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Is it ok to talk to your dog like he’s a human being

Is it ok to talk to your dog like he’s a human being

Published Tuesday, October 29, 2019 by PremierPups

For each dog owner, his or her dog is pretty much like any other family member. The dog grows with us, plays with us, sleeps on the couch or bed, and even come on vacations with us. So yes, they are pretty much humanized and treated as one of our kind. But still, to what point you can humanize your dog? Do dogs like being talked to? Did you try to talk to your dog before? It is very true that they will not understand what we are saying, although they are capable of learning a few words, which are mainly their name and a few commands. But beyond that, dogs just don’t communicate too much with the help of sounds.

·         So then what it the point to talk to my dog?

Well, there is a point, because dogs are creatures very receptive to what is happening around them. To understand you and what you want from them, they watch your every move and state of mind. Dogs are very sensitive to the way you feel and the messages you transmit with your body. Yes, your body language can tell a lot about yourself to your dog, more than words can. Still, dogs will also react to the tone of your voice, even if they don’t understand what you are saying. So they will know when something is wrong, when you are happy or when you are sad. Their hearing is extremely sensitive, so they will feel any fluctuation in your voice, helping them understand better the way you feel.

·         How to talk to your dog

Because dogs will react to sounds, you can use this aspect to transmit your dog the messages you want. For instance, when I baste my dog, I use an aggravated voice, like when I am very serious and mean to transmit something severity. When I need to calm down my dog, I use a mild, honey-like voice, trying to communicate a peaceful state of mind to the dog. And when I wish to play with the dog, again, I use a playful and cheerful voice, just like when I am excited because of something. Thus, my dog learned to differentiate these states of mind and reacts to them accordingly. He knows what I am happy and when I am mad, by the way I talk to him. So if you are wondering how to talk to your dog, you should know that the tone of your voice is the key to it.

·         Reasons we recommend talking to your dog

It is a way to transmit your state to your dog and help him understand what you expect from him. They use the tone of your voice with your body language to gather info about the way you are and what you are trying to tell them. So this is why it is important to talk to your dog. Even if they don’t understand what you are saying and will never talk back, they will still use your voice as guidance. It is true that puppies will not react right from the beginning to your voice, but talk to your dog as often as you get the chance, especially when you need to praise him for doing something good, or let him notice that he did something wrong, and slowly your pup will learn the sound of your voice. I slowly saw my dog change in time, according to the way I was talking to him, so it is not useless to talk to them. Don’t treat them as stupid animals, because they are not, and might surprise you with what they can do.