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Ate Bottle Cap?

April 22, 2015, 7:43 AM
Q: Doctor Pup: Let me review your history and us will be back Rosalinda: Hello, doctor, I'm so sorry to bother you again, but my dog was playing with an empty water bottle and we can't find the cap, he's acting normal no chocking noises or anything but I'm really worry Doctor Pup: For now you can just be observant. We are watching for vomiting loss of appetite or signs of discomfort Rosalinda: it's possible he eat it??? Rosalinda: what should I do? just wait? Doctor Pup: Yes and if he did you will see some or all of these symptoms. Likely in the next 2 days. Be sure to let me know as soon as you see something. If you get 3 days and nothing that is a good sign. Rosalinda: and in the case of these signs? just contact you? and should I give him something in the mean time? Metamucil maybe? Doctor Pup: I would not give that under these circumstances. An object that size in this dog will do less harm if it stays in the stomach. Even with Metamucil the chance for passage through his intestine is slim. If it is in there it's better if it stays in the stomach. Rosalinda: does he need surgery? Doctor Pup: We don't know yet. If you knew he swallowed it then an X-ray and possible endoscope is prudent. If you don't know if he even swallowed it you can proceed as above. Rosalinda: we don't know for sure, but we couldn't find the cap anywhere Rosalinda: so just wait a couple days if he has the symptoms then contact you? Doctor Pup: You can pursue an X-ray if you would rather. As Doctor Pup: Long as you watch him close you can take him if he shows evidence of trouble. How easy is emergency services for you? Rosalinda: it's kind of far Rosalinda: do you know how expensive it's an x-ray? Doctor Pup: With emergency fees and X-rays prob $150-200 Rosalinda: ok, Rosalinda: so I will monitor him and try to make an appointment then Rosalinda: it's something else I can do in case he chokes or something ? Doctor Pup: If he was going to choke he already would have Rosalinda: ok, so, I will monitor him and whatever he does different I will contact you, thank you doctor, it's anything else I can do? or just wait? Rosalinda: I just call the animal emergency to find out about the X-ray's, they said it's 95 for the exam plus 120 for the x-rays, he is acting normal, just to be clear because I'm kind of upset, just wait to see if he is fine or just take him for the x-rays?????????