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Portuguese Water Dog Puppies For Sale

The Portuguese Water Dog is a fun-loving, energetic, and adventure-oriented pup. Brave, loyal, playful, and highly affectionate, the Portuguese Water dogs make a wonderful addition to any family looking for a lovable companion pet. These fluffy pups enjoy going to the beach for a swim, hiking through mountain trails, playing with fellow fur-babies at the dog park, and participating in all family activities. They are great at dog sports, very loving of their pet parents, and fantastic with children of all ages. The Portuguese Water Dogs are also highly intelligent, easy to train, and eager-to-please. A very rare and highly sought-after breed, the Portuguese Water Dog is one of dogdom’s crown jewels.

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Sweet, Loyal, Joyful, Outgoing

Adult Weight 30-60 lbs
Adult Height 15-20 in
Life Expectancy 12-14 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
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Easy Hard
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Portuguese Water Dog sheds very little, if at all.

Yes. Because they shed very little and have hair instead of fur, Portuguese Water Dogs are considered a hypoallergenic breed.

Portuguese Water Dogs are a medium-sized dog breed that measures 15 to 20 inches and weighs between 25 and 60 pounds.

No. Portuguese Water Dogs have a single coat and no undercoat.

The average lifespan of a PWD is between 12 and 14 years.

Yes. The Portuguese Water Dogs make fantastic pets for any type of owner. They are trustworthy around children and get along well with other pets.

The Portuguese Water Dog is part of the American Kennel Club's Working Group.

As their name suggests, Portuguese Water Dogs are very fond of water. They relish any opportunity to jump in a puddle or go for a swim. When they go for swims, it is ideal to give them a bath with just water when they come home. Otherwise, a bath every month or two should suffice to keep them clean and looking splendid.

PWD's are very adaptable dogs that can do well in apartments, granted they are sufficiently exercised. They are not an overly vocal breed and can be great for apartment life.

Portuguese Water Dogs can be excellent first pets as long as their owners provide them with enough exercise and training. These dogs are well-mannered and naturally obedient, which makes them a breeze to care for.

Although they can be trained for the job, Portuguese Water Dogs are a medium-sized breed that is much too friendly towards others. Teaching them to be guard dogs is possible, but they are not as well-equipped for the role as other dogs might be.

At maturity, a female Portuguese Water Dog typically weighs between 25 and 50 pounds, while a male PWD can reach as much as 60 pounds when fully grown.

Portuguese Water Dogs are mostly bred for companionship today. Decades ago, they were bred to herd fish into nets and act as couriers between two fishermen ships.

Yes. These dogs are quite intelligent and eager to please their owners. They are quick to pick up on tricks and can be taught a wide variety of commands.

No, Portuguese Water Dogs only come in one size that is medium. A miniature version of this dog is the Mini Portidoodle which is half Mini Poodle and half Portuguese Water Dog.