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Your Puppy's First Christmas

Your Puppy's First Christmas - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, December 8, 2021 by Madeline I

The Pawlidays are almost here and they are going to be especially memorable this year if you’re a new puppy parent. Paws will be dancing and prancing, ornaments will be flying, and puppy presents will be chewed open. The days ahead will be joy-filled and memorable so it’s time to buckle up and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with a puppy by your side. Here are a few things to look forward to on your puppy’s first Christmas, and a few tips on how to make this Pawliday perfect.  

Let it snow and enjoy the cuddles

The chilly winter season is undoubtedly better with a warm puppy at your side. As a new puppy parent, you get to enjoy everything the holiday season brings times three – once for yourself, once for your new puppy’s joy, and once for the new bonds of love and friendship that are formed between the two of you. If you have children, your holiday joy will be even greater with a new puppy in the house.

It’s time for romantic Christmas comedy marathons, hot cocoa, and warm puppy cuddles to become part of your evening routine. As you set the stage and create that lovely Christmassy environment, be mindful of all the things your puppy can reach.  

Mind the candles! Although they create the most wonderful Christmas setting, they can also lead to mishaps if they can be reached by your curious and excited little puppy. Tail wagging and candles don’t mix well, and neither do bouncy paws and candle stands. Make sure to place your candles somewhere high where your happy (and mischievous) puppy can't reach.  

Mind the hot cocoa! If you plan on spending most of your evenings savoring hot chocolate and enjoying those warm puppy cuddles, be mindful of where you leave your hot cocoa mug when you look away. Small puppies are notoriously curious about what everything tastes like. If your coffee table is near your couch, avoid leaving anything on it that your puppy might crave to taste. Hot cocoa and marshmallows should not be on your puppy’s menu this Christmas.  

Oh oh the Tree

Your Christmas tree is up, fully decorated, and ready to be admired. It looks magical to you and everyone else except to your puppy. Your puppy will see it as the Toys R Us for puppies. It's their version of Disneyland and they will want a piece of it.  

Cats are famously known for bringing down Christmas trees, but did you know that dogs and puppies do it too? Their mission is the same – to get the ornament. Cats jump in the tree to get that shiny-looking ball, while dogs pull the tree down from the bottom. The result is the same.

Puppy enjoying its first Christmas

Your new puppy will want to devour some of your shiny decorations. To avoid the fallen Christmas tree catastrophe most pet parents go through every holiday season, it’s best to leave the first few branches clear of decorations and tinsel, or better yet, to lift your Christmas tree on a pedestal just high enough where your puppy can't reach it. Ornaments aren’t safe to chew and neither is tinsel.  

And since we’re on the subject of Christmas tree ornaments, we strongly advise you to get your puppy his or her own tree ornament. They make wonderful memories that you will cherish forever.  

Time for tricks, treats, and guests  

Your house decorations are fabulous, food smells delicious, guests are almost there, and your new puppy is ready to socialize and mingle. Tail wags are imminent, excitement will ensue, compliments will keep on coming, and your puppy will get what it desires most – attention. It is entirely possible that your guests will take turns holding and pampering your new puppy.

Dogs enjoying attention from holiday guests

And you will feel great because the awesomely cute puppy is yours. The setting will be picturesque and the environment joyful, which will most likely absorb you into a bubble of pure holiday bliss. The merriest puppy deserves the merriest Christmas, just as you do. But, with a small crowd around your puppy, things might get out of hand, and you need to plan ahead for it.  

Instruct your guests to avoid treating your puppy to harmful foods. Cute puppy eyes, little paws in the air, and a small whine should do the trick in getting your puppy the treats it craves and asks for. You need to keep a watchful eye on both your puppy and your guests to make sure no unapproved treat transactions are taking place under the table. If you have children in the family or expecting guests with small children, keep an eye on the candy. Chocolate and sweets are terribly harmful for puppies and for dogs and should be avoided completely. Christmas food that is not specifically designed for puppies should also be left out of your little one’s menu.

Provide a resting place for your puppy. The excitement and the agitation around your puppy will most likely turn into exhaustion for your little fur-baby. Make sure to set up a place where your puppy can rest and recharge away from the visiting crowd.  

Don’t forget to ask Santa Paws for puppy Christmas gifts. Your puppy will be thrilled to unwrap some Christmas gifts of its own. Your puppy loves Kong toys, squeaky chew toys, ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs, and new comfy puppy beds, so make sure to add some of those items to your christmas shopping list. And last but not least, take lots of adorable pictures with your new puppy on Christmas. Those pictures will make one of your most prized possessions.

Scroll down to see FAQs about your puppy's first Christmas!

Madeline I

About The Author

Madeline, a remarkable wordsmith and canine connoisseur at Premier Pups, possesses an exceptional understanding of dogs, setting her apart in the world of pet journalism. Her meticulous research skills and genuine affinity for her furry subjects culminate in articles that are both informative and captivating. Madeline's distinctive writing style brings the canine experience to life, making complex topics accessible and engaging for readers. As a trusted source of wisdom for dog enthusiasts, Madeline's unique contributions have become an essential component of the Premier Pups community, where her passion and expertise continue to inspire a deeper appreciation for the world of dogs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my puppy's first Christmas special? You can make your puppy's first Christmas special by enjoying cuddles in the chilly winter season, being mindful of Christmas decorations, engaging in fun activities, and giving them their own Christmas gifts to unwrap.

What precautions should I take with my Christmas decorations if I have a new puppy? If you have a new puppy, be mindful of where you place your Christmas candles and decorations. Avoid leaving anything within your puppy's reach that could potentially harm them, such as candles and hot cocoa mugs.

How can I ensure my Christmas tree is safe for my puppy? To ensure your Christmas tree is safe for your puppy, it's best to leave the first few branches clear of decorations and tinsel. You could also consider placing your Christmas tree on a pedestal just high enough where your puppy can't reach it.

What should I be mindful of when hosting guests with my new puppy during Christmas? When hosting guests with your new puppy during Christmas, instruct your guests to avoid feeding your puppy harmful foods. Also, provide a resting place for your puppy where they can recharge away from the crowd.

What are some Christmas gift ideas for my new puppy? Some Christmas gift ideas for your new puppy include Kong toys, squeaky chew toys, ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs, and new comfy puppy beds.