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Mini Aussie Puppies For Sale Near Fort Wayne, IN

Mini Aussie Puppies can be Delivered to you in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Searching for a Mini Australian Shepherd near Fort Wayne, Indiana? You've reached the best place to find Mini Aussies for adoption. Partnered with our nation’s most trusted breeders, we strive to produce and deliver healthy and happy Mini Australian Shepherd puppies in the Fort Wayne area. Our Mini Aussie puppies are raised in a safe and nourishing environment by the best and most dedicated Puppy Agents.

The puppies and their parents receive undivided attention and professional care. They go through regular health testing to ensure they are in excellent condition and ready for adoption. Our 10-year health guarantee is offered as a testament to our dedication and commitment to raising healthy and happy puppies. If you’re looking to adopt a Mini Aussie but are out of state, we provide several nationwide options tailored to your needs.  

Mini Australian Shepherds are pooches you can’t help but admire and love. Their intelligence is renowned worldwide, these dogs often being referred to as Einstein dogs. Training them offers no challenge as they crave to learn and will do whatever it takes to make their owners happy. They are highly sociable and will thrive in a setting where people and other pets surround them. Mini Aussies are also affectionate dogs that love to be by their owner’s side day in and day out. They are energetic and do best in an active lifestyle where adventures and family games are part of the routine. 

Premier Pups is your go-to source for the best Mini aussie puppy sales in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We partner with the best dog breeders in the nation to offer you healthy, happy Mini Australian Shepherd puppies.

A few of our Mini Aussie Pups


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All Mini Aussie Insights

Mini Aussie Breed Info

Mini Aussie Breed Info

Mini Australian Shepherds, also known as Mini Aussies, are fun-loving, playful, and happy-all-the-time dogs. They are adventurous, cuddly, sweet, great with kids, and friends to all. Some of their favorite activities include games of fetch, hikes, swims, tugs of war, and friendly chases with other dogs. When it comes to their family, Mini Australian Shepherd pups are affectionate, loyal, eager to please, and devoted. They are generous with love, attached, and watchful, and they make excellent family dogs.