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What Dogs Make the Most Loyal Companions?

What Dogs Make The Most Awesome Loyal Companions in 2024?
Published Friday, November 4, 2022 by Premier Pups Team

Dogs have been mankind’s best friends for thousands of years, some of them even making history with their pure devotion to their humans. If the name Hachiko rings a bell, then you know what we mean. Hachiko was an Akita that made history and showed us all how powerful a dog’s loyalty can be. For 10 years, the Tokyo Shibuya train station witnessed just how devoted a dog can be to its owner. Hachiko stood unhinged for a decade waiting for his deceased owner to come home.  

If that’s not pure loyalty, we don’t know what is. Like Hachiko, there are millions of dogs in the world that are loyal to the bone. Of course, not all dog breeds have this quality, some being more concerned with other dogs or animals than their humans. However, if you’re wondering if your pooch is among the loyal breeds of the world, we’ve prepared a list for you to scroll through and find out.  


woman holding a white poodle dog

Loyalty can take many forms, especially as far as dogs are concerned. Some dogs show their devotion by not leaving their owner’s sight, while others are more protective over their humans. Loyalty in dogs comes from three things – intelligence, love, and history. For working dogs, in particular, loyalty is embedded in their DNA. And this is where Poodles come in, as our best example. 

Poodles have been around since ancient times, sticking by humans through thick and thin. They've been to war, worked in circuses, and hunted alongside their humans for centuries. Whether they are Standard, Toy, or Miniature size, Poodles have a strong natural devotion to their owners. Their personalities are just as sweet as their looks, and they are friends with everyone.  

Love and intelligence are also things that Poodles have in abundance. They are second on the list when it comes to dog intelligence, and they are also renowned for their loving, attached, and attentive nature. Making our list proudly, the Poodle is one of the most loyal companions a dog lover can wish for. 

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a white akita on a leash next to a human

Perhaps the most loyal dog breed on earth, as Hachiko has proven, the Akita takes the podium when it comes to devotion. Akitas have strong personalities, often being weary around strangers and other dogs or animals. They are known as the protectors of their families in their homeland. 

This large, muscular dog has an imposing and impressive appearance. One look at him and you might think twice about approaching his owners unannounced. But, under all that fluff and muscle, is a softie that loves his humans more than life. Although their protective nature is what catches the eye of the non-connoisseur, Akitas have an amazing personality under all that. They are goofy and sweet fur babies that love to sit on laps (although they don’t really fit) and cuddle.  

They adore everyone in the family, being extra nice to kids. Who they love is what they protect at all costs. And for this reason, we are proud to have them on our list. They are among the most loyal companions. 

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Mini Australian Shepherds 

a person petting a brown and white mini Australian shepherd dog at the beach

Mini Aussies, as some affectionately refer to them, are gorgeous medium-sized dogs that have stood near their owners loyally for decades. Although they are somewhat new compared to other purebreds, their loyalty is renowned. Mini Aussies are the most popular breed in Western America, making headlines with their appearance in western movies.  

As we mentioned before, intelligence is a big factor in loyal dogs, and Mini Aussies have plenty of it. Many have described this breed as a dog that can be trained to do anything. The Mini Aussie can indeed be trained for a myriad of tasks, being especially gifted at herding smaller animals, but he is only loyal to his people. Like most loyal companions, Mini Aussies choose their pack, and that is where their devotion lies from start to finish. They may be weary of others they don’t know, be they humans or animals, but they are adoring pets for their humans.  

Although they are not as widely known as their larger counterparts, Mini Australian Shepherds are among the most loyal companions on earth, just like Standard Australian Shepherds.  

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Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles 

cream mini Goldendoodles sitting on a grass field covered in leaves

Poodles and Golden Retrievers are two of the most loyal companions on earth, so when you mix them together, you can expect their offspring to be extraordinary. Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles have the same personality as their parents, which means they are sweet, clever, and loyal to the core.  

Goldendoodles were bred to be guide dogs. Seeing as how both their parents are extremely intelligent and have a knack for service, breeders sought to put them together and create a new type of dog that would have it all. Needless to say, the endeavor was successful. Standard Goldendoodles and their mini versions exceeded all expectations from the get-go, rising to popularity with their intelligent and loyal nature. Their hypoallergenic qualities are a bonus. 

These dogs stick by their humans loyally, devoting all their attention to their needs. They are one of the few dog breeds on earth that truly tailor their needs to that of their owners. If loyalty had a wider definition in the dictionary, Goldendoodles would be mentioned! They are truly one of the most loyal companions for humans.  

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Shih Tzus 

brown and white Shih Tzu dog

Another favorite on our list of most loyal companions, the Shih Tzu is a true sweetheart dog that thrives on the laps of its owner. Throughout history, Shih Tzus have lived glued to their humans, most of the time their humans being royals of the King and Queen variety. They’ve been pampered and adored so dearly that their DNA spells LOYALTY.  

Although they are not the big, fearless, and protective dogs that will lunge at intruders to protect their humans, Shih Tzus have a different type of loyalty. They don’t care much about anyone else when their humans are around. Dogs can be sprinting around them, and humans can be calling their name endearingly, they won’t move from their owner’s side.  

This form of loyalty is a rarity, even in the world of dogs. Shih Tzus love big and unconditionally. They are a friendly breed, but their loyalty is entirely reserved for their human family. For this reason, and for their adoring nature, we gladly put them on our list of most loyal companions. 

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Border Collies 

a border collie being petted by a human

Another famous dog breed that was introduced to most of us through Lassie, the Border Collie is a truly loyal companion that we can’t help but adore. Border Collies are considered the smartest dogs on earth, but that’s not all they are. These beauties are among the friendliest of dogs. Their sweet and playful personalities coupled with their attentive nature and need to make others happy have granted them a spot in the ranks of the most popular dog breeds in the world.  

The loyalty of this dog takes many shapes, with the most obvious one being love. Collies love big, and it shows in everything they do. They adore spending time with their humans and would do nothing else all day. They love kids and other pets alike and make fantastic companions for any family. 

Although they don’t have the type of protective behavior you would normally expect from a larger dog, Collies do make their need to keep their humans safe clear. They are one of our favorite loyal companions. 

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French Bulldogs 

a small, black and white French bulldog

Although they’re built like little warriors, Frenchies are softies on the inside. They lack any form of aggression but will stick with their humans through thick and thin. Frenchies are renowned for the way they show devotion. They don’t like it when they sense their owners sad, so they put on a show for giggles. And it works every time according to French Bulldog owners. 

One hard truth most dog owners would not admit is that we want our dogs to be loyal to us, not our entire family tree. And French Bulldogs seem to get that. Although they are complete sweethearts to the entire family, adoring children and letting all family members rub their bellies, their true loyalty lies with their favorite human.  

As we mentioned before, loyalty can take many forms, and for the loyal French Bulldog, that shape is affection. This goofy and adorable pooch loves his humans more than anything in the world.  

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Scroll down to see FAQs about loyal dogs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do pets make good companions? Pets make good companions because they can provide companionship, love, and a sense of purpose. They can also offer physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing stress and loneliness.

Why are dogs loyal companions? Dogs are loyal companions because they have evolved to form strong social bonds with humans. They have been domesticated for thousands of years, and during this time have developed a deep understanding of human behavior and emotions. This allows them to form close, nurturing relationships with their owners, which can be mutually beneficial for both the dog and the human. Additionally, the dogs have an innate pack mentality, in which they look for a leader to follow and form strong bonds with the members of that pack, the humans.

Are dogs loyal to one person? Dogs can be loyal to one person, but they can also form strong bonds with multiple people. A dog's loyalty will depend on the individual dog's personality and how they were raised and trained. Some dogs may form a stronger bond with one person, while others may be more accepting of multiple people as their "pack". Additionally, a dog that is well socialized and trained can learn to adapt to different people and situations, and is likely to be more affectionate and loyal to multiple people

Can a dog's loyalty change? A dog's loyalty can change depending on external factors such as mistreatment, neglect, or changes in the home environment. However, with proper care, socialization and training, a strong bond can be maintained and can remain loyal despite changes in the environment.

How do dogs become loyal? Dogs become loyal through consistent, positive reinforcement and a strong bond with their owners. This can be achieved through proper socialization, training, and care, and by treating the dog with kindness and respect. Building trust and a positive relationship with a dog is a key factor in developing loyalty. Consistency and predictability in rules, boundaries and training will also help a dog understand what is expected from them and learn to trust and rely on their owner.