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February 11, 2014, 12:16 AM
Q: My puppy, was dragging her butt around. We then noticed that something had come out when she was dragging her rear end on the ground. It appeared to be a small moving "worm" that was white in appearance and 2-inches in size. I took a picture if you'd like to see it. From what I read on the internet it appears to be "roundworm" though I could be wrong. What should we do? She was "dewormed" as a puppy. So, this is a new event for her. Yes that is a tapeworm segment, the adult worm that produced it is still in the intestine. The dewormer you asked about from Amazon can work. The praziquantel it contains is effective against tapeworms and should be repeated whenever segments are seen. The medications most often used by veterinarians are Droncit and Cestex. The most common tapeworm is contracted through fleas, if you are experiencing fleas take a look at the video on this subject.