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12 Designer Puppies You Need to Meet

12 Designer Puppies You Need to Meet - Premier Pups

12 Designer Puppies You Need to Meet

Published Friday, February 4, 2022 by PremierPups

They say Milan, New York, London, and Paris, we hear designer puppies! The four fashion capitals of the world are no strangers to pet parents parading their cute, posh designer puppies on the fanciest boulevards these cities have to offer. What are designer puppies - you may ask. A designer puppy is a fine and fancy dog breed that blends chic and glamour with the most gorgeous physical features and personality traits two different dog breeds have to offer. As crossbreeds of two purebred dogs, designer puppies enjoy great health that comes from hybrid vigor, a superb and fashionable appearance, and a whole lot of personality for you to love. Just like everything else designer, these puppies are spectacular, exquisite, and in trend.  

It's time to meet the newest and cutest designer puppies on the block. Here are our 12 furry friends that are making headlines in the world’s fashion capitals.

Teddy Bear Puppies

Teddy Bear puppies come in all shapes and sizes, well, they are all tiny and nothing short of splendid. There are many breeds in the world that have cute teddy bear features and fit the Teddy Bear Group criteria, but among them are two that are the world's favorite Teddy Bear puppies. Meet the Shichon and the Mal-Shi designer breeds.

The Shichon breed, a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix, is a small and fluffy bundle of joy that loves to be dressed up and walked on the most prestigious boulevards where turning heads are plenty. These cute designer puppies enjoy excellent health, a long lifespan, and looks that could melt an iron heart. Like their gorgeous-looking parents, Shichon puppies are all about the warm and fuzzy appearance.  

Can you picture a Maltese and Shih Tzu mix puppy? If you can and butterflies are in your stomach, you’re on the right track! Mal-Shi puppies blend every wonderful feature the Maltese and Shih Tzu have to offer. They are small, puffy, and very stylish.  The Mal-Shi teddy bear pup is a favorite breed across Europe and the United States. You can find these dogs wearing haute couture dog leashes with celebrities at the other end. They are also one of our most loved designer breeds at Premier Pups.

If you want to compare the two and pick out your favorite, check out the Mal-Shi vs Shichon Comparison.  

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Aussiechon Puppies

If you’re familiar with the mini Australian Shepherd and the Bichon Frise breeds, you’re going to love this designer puppy. A stunning dog meets an adorable, elegant dog and the Aussiechon puppy is born.  

This Australian Shepherd/Bichon Frise mix is a fancy pooch that impresses not only with its fashionable appearance and airy movement, but also with supreme dog intelligence. Renowned for their capacity to learn and willingness to go above and beyond to impress their owners, Aussiechons might just be one of those dogs that check all the boxes effortlessly. These dogs love to be on TV and are quite the celebrities on social media.  

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Morkie Puppies

Ah! The oh so cute Morkie puppies – the designer breed that fits just perfectly in a small designer handbag. If their name hasn’t given it away, Morkie puppies are a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) and a Maltese. Morkies are what designer dogs are all about. They are tiny, completely irresistible, and very posh. Like their parents who are also famous worldwide, Morkies rule the puppy runway in many countries. England is a big fan, France adores them, and the United States simply can’t get enough. Looks, style, and fame aside, Morkies are also renowned for being smart, friendly, and one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds there is.  

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Pomsky Puppies

Who wouldn’t love a tiny, forever-young Husky puppy lookalike to parade with on the promenade every evening? Fashionistas certainly do and we do too! Pomsky puppies are a designer breed (one of the most gorgeous ones at that) of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Just like their parents, you can recognize these pups by their pointy, elvish-like ears, frizzy hair, and irresistibly cute looks. Pomskies are famous everywhere and they have been since their debut. You can find these dogs running alongside their owners at the beach side every morning. They are an energetic dog breed that loves the spotlight with a passion.

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Shorkie Puppies

Another winner in the designer dog category, the Shorkie comes along with a petite stature, a pamper-me-forever disposition, and plenty of fluffiness. Shorkies are a Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu mix that has ruled the podium for quite some time in Milan and Paris. These splendid and posh designer puppies inherit every desirable trait their parents have to offer. They are graceful, sophisticated, and as adorable as they come. Like their parents, Shorkies love attention more than anything, and thanks to their designer status, they can never go out of style or be deprived of their much-cherished spotlight.  

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Yorkie Chon Puppies

Just the right amount of spunk and charm in one tiny package wrapped in glamour – meet the Yorkie Chon. The Yorkie Chon puppy is a crossbreed/designer dog mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise. This petite bundle of beauty was made for the catwalk. Yorkie Chons carry themselves in a very elegant and confident manner. Their beautiful heads are held high, and their movements are delicate and airy. You can’t stroll on Carnaby Street, 5th Avenue, or Champs-Elysees and not glance at a very well-dressed Yorkie Chon.  

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Cavachon Puppies

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix, the Cavachon puppies were predestined for success from the moment they opened their cute puppy eyes. As a mix between the Cavalier spaniel and the Bichon Frise, the Cavachon can’t be anything less than a perfect designer puppy that’s meant to conquer headlines. Cavachons are a designer breed that’s especially popular with families from all over the world. They are chic, fun, very well-behaved, and entirely cuddly. Their looks are the definition of fashionable, and their personality is one of their most winning traits. The Cavachon puppies are fashion idols in France, Italy, England, and the United States.

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Shih Pom Puppies

A dashing designer puppy, the Shih Pom is a favorite of the artists of this world. Shih Pom puppies are a mixed breed of a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian. Their ears are sometimes pointy, sometimes floppy, and always perfect. Their fluff is immeasurable, and their noses are tiny buttons waiting to be ‘booped’. Like their friends above, Shih Pom puppies have been an ever-rising trend in the designer puppy world. Unique, trendy, extravagant, and photogenic, are the qualities that drive artists to this designer breed. These adorable puppies are the latest fashion statement in New York.

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Maltipom Puppies

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the poshest of them all? We can answer that question with a single word: Maltipom! The Maltipom is a Maltese Pomeranian mix that’s gone viral on social media in the past couple of years. Fame comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to fashion trends on social media, the more massive the following, the more popular the star. In this case, the designer puppy Maltipom is a star that shines brighter than any. Maltipoms haven't been around for that long, but they’ve made their way to the fanciest cities in Australia, Europe, and Asia in just a matter of years since the first Maltipom puppy was born.

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Havachon Puppies

Fashionable designer dogs in every sense of the word, the Havachon puppies delight with classy looks and charismatic personalities. They are a Havanese Bichon mix that’s been climbing popularity charts in the United States for close to a decade. Like their parents, the Havachons are a true treat to have by your side. They are cuddly, affectionate, and always in a catchy good mood. They also have the ideal personality and temperament to be trained for therapy work, which is another reason they are so adored all around the world.

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Havashu Puppies

They say a dog should reflect a person's lifestyle and personality, so if you’re a fashionista, then a Havashu puppy will simply bloom at your side. Havashu puppies are a Havanese and Shih Tzu mix that stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work visionaries and breeders of designer puppies put into their creation. Havashu puppies are completely fond of being adored and doted on by every fan they come in contact with. Crowds, spotlights, show rings, and rooms where they are the center of attention, are what they crave and what they deserve. Beauty must be appreciated!

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Pomachon Puppies

A perfect combination of Pomeranian beauty and Bichon Frise elegance, the Pomachon is the reason behind haute couture dog outfits. Bling dog collars, cute puppy boots, designer sweaters to fit toy dogs, all these accessories were created with a perfect dog like the Pomachon in mind. A tiny dog in stature, with more fluff than a panda bear, the Pomachon makes one adorable companion pet. If these dogs were around centuries ago, they would have been the glamorous lapdogs of kings and queens. Luckily, they are our glamorous fur babies and best friends.

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