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Cutest Cavapoo Colors

19 Cavapoo Colors You'll Love: Pictures, Color Fading & More
Published Friday, January 19, 2024 by Elena R.

Cavapoos are one of the cutest dogs you’ll meet. They are fluffy, teddy-bear-like bundles of joy that will melt your heart on sight. However, if you’re stuck with picking out the best Cavapoo color, they’re not going to make it easy for you. With so many choices to choose from, it can be hard to decide, or even worse, you might just decide you want to take all of them home.  

Cavapoos are a doodle breed, a mix between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, and these two breeds come in more combined colors than we can count. This also means that Cavapoo color combinations are endless.  

We've put together this article to show off all the coolest Cavapoo colors, from the most popular to the rarest. We hope our picture collection of cute Cavapoos with different coat colors will help you decide which one you love best. We’ll also talk about color changes and color fading, naming all the colors that might get darker or lighter as the Cavapoo puppy transitions into adulthood.  

Introduction to Cavapoo Colors 

As a mix between two different breeds, Cavapoos can inherit a myriad of coat colors, one more gorgeous than the next. These color combinations Cavapoos are found in may seem endless, and they probably are. Poodles and Cavaliers combined, bring more than 15 colors to the table. Knowing the color palettes of both parent breeds can help you visualise the full range of Cavapoo colors.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Colors 

The beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel brings a rich palette of colors to the Cavapoo mix. These regal dogs boast coats in classic hues like Blenheim (a unique mix of chestnut and white), Tricolor (a striking combination of black, white, and tan), Black & Tan, and the elegant Ruby, according to their breed standard. The diversity in the sweet Cavalier's coat contributes significantly to the varied colors seen in Cavapoos. 

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Poodle Colors 

Poodles, the other half of the Cavapoo lineage, are known for their hypoallergenic coats that come in a myriad of amazing colors. The breed standard poodle colors include Black, White, Apricot, Cream, Blue, and Gray. Additionally, poodles can also be found in less common colors like Red, Silver, and Parti-colored (two-toned). The genetic makeup of poodles allows for a wide range of colors, including solid and patterned coats, which they pass on to their Cavapoo offspring. This genetic diversity is key to the multitude of Cavoodle coat colors available. 

Most Popular Cavapoo Colors 

When it comes to finding your perfect Cavapoo, one of the most exciting aspects is choosing from their wide range of coat colors. While each Cavapoo is unique in personality and appearance, certain coat colors have gained popularity among pet owners for their stunning beauty. 

Black Cavapoo 

Black Cavapoo puppy

Premier Pups Customer photo of a black Cavoodle

The Black Cavapoo, a sleek and elegant variant, owes its luscious, deep black coat to the Poodle side of the family. This color is not only visually appealing but also quite practical, as it tends to show less dirt and staining. Black Cavapoos can range from a pure jet black to a softer black with slight hints of other colors. 

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Red Cavapoo or Ruby Cavapoo 

red cavapoo dog

Premier Pups Customer photo of a red Cavapoo

The Red, or Ruby Cavapoo, is a showstopper with its rich, vibrant coat. This color is a genetic gift from both parent breeds, particularly the Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The depth of the red can vary, but its warmth and brightness remain a constant, making it a highly sought-after color in Cavapoos. 

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Tan Cavapoo 

tan cavapoo with curly hair

Premier Pups Customer photo of a tan Cavapoo adult dog

Tan Cavapoos come with a warm, golden-like hue that exudes a gentle kind of charm. This color often appears in combination with other colors like black or white, especially around the eyebrows, chest, and paws. 

Apricot Cavapoo 

apricot cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of an apricot Cavapoo puppy

The Apricot Cavapoo is a favorite for many, with its soft, peachy coat that can range from a light, creamy shade to a deeper, more pronounced apricot. This color often becomes richer with age. 

Golden Cavapoo 

golden cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a gorgeous golden Cavapoo dog

The Golden Cavapoo dazzles us with a coat that shines like liquid gold. This color is reminiscent of the Golden Retriever and is a testament to the diverse color genes of the Poodle.  

Common Cavapoo Colors 

Bi-Color Cavapoo 

bi-color Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a bi-color Cavapoo pup

Bi-Color Cavapoos are simply gorgeous with their two-toned coats, often combining colors like black and white, or brown and white. These colors showcase a distinct and symmetrical pattern, typically with a darker color dominating the body and lighter shades on the chest, paws, and face.  

Cream Cavapoo 

cream cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a cream Cavapoo

The Cream Cavapoo boasts a soft, elegant coat color, ranging from a light, almost yellowish white to a deeper, richer cream.  

Brown Cavapoo 

brown cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of an adorable brown Cavapoo

Brown Cavapoos are adorned with a rich, almost chocolatey coat, varying from light brown to a deep, dark chocolate. This color is influenced by the brown gene in Poodles, often paired with the tan or ruby genes from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Brown Cavapoos carry a natural, earthy charm that we can’t help but love. 

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Solid-colored Cavapoo 

solid-coloured cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a solid-colored Cavapoo puppy

Solid-colored Cavapoos are common but equally enchanting, showcasing a single, uniform color throughout their coat. This can include shades like red, black, or cream. These Cavapoos offer a classic and timeless look, with their monochromatic beauty standing out in the world of Cavoodle coat colors. 

Uncommon Cavapoo Colors 

Sable Cavapoo 

sable cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a unique sable Cavapoo

Sable Cavapoos are truly a treat for the eyes, and a rare one at that. They are characterized by their multi-colored coat that typically features black-tipped hairs on a background of another color, like gold or silver. This fascinating color effect, which is more common in the Poodle coloring, is a result of specific genetic variations affecting pigment distribution. Sable Cavapoos often change appearance as they age, with the sable coloring becoming more pronounced or fading. 

Abstract Cavapoo 

abstract cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of an abstract Cavapoo

Abstract Cavapoos are distinguished by their primarily solid-colored coat with patches of white, usually on the chest, paws, or face. This pattern is not as prevalent, making it a unique choice in the cavapoo coat colors. The abstract pattern is a result of the piebald gene, which is expressed variably, leading to the distinct and elegant splashes of white. 

Red Merle Cavapoo 

red merle cavapoo

Premier Pups photo of an adopted red merle Cavapoo puppy

The Red Merle Cavapoo is a rare and striking coloration featuring a marbled pattern of cream, red, and brown shades. This color is inherited from the merle gene, which is more common in Poodles. The red merle pattern is not just about the color but also the unique, almost artistic, swirls and patches, making each Red Merle Cavapoo distinctively beautiful. 

Tuxedo Cavapoo 

tuxedo cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a stunning tuxedo Cavapoo

Tuxedo Cavapoos are charming with their distinct black and white coloring that resembles, well, a tuxedo! This color pattern typically features a black coat with a white chest, and sometimes includes white paws or a white blaze on the face. The tuxedo pattern is a sophisticated and eye-catching variation. 

Phantom Cavapoo 

phantom cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a phantom Cavapoo

Phantom Cavapoos are characterized by their dual-tone coloration, where the primary color is accented with lighter markings in specific areas such as above the eyes, on the cheeks, chest, legs, and beneath the tail.  

Rare Cavapoo Colors 

Tricolor Cavapoo 

tricolor Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a lovely tricolor Cavapoo

Tricolor Cavapoos are a rare and stunning sight, featuring a mix of three colors, typically black, white, and tan. This unique combination is inherited from the Tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, blended with the color variety of the Poodle. The placement of these colors can vary, but they often form a beautiful, patchwork-like appearance. 

Black and White Cavapoo 

black and white cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a black and white Cavapoo beauty

The Black and White Cavapoo is a striking and rare color combination. This distinctive pattern usually features large black patches over a white base coat. The contrast between black and white gives these Cavapoos a bold and elegant appearance. 

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White Cavapoo 

white cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of an adopted white Cavapoo puppy

White Cavapoos are a rare gem, with a coat as pure and snowy as it gets. This stunning color can be inherited from either the Poodle or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but it is relatively rare in both breeds. A true White Cavapoo has no cream or yellow tint to its coat. 

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Chocolate Cavapoo 

chocolate cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a chocolate Cavapoo dog

Chocolate Cavapoos are luxurious in appearance, with a rich, deep brown coat reminiscent of fine chocolate. 

Blue Merle Cavapoo 

blue merle cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer photo of a blue merle Cavapoo

Blue Merle Cavapoos are exceptionally rare and incredibly stunning. They exhibit a unique merle pattern, with a mix of black, gray, and white, creating a mesmerizing, mottled effect.  

Cavapoo Color Changes 

Cavapoos can change color, but that doesn't mean that all of them will. And for Cavapoos that do change color, the difference in color or shade is not extreme. Most cavapoo coats will lighten or darken a few shades at most.  

Cavapoo Colors That Can Fade/Become Lighter 

Many Cavapoo puppy colors tend to fade or get lighter as they grow. This is particularly noticeable in colors inherited from the Poodle side, such as black, which may soften to a dark gray, or red, which can lighten to a beautiful apricot or cream. This fading is due to the influence of the 'fading gene' found in Poodles, which affects the intensity of the coat color over time. 

Cavapoo Colors That Can Darken 

Conversely, some Cavapoo coat colors might darken with age. This is often observed in Cavapoos with lighter initial coat colors, such as cream or apricot. These colors can deepen to richer shades due to the maturation of pigments in their fur. The darkening process is gradual and adds another layer of uniqueness to each Cavapoo's appearance. 

It's important for potential Cavapoo owners to be aware that the puppy's color may not be indicative of its adult coat color. This aspect of the breed adds an element of surprise and delight to owning a Cavapoo, as their coats evolve and mature, much like their personalities. 

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Grooming Requirements Based on the Cavapoo’s Coat Color 

Cavapoos require some attention when it comes to grooming, however, they are not a high-maintenance breed. Most of these beauties need a couple of brushing sessions per week, a bath every two months, and a haircut every once in a while.  

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Light-colored Cavapoo Grooming 

Cavapoos with light-colored coats, such as cream, white, or apricot, may require more frequent bathing. Lighter coats tend to show dirt and stains more easily, especially around the paws and muzzle. Additionally, tear stains can be more visible on lighter fur, necessitating regular cleaning of the face area.  

Dark-colored Cavapoo Grooming 

Dark-colored Cavapoos, including those with black, chocolate, or red coats, can face different grooming challenges. Dark fur can make matting and tangles more noticeable. Regular brushing is crucial to prevent knots and to keep their coat smooth and shiny. While dark coats may not show dirt as readily as lighter ones, they can lose luster if not properly cared for. Frequent brushing not only helps with detangling but also promotes a healthy, glossy coat by distributing natural oils. 

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Final Thoughts 

No matter what color or pattern a Cavapoo beautifully sports, these dogs are cherished for their loving nature, intelligence, and the joy they bring to their families. Their coats, in all the colors of the rainbow, are just the icing on the cake.

Scroll down to see FAQs about Cavapoo colors!    

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Cavapoo color? The rarest Cavapoo color is often considered to be the Blue Merle. This unique and striking coloration, characterized by a marbled pattern of black, gray, and white, is a result of the merle gene, which is more common in Poodles but still quite rare.

What colors do Cavapoos come in? Cavapoos come in a wide range of colors, thanks to the diverse color genetics of their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents. Their colors include Black, Red (Ruby), Tan, Apricot, and Golden, Bi-Color, Cream, Brown, Tricolor, Sable, Abstract, Red Merle, Tuxedo, Phantom, Black and White, White, Chocolate, and Blue Merle.

What is a tricolor Cavapoo? A Tricolor Cavapoo is a Cavapoo with a coat that features three distinct colors. This typically includes a combination of black, white, and tan.

What is the most common color of Cavapoo? The most common colors of Cavapoos are Black, Red (also known as Ruby), and Apricot.

What is a Golden Cavapoo? A Golden Cavapoo is a Cavapoo with a coat color that resembles the golden hue of a Golden Retriever.

What does a Golden Cavapoo look like? A Golden Cavapoo typically has a lush, wavy to curly coat that shines in a bright, golden color. This shade can range from a light, almost cream-like gold to a deeper, richer golden hue.

How big are Golden Cavapoos? Golden Cavapoos, like other Cavapoos, generally fall into the small to medium size category. Their size largely depends on the size of the Poodle parent. Mini or Toy Golden Cavapoos can weigh between 8 to 20 pounds and stand about 9 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder.