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The Doxiedoodle, also affectionately known as the Doxie Poo, Dachdoodle and Doxdoodle is a cross between the Daschund and the Poodle.  First bred in the 2000’s, their combinations are so unpredictable, making a wide range in size for this mixed breed. They are affectionate and dependent and will quickly attach to their owner.

Appearance and Grooming

Because the litters are so unpredictable, their coloring and coat type will range. The most common colors are white, cream, gray, black, and brown. Some puppies may inherit the Dachshund hair type with a short, coarse, and low-maintenance coat. Poodle fur, however, is longer and curlier, and so requires regular brushing and trims to avoid tangles and knots. It is recommended that they be brushed two to three times per week, and they should be bathed every six-to-eight weeks.


Though they may exhibit some stubbornness like their Daschund parent, these dogs are extremely affectionate, playful and loving. So you're not going to have a mean dog, but possibly a willful one. They make for an excellent watchdog, however, can be a bit too territorial, so visitors should be introduced slowly to this strong-minded little dog.

Family and Companionship

Mini Doxiedoodles fit in perfectly with active families who will spend plenty of time with them. They do well with children, but they do best in single-pet homes. They are highly adaptable, but also highly energetic so while they will do well in both apartments and houses, they must be given enough exercise.


Known for their energetic personalities, they require moderate daily exercise. Daily walks or outdoor playtime is the perfect combination for these playful pooches. They do not enjoy being outside by themselves and rightly so as they are much smaller and more gentle than predatory animals.

Training and Socialization

Training and socialization are a must for this hybrid dog. Keep in mind that because of the many variations of crosses between different types of Poodles and Dachshunds, this can be an unpredictable breed in both looks and temperament. Though they may be a challenge to train in the beginning, keeping a positive attitude and always reward good behavior with treats, will always win an obedient pup in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Miniature Doxiedoodle is a designer hybrid mix between two small to medium-sized breeds, the Dachshund, and the Miniature Poodle.

Yes. In fact these pups o by several names including Doodle, Dachdoodle, Doxiepoodle, Dachshunddoodle and Dachshundpoo.

Both the male and female Miniature Doxiedoodle’s have a height between 18 to 21 inches and an average weight between 5 to 30 lbs.

This little one has large dark brown (sometimes hazel) oval eyes, with a round head. The nose is proportionate to the muzzle and is black and round. It resembles the Dachshund parent with its long body, but its coat is that of a Poodle. It truly is the perfect blend of both parent breeds.

The color coat possibilities include, white, brown, cream, gray, black or a combination of these colors.

The Miniature Doxiedoodle is a spirited and energetic little dog that does not like to be bored. They do very well around children and make for an excellent family dog with their sweet and loving personality. They do best when in an active family. These pups are prone to shyness so early socialization is important to help them feel comfortable with their surroundings and around strangers and other dogs.

Following in the paw-steps of the parent breeds this little one has a moderate to high level of energy and needs daily exercise. Though, they don’t need large spaces to run around they will need an area where they can “let loose”. If you don’t have a fenced in area, a dog park is a great option. These pups will also needed daily walks to fill their primal instincts. 60 minutes of combined walks and play should be plenty to keep them fit and healthy.

The amount of food will vary depending on the size of your pup. The average amount is 1 cup per day split into two separate meals.

The average lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

This designer dog inherits its intelligence from both parent breeds making training a fairly simple process. These eager to please pups will quickly pick up commands and tricks. As with any dog consistency, patience and positive reinforcement are key.

The Miniature Doxiedoodle was first bred in the Southern United States and has remained widely popular in the lower states.

These dogs are a great companion for people of all ages including children, but they do best in a one pet home.

They prefer warmer places, but they can certainly survive in colder climates. It is best to keep a coat on hand for them for those cold days.

This breed should be brushed at least twice a week or more, and they should be bathed every six-to-eight weeks to maintain a healthy and clean coat and skin.

It may not be necessary to have regular grooming appointments for hair trimmings, but it is a good idea for them to see a professional groomer every 8 to 10 weeks to keep their nails trimmed and ears and teeth cleaned.