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Are Two Dogs Better Than One? 8 Pros And Cons

Are Two Dogs Better Than One? 8 Pros & Cons - Premier Pups
Published Friday, August 26, 2022 by Premier Pups Team

Having two dogs seems like a dream come true to many. You get all the love, cuddles, and joy times two. Your home is filled with happy, wagging tails, and you could never feel bored with two fur babies around. But as will all things in life, there is more than meets the eye.

Having two dogs not only comes with twice the love and cuddles, but it also comes with double the responsibility and cost. Join us as we touch on the subject of costs, learned behavior, and the joy that comes with having two dogs. 


Your Dog Has a Friend 24/7 

two dogs in the snow looking affectionate towards each other

Your dog might get bored sometimes, chew on something he shouldn’t, or bark excessively when you go away from home for a minute or two. Most pet owners know this feeling all too well. And it’s one of the top reasons why they decide to get a second puppy.  

A second puppy can be the best solution to a lot of problems, but most importantly, it’s a source of joy for both you and your dog. Having someone around to always be up for a game of tug-of-war is something your dog will appreciate greatly. Separation anxiety can fade away as your dog’s attention shifts to the new puppy. And instead of barking excessively at the door, your dog might indulge in a friendly chase or a game of tug with his new best friend. 

Unconditional Love Times Two 

two dogs sitting on a persons lap

Your dog is not the only one to benefit from having a second four-legged friend. A new puppy comes with new energy, a fresh dose of puppy fever, bonding, cuddles, and cute mischief that brings on the giggles. Adventures become more fun, as do trips to the dog park.  

Whether you decide to get two puppies at once or are already a pet parent and want a second puppy, there is no doubt that you will be surrounded by two beings who will love you unconditionally. Having two dogs doubles every great feeling you get to experience as a pet parent. When you come home from work, you are greeted by two dogs who are excited about your return. The same happens when you wake up. Your house becomes a joyful place to live in when you have two dogs.  

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Learned Behavior Can Work in Your Favor  

two dogs on grass paying attention to their trainer

A new puppy has been proven to fix behavioral issues in adult dogs. Although this is not always the case, adding a new puppy to your family gives you the opportunity to retrain your adult dog by example. When you begin training your new puppy, your adult dog will likely jump at the chance to participate in this activity. You can practice with both and find that your adult dog becomes more inclined to follow commands when he sees the new puppy do so as well.  

The opposite can happen as well. Your young puppy can look to your adult dog for instructions. Dogs are pack animals that recognize a leader. So, if your adult dog is trained well, your puppy will have two teachers. 

A Pair of Young Puppies 

a pair of young puppies

Getting two puppies at once solves many of the issues that can arise when you bring a young puppy home to an adult dog. And it’s one of the happiest experiences you can go through. Raising two cute puppies easily translates to fun teamwork. You train them both at the same time; watch them grow and bond and see them become best friends as they grow.  

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Double The Costs  

black dog in dog bed surrounded by pet supplies

One of the most important things to consider before deciding whether to get a second puppy is the cost of having two dogs. Although most puppies are inexpensive to raise, vet bills, dog toys, and dog food can still rack up a big bill every year. When considering a second dog, it’s best to first consider what the costs involve when raising two fur babies.  

Learned Behavior Can Be Bad  

two Yorkshire Terrier dogs in a carry on

If one of the reasons you’ve decided to get a second puppy is to help fight your dog’s anxiety or bad habits when you’re away from home, there is one important thing to consider – learned behavior. When you bring a young puppy into a home with an already adult dog, chances are, the one raising your new puppy won’t be you. Your adult dog will have a big say in what your new puppy will be like. If your dog barks excessively when you’re away from home, this is a behavior that your new puppy will also likely learn.  

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Daily Walks for Two Dogs Can Be a Struggle 

two dogs fighting while on leash

Walking two dogs at once can be a tricky thing, especially if both dogs are energetic or like to pull on the lead. It's often enough for one of the dogs to get excited and pull on the lead for the other one to follow suit. With that being said, if you master leash training, the possibility of this happening fades away.  

Two Shedding Dogs Can Spell Disaster for Your Home 

two black and white dogs with long hair

Grooming your dog is essential in keeping him/her healthy and looking fresh. But add a second dog to the mix, and you might have your hands full with grooming. If your dogs also shed, then it might spell disaster for your couch too. This is another important aspect to consider.  

You can always opt for a breed or two breeds that are hypoallergenic and do not shed. Dogs like the Maltese, Cavapoo, Yorkie, and Poodle are also a great choice for people with allergies.  

It is recommended that before you decide to get a second dog (or two puppies at once) you take into consideration your time, finances, and space. Make sure you can squeeze in time to interact and bond with both.  

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Scroll down to see FAQs about getting a second dog!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get two dogs to get along? To get two dogs to get along, it is important to identify stressors and increase exercise. Allow the dogs to sniff each other and greet each other normally with positive reinforcement through calm verbal affirmations. When they become too excited or aggressive, send them to their own space such as a bed, crate, room, or another neutral territory.

How to introduce two dogs? Introducing two dogs safely and effectively can be done by following certain steps. Start on neutral territory with plenty of space, like a park or open field, and pay attention to each dog's body language. Meet with two handlers and give each dog space to approach each other. Put some distance between the dogs and use treats to reward calm behavior. Let the dogs determine the pace of the introduction and monitor closely in the home afterwards.

Is it better to have two dogs? Having two dogs can provide many benefits, such as easier training and better mental and physical stimulation. However, it is important to consider the potential challenges of owning multiple pets before making the decision. Additionally, having two dogs may not be suitable for everyone or every situation, so it is important to weigh all factors carefully before deciding.

How to walk two dogs at once? Walking two dogs at once can be done with the help of a coupler, waist leash, or splitters. It is important to introduce them slowly and use short walks initially. Training each dog individually before walking together will also help ensure they are comfortable with being connected.

How to introduce two dogs when one is aggressive? It is best to introduce two dogs when one is aggressive using the parallel walk method. This involves having both dogs on leashes and back-clipped harnesses, keeping the leashes loose if possible, and watching their behavior for signs of interest or excessive excitation. Start in neutral territory with plenty of space like a park, open field, or quiet street, then take them on a single file walk together while praising your dog no matter what they do.

Can two female dogs get along? Two female dogs can get along, but it depends on each dog's personality and the environment they are in. Experts recommend adopting a dog of the opposite sex for better compatibility between two females or males, as well as taking into account size and age when adding a new dog to a multi-dog household. However, there have been cases where two female dogs live happily together without any problems at all.