be a sign that they feel safe with you. The most common reason for this behavior is that they have an emotional bond with you. They know they can trust you, so they feel comfortable giving you things like their toys or treats. 

Most dogs choose a favorite in their human families. If you have a large family and you are the only one receiving gifts from your dog, there is no doubt that you are their favorite person. 

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Your Dog Doesn't Listen When Others Call Him 

Dogs are very loyal and loving creatures, so if you have one, it means you are lucky. It's common knowledge that dogs are the most loyal animals on earth, and they’re not loyal to just anyone.  

One of the tell-tale signs that you are your dog’s favorite person is them sticking at your side even when someone else calls them. And this is especially true if someone in the family calls them, and they don’t bulge from your side.  

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Your Dog Gets Extremely Excited When Someone is At the Door 

It’s no secret that dogs have a habit of barking when someone knocks on the door. They get excited at the slightest hint of visitors approaching. But this barking can be different, depending on who they sense at the door. 

When a dog barks aggressively, he is being protective and doesn’t trust the person at the door. An excited bark will always mean he is anxious and happy to let a visitor in. However, when your dog barks and whines excitedly, this means that his favorite person has returned home. This type of barking is very different from the rest. The level of excitement is indicative of his joy when his favorite human returns home. 

If your dog barks differently at your return, often whining and wagging its tail uncontrollably, it’s a clear sign that you are their favorite human.  

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Your Dog Makes Eye Contact with You Differently 

Eye contact is a big deal for dogs. It's how they communicate with humans and other animals. The gaze itself can give you pointers on what your dog is thinking or trying to say. Some dogs have a very expressive gaze, while others may never lock eyes with their owners.  

If you’ve had a dog for a while, by now you can probably tell what their gaze is communicating. Their fear, excitement, joy, and needs, are all communicated through a simple gaze.  

If your dog looks deeply into your eyes and sighs, almost like trying to spell out that he/she loves you (if you have a dog, you know this look), then this is a clear sign that you are their favorite human in the world.  

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When Your Dog Comes to You for Belly Rubs 

This is also called "tummy time." Tummy time is like a warm-up for your dog. It helps him get used to being on his back and it can make him feel more comfortable when playing with other dogs or people.  
Tummy time is also important because it helps build up the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back legs which are all important for balance. 

If your dog lets or asks you to rub his/her belly often, it’s a clear sign of trust but also a need for pampering. Dogs love to be pampered, but they won't let just anyone rub their belly. Trust is one of the most important things for dogs, and if your pooch chooses you for tummy time, it might just mean that you are his/her favorite person in the world.  

Dogs love lying on their back. Some dogs will do this when they're happy or relaxed, but dogs who do this when you arrive home from work or after a long day mean that they want attention from you. 

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Dog owners often wonder if their dog has a favorite person. The answer to that question is yes and no. Dogs as a species are naturally packed animals, so they do prefer one human over another. But it's not always the same person every time. 

The reason they seem to prefer some people over others is that each dog has its own unique personality, just like us humans. Some dogs are more outgoing and affectionate than others. Some dogs are aloof and independent while others are more submissive and friendly with strangers. 

Your dog may love you most because you spend a lot of time with him, or because he thinks you're his best friend, or maybe because you give him treats all the time. Whatever the reason, there are some tell-tale signs that your dog thinks you're his favorite person in the world. 

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