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A Journey of Love and Friendship: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Lewis Capaldi's "Wish You The Best" Music Video 

A Journey of Love and Friendship: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Lewis Capaldi's "Wish You The Best" Music Video 
Published Thursday, May 11, 2023 by Madeline I

In a world filled with countless stories, few have the power to touch our hearts and evoke a deep emotional response like Lewis Capaldi's music video for "Wish You The Best". This heartwarming narrative serves as a gentle reminder of the profound connections we share with our furry companions, showcasing the love, loyalty, and life-changing impact a dog can have on our lives. 

Winnie, the Cairn Terrier who stars as Willow in Capaldi's music video with David Bradley (on the left) and Tom Lewis (on the right)

In the video, audiences will likely recognize the familiar faces of the actors featured. The character of John is portrayed by the renowned David Bradley, celebrated for his portrayal of Filch in the Harry Potter series. Meanwhile, the role of the younger postman is brought to life by Tom Lewis, who gained recognition for his part in the television show Gentleman Jack. 

This heartwarming tale takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions, filled with joy, sadness, and ultimately, hope. The beautiful cinematography and soulful music only add to the overall impact of the video. 


The Setting 

The music video takes place in a charming small town, where everyone knows their neighbors, and a sense of community is strong. The picturesque surroundings, with quaint houses and beautiful parks, create the perfect backdrop for this heartwarming story of love and friendship. 

Winnie, the Cairn Terrier who stars as Willow in Capaldi's music video  
As John and Willow traverse the town on their daily mail route, they bring smiles to the faces of the people they encounter, showcasing the positive impact their friendship has on those around them. The video also emphasizes the importance of slowing down and appreciating the simple joys in life, such as a sunny day or a friendly wagging tail. 

A Strong Friendship 

The sweet story of "Wish You The Best" follows an older mailman, John, played by David Bradley, and his loyal dog friend, Willow. Willow is played by the cute Cairn Terrier, Winnie. Their friendship is very special - a love that goes beyond words and brings lots of happiness. Together, they face life's adventures, and their hearts beat as one.  

Willow and John

The duo's bond transcends the boundaries of species, demonstrating the incredible depth of love that can exist between a human and their canine companion. Through both good times and bad, their unwavering loyalty to one another serves as an inspiring testament to the power of friendship. 

A Sad Time  

Sadness comes when John passes away, and Willow misses her dear friend. The video shows how much Willow loves John and how sad she is without him. This part touches our hearts, showing the strong connection between a person and their loving dog.

Willow after the passing of her dead friend, John

The portrayal of grief in the video is raw and authentic, allowing viewers to truly empathize with Willow's emotions. As she mourns the loss of her human companion, the video also highlights the resilience and strength that animals can possess, even in the face of tragedy. 

A Fresh Start 

When Willow is sad, a new hope comes into her life. A younger mailman, played by Tom Lewis, finds Willow and decides to take care of her. This part of the story gently reminds us that even when we are sad, love and happiness can find us again.

Willow and her new friend

The video shows how a dog's love can help heal our hearts and bring us comfort. As Tom and Willow form a new bond, the video illustrates the power of second chances and the importance of opening ourselves up to new connections. 

Winnie's Amazing Acting  

Winnie, the Cairn Terrier, wins our hearts as she plays Willow. Her kind eyes and gentle way help us understand Willow's feelings. Winnie's acting shows the true love and loyalty dogs have for their humans, making the story come alive and connect with the people watching.

Winnie, the Cairn Terrier

Her expressive eyes and endearing quirk bring an added layer of depth to the story, allowing viewers to truly connect with the character and feel the full range of emotions portrayed. 

A Heartwarming Video 

The "Wish You The Best" music video is a touching and powerful story that stays with us long after we watch it. The story of John, Willow, and the younger mailman shows the amazing connection between people and dogs.

It reminds us of the love, support, and joy our furry friends bring to our lives, even in tough times. The visually stunning cinematography, combined with the emotive storyline, creates a truly mesmerizing experience that resonates with viewers on a deep emotional level.

Winnie, the Cairn Terrier, reunited with her friend John

This video serves as a beautiful reminder to cherish the relationships we have with our pets and to recognize the profound impact they have on our lives. 

The Song's Message  

Lewis shared a message on social media to discuss the inspiration behind his song and express gratitude to his fans.

He posted: 'I've always been fascinated by the things left unsaid, whether that be in a relationship or a friendship. 'Wish You The Best' came from the idea of a person you’ve been close to at some stage in life... inevitable time passes and you’re hearing and seeing the amazing things in their life that’s continued without you, whether that be through friends, family or more often these days through social media."

Lewis Capaldi's heartfelt lyrics and soulful voice perfectly complement the video's story. The song speaks to the universal experience of love, loss, and the healing power of time. As the music video unfolds, the lyrics take on new meaning, allowing the audience to fully understand the depth of the emotions carried in the song.

The powerful combination of music and visuals creates a truly unforgettable experience for the viewer, leaving a lasting impression and an even deeper appreciation for the bond between humans and their animal companions. 


Lewis Capaldi's "Wish You The Best" music video is a moving celebration of the love and loyalty between people and their dogs. This beautiful story will leave you feeling emotional, reaching for tissues to wipe away tears.

If you're thinking about getting a furry family member, this amazing story shows the incredible impact a dog's love can have on our hearts and lives. With its captivating visuals, touching storytelling, and expressive music, this music video is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

It serves as a powerful reminder of the unbreakable bonds we can form with our pets and the countless ways they enrich our lives, providing love, companionship, and support when we need it most. 

Scroll down to see FAQs about Lewis Capaldi's music video message!

Madeline I

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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the story of Lewis Capaldi's "Wish You The Best" music video? The music video showcases the love and loyalty between humans and their canine companions. It highlights the bond that transcends species, demonstrating the depth of love and friendship that can exist between a human and their pet.

Who are the main characters in the music video? The main characters in the music video are John, an older mailman played by David Bradley, his dog Willow played by a Cairn Terrier named Winnie, and a younger mailman played by Tom Lewis.

How does the music video convey the bond between John and Willow? The video shows John and Willow as inseparable friends, facing life's adventures together. Their bond is a testament to the love, loyalty, and companionship that can exist between a person and their dog.

What happens after John passes away in the music video? After John passes away, Willow grieves for her dear friend. A younger mailman, played by Tom Lewis, discovers Willow and decides to care for her, bringing hope and happiness back into her life.

How does Winnie the Cairn Terrier contribute to the music video's emotional impact? Winnie's portrayal of Willow, with her tender eyes and gentle demeanor, helps viewers understand the emotions the character experiences. Her performance emphasizes the true love and loyalty that dogs have for their humans.

What message does the "Wish You The Best" music video convey? The music video serves as a touching reminder of the love, support, and joy our furry companions bring to our lives, even during difficult times. It highlights the unbreakable bond between humans and their pets and the healing power of love.

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