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Mini Australian Shepherd Breed Info

Paws Pattern
Merle Mini Aussie puppy with blue eyes

Mini Australian Shepherds, also known as Mini Aussies, are fun-loving, playful, and happy-all-the-time dogs. They are adventurous, cuddly, sweet, great with kids, and friends to all. Some of their favorite activities include games of fetch, hikes, swims, tugs of war, and friendly chases with other dogs. When it comes to their family, Mini Australian Shepherd pups are affectionate, loyal, eager to please, and devoted. They are generous with love, attached, and watchful, and they make excellent family dogs.

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Average TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Calm, Loyal, Affectionate, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 20-38 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 14-18 in LIFE SPAN 12-13 yrs


  • The Mini Australian Shepherd is also referred to as Mini Aussie, small Australian shepherd, miniature American shepherd, and MAS and is recognized by the American Kennel Club as Mini American Shepherd
  • Also known as Einstein dogs, Mini Aussies are brilliant, easy to train, and enthusiastic about learning
  • Vigilant and protective, the Mini Australian Shepherd makes an efficient watchdog
  • The Mini Aussie is an excellent companion pet for children of all ages
  • A small dog that is energetic and eager for fun, the Mini Australian Shepherd makes a perfect hiking and adventure companion
  • Mini Australian Shepherds are highly adaptable pups. They are comfortable in both large and small homes
  • Good-natured, social, affectionate, and easygoing, the Mini Aussie is a wonderful family dog as well as an amazing companion pet for couples, singles, novice owners, and active seniors
  • Mini Australian Shepherds are strong, fast, and agile. They are great at canine sports and they fit best with active and moderately active owners
  • Always happy, bouncy, and eager to play and cuddle, the Mini Aussie is excellent for therapy work
  • Mini Aussies are comfortable in both hot and cold climates  
Black tricolor Mini Aussie with an alert expression


The Mini Australian Shepherds are unique and charming little dogs. They exude joy and appear friendly and approachable. According to their breed standard, their bodies are strong, muscular, and athletic, and their step is smooth and elegant. The Mini Australian Shepherds are sturdy-built, hardy, agile, and fast, as their reputation as herding dogs can attest. They have slightly raised triangular ears and almond-shaped eyes that can either be blue, green, brown or display heterochromia which means that they can have different colored eyes (ex: one blue and one green).  

Small to medium in size, and much smaller than the full size Australian Shepherd, Mini Aussies stand at 14 to 18 inches tall and weigh between 20 to 40 pounds, with the female Mini Aussies being a slightly smaller dog. They sport a luxurious double coat of medium length that is straight to wavy and soft. The Mini Aussie coat comes in combinations of black, blue, merle, and red, with white or tan spots and accents. The most popular Mini Australian Shepherd breed colors are blue and red merle, black and red tricolor, and bicolor combinations.  


Mini Australian Shepherds are good-natured, calm, and non-aggressive dogs. They are naturally sociable and obedient, and they make fast friends with everyone they meet. They get along great with other dogs and other household pets and are generally accepting of strangers. Mini Aussies are great with kids of all ages, being especially fun for young teens who share the same love for adventures.  

These stunning dogs absolutely love to be active. Their hobbies include running, exploring, swimming, hiking, playing in the snow, enticing their four-legged buddies in a friendly chase, fetching, playing Frisbee, and the list could go on for quite a while. As energetic and adventure-oriented dogs, Mini Australian Shepherds (or Mini American Shepherds) crave to be involved in every family outing. Some of their favorite places are dog parks, beaches, mountain trails, and wide fields where they can roam freely. They also enjoy competing in canine sports that include tracking, obedience, agility, and rally.

Mini Aussie puppies are adorable, fluffy, and joyful. They can at times be hyperactive and manifest their energy outlet through zooming and testing out their speed limit, as well as jumping and chasing. They are exceedingly bright, often referred to as Einstein pups, they are eager to please and effortless to train. Mini Aussie puppy hobbies include cuddling, pampering, belly rubs, interactive canine games, chewing, and playing with dog toys. Mini Australian Shepherd puppy and dogs are known to mature a tad slower than other breeds, retaining their playful disposition and puppy attitude up until 2 years of age.  

When it comes to their family/owner, Mini Aussies are fiercely loyal dogs. They are highly affectionate, protective, attentive, and devoted to their humans. Sometimes glued to the hip, Mini Aussies are very fond of being near their people whether on a morning jog or an evening cuddle on the couch.  

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Mini Australian Shepherds have moderate grooming requirements. Their coats are of medium length, and they do shed a bit once or twice every year during spring and autumn. During coat-changing season it is recommended to brush and comb their coats daily to manage the shedding. In the non-shedding seasons, they should be brushed or combed weekly in order to avoid tangling and matting.  

Because their coats are waterproof, Mini Aussies should be given a bath only once or twice every year. Their nails should be clipped in the rare case they are not naturally run down through play, and their ears should be checked and cleaned regularly.  

Exercise Needs

Mini Australian Shepherds are energetic dogs who love to spend their high energy by running, chasing, fetching, and moving. Because they are small, although energetic, their exercise requirements are moderate. It is recommended to take them out for at least 2 daily walks, one brisk morning walk, and one long stroll in the evening, of a combined 30 to 60 minutes. They would also benefit from interactive play indoors that include games of fetch, treat balls, tugs of war, and obstacle courses. It is important to note that because they are very fond of being active, they can sometimes be prone to destructive behavior when their exercise needs are not met.  


Mini Aussies are a healthy dog breed that doesn’t have concerning health issues. The common problems among this breed are minor. These dogs may suffer from cataracts during their senior years, other eye issues, hip dysplasia, and drug sensitivity. They may also be prone to allergies and dental issues as most dogs are. 


The typical life span of a Mini Australian Shepherd is between 12 and 15 years. Although their life expectancy is officially 15 years, these dogs have broken world records with their longevity. The oldest dog in the world was a Mini Australian Shepherd named Bluey. Bluey was born in 1910 on June 7th and lived until November 14th, 1939. He reached the record-breaking age of 29 years and 5 months.  


Mini Australian Shepherd (Mini Aussie or Mini American Shepherd) puppies are exceedingly bright and at the ready to learn. They are eager and fast learning students with an amazing capacity for complex tricks, stunts, and obedience training. They respond best to praise, vet-approved dog treats, positive reinforcement, and reward-based methods that include toy and treat rewards.  

Although naturally sociable and friendly, Mini Aussie puppies should be socialized early and introduced to new sounds, experiences, dogs, other pets, and people, preferably as soon as they arrive home.  

Mini Australian Shepherds are generally independent and can be left alone for a few hours each day granted they are provided with plenty of activities to keep them from being bored. As dogs that love having a job to do, they will enjoy canine puzzle games that keep their bodies active, and their minds stimulated.  

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Mini Australian Shepherds, also known as Mini Aussies, Mas, and Mini American Shepherds, are amongst the most popular breeds in the United States ranking 34th in the AKC popularity chart.  

The Standard Australian Shepherds (the larger and equally charming counterparts of Mini Aussies) are believed to be descendants of Shepherd-type dogs from Australia. The Australian Shepherd ancestors arrived in Western America during the 1800s and became very popular with country folk who admired them for their great herding skills. Having proven to be highly intelligent, agile, and easily trainable, the Australian Shepherds were soon introduced to canine sporting competitions where they were met with instant fame.

Having risen to great popularity very quickly, the Australian Shepherds spread out through Western America and were soon bred down in size to a Mini version. By 1970, the Mini Australian Shepherds became the most popular breed in California. These stunning and unique-looking dogs conquered the hearts and minds of cowboys and rodeo fans and are still considered the most famous breed of Western America. They are now remarkable companion pets, champions of dog sports, western movie stars, therapy dogs, and mini herders.  

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is recognized by the American Kennel Club as Mini American Shepherd and is a member of the AKC’s Herding Group.  

The Mini Aussie is also one of the parent breeds of the popular Mini Aussiedoodle breed. Like the Mini Aussie, the Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are completely charming and as intelligent as dogs can be.