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Black Cavapoo: Traits and Care

Black Cavapoos: Pictures, Traits, Fading, Care & More
Published Wednesday, November 29, 2023 by Elena R.

Black cavapoos, a delightful mix of the ever-so-popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle breeds, is one of the designer dogs that, no matter its color, can win you over in a heartbeat. Though a bit on the rarer side, this black canine is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out. If you're eager to find out more about this beautiful pooch, or simply want to delight yourself with some pictures, keep scrolling down. We'll go over some not-so-well known facts about black Cavapoo dogs, including their appearance, temperament, coat qualities, and health considerations. 

What is a Black Cavapoo? 

Black Cavapoo with curly hair

Premier Pups Customer Photo of an adorable curly black Cavapoo

The black Cavapoo is an adorable mix everyone seems to adore. Why? Setting aside its gorgeous, striking black coat, this pooch comes with everything we love about Cavaliers and Poodles. 

Historically, the Cavapoo joins the ranks of "Doodle" dogs, those delightful mixes with Poodle lineage. But there's something special about the Cavapoo, especially its black-coated variant. The Cavalier brings its legacy of being a modern version of those classic lapdogs, known for their soft look and gentle ways. The Poodle, a breed steeped in history as a German water retriever, brings intelligence and a hypoallergenic coat to the mix. 

This combination results in the Cavapoo, a pup that inherits a mix of these fantastic traits. But why are we so smitten with the Black Cavapoo in particular? Well, it's not just about the looks – though their stunning black fur, which can come in solid black, mismarked, parti, tricolor, tuxedo, abstract, or black and tan, is definitely a head-turner. It's also about their rarity. Despite black being a dominant color in dogs, black Cavapoos are less common than you might think, making them a unique find for potential owners. 

And let's not forget their personality! Black Cavapoo dogs, like their colorful counterparts, are affectionate, friendly, and oh-so-loving. They're the kind of pets that are perfect for families, seniors, and just about anyone in need of a furry companion. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, and their eagerness to please is just the cherry on top. 

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Appearance of Black Cavapoos

Black Cavapoo puppy with white chin

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a sweet Cavapoo black


The appearance of black Cavoodles is as diverse as it is delightful. These charming dogs don't just come in a simple black hue; they're a palette of patterns and shades: 

Solid Black Cavapoo

solid Black Cavapoo dog

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a solid black Cavapoo dog

The classic solid black Cavapoo is nothing short of elegant, boasting a lush, uniform black coat. 

Parti Black Cavapoo

parti black and white cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a parti black Cavapoo

The parti coloring of black Cavapoos is when playful splashes of white break up the black. This is when a Cavapoo’s coat is at least 50% white with patches of black. 

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Tricolor black Cavapoos

tricolor Black Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a tricolor black Cavapoo

Tricolor Cavapoos usually add a dash of tan to the mix, in combination with white or gray.  

Abstract Cavapoos

Black and Tan cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of an abstract Cavapoo black

Abstract Cavapoos are just that, abstract! Their coats are at least 50% black with patches of a lighter color. 

Tuxedo Cavapoos

Black Cavapoo with patches of white on its chest

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a tuxedo black Cavapoo

This color variant speaks for itself. It's when a black Cavapoo has white patches on the chest, giving it that gorgeous, tuxedo-like look. 

It's important to know that black Cavapoo puppies might face a unique challenge. While their black fur is initially striking during puppyhood, some might carry a gene that causes their coat to fade to gray as they grow. This is something to keep in mind if you're set on a puppy that stays black as it matures. Black Cavapoo pups (solid, parti, merle etc.) may fade to a grayish color by 1 or 2 years old when they shed their puppy coat.  

Other black Cavapoo color combinations include: 

  • Black and gray Cavapoo 
  • Black and tan Cavapoo 
  • The popular black and white Cavapoo 
  • And tricolors like black, tan, and white Cavapoos 
  • Merle Black Cavapoos 

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Size-wise, Black Cavapoos are no different than any color Cavapoo. They are the perfect lap-sized companions. They typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds and stand at a cute 10 to 15 inches tall, depending on their specific lineage. Mixed breed generations come into play when it comes to size. You may find F1 black Cavapoos, F1b, F1bb, F2, and even multigenerational black Cavapoos. You may also come across Toy Cavapoos and Mini Cavapoos.  

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In terms of features, Black Cavapoos often inherit their Poodle parent's curly or wavy coat, which is as soft as it is hypoallergenic. Their eyes are round, often mirroring the depth of their black coats, and their ears are delightfully floppy, framing their cute, friendly faces. The Black Cavapoo carries a look of gentle sophistication mixed with a dash of playful charm. 


In the complex world of canine genetics, the color of a Black Cavapoo is the result of specific genetic interactions. The black coat color in dogs is primarily determined by two pigments: eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red). The black color in Cavapoos typically comes from the dominant 'B' gene that expresses eumelanin. However, the unique patterns and shades in Black Cavapoos, like tricolor or merle, result from other genes interacting with this dominant black gene. 

For instance, the merle pattern is caused by the 'M' gene, which alters the distribution of eumelanin, creating a marbled effect. It's important to note that responsible breeding practices are essential when dealing with these complex genetic traits, as certain combinations, like double merle, can lead to health issues. 

Black Cavapoo Haircuts 

Black Cavapoo puppy on sofa

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a gorgeous black Cavapoo

When it comes to styling your cute Black Cavapoo, the possibilities are endless. The unique coat of Black Cavapoo dogs, which is usually inherited from their Poodle ancestry, offers a wide range of haircuts that are not only fashionable but also functional. 

Puppy Cut 

One popular choice is the 'Puppy Cut,' where the coat is trimmed to a uniform length, giving your adult Black Cavapoo a puppy-like, forever-young appearance. This cut is not only adorable but also low maintenance, making it a practical option for busy pet parents. 

Teddy Bear Cut 

For those who love a bit of flair, the 'Teddy Bear Cut' is a perfect choice. This style keeps the hair around the face and ears a bit longer and rounded, offering a soft, teddy bear-like appearance that highlights the expressive eyes and charming face of the Cavapoo black variant. 

Lamb Cut 

If you're looking to keep things neat and tidy, the 'Lamb Cut' is another great option. Here, the body hair is clipped short, while the hair on the legs is left a bit longer, giving the appearance of a little lamb. This cut is particularly beneficial in warmer climates, keeping your Cavapoo cool and comfortable. 

No matter the style you choose, regular grooming is key. The Black Cavapoo's coat requires consistent care to prevent matting and tangling. Regular brushing, bathing, and professional grooming every few months will ensure your Cavapoo not only looks great but feels great too. 

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Remember, each Black Cavapoo is unique, so their haircut can be tailored to suit their individual look and lifestyle. Whether it's a practical trim or a fashionable haircut, there's a perfect style for every Black Cavapoo out there! 

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Hypoallergenic Qualities of Black Cavapoos 

Black Cavapoo dog with curly hair

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a lovely black Cavapoo in the arms of its owner

One of the most appealing traits of Cavapoos is their hypoallergenic quality, a blessing for allergy sufferers who long for canine companionship. Thanks to their Poodle heritage, these adorable dogs inherit a coat that's more allergy-friendly than many other breeds. The secret lies in their unique fur, which tends to produce less dander – the common culprit behind allergies. 

While no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic, Cavapoos are among the closest you can get. Color doesn’t make a difference here, but curls do! So, if you suffer from pet allergies, opt for a black Cavapoo with a curly or wavy coat.  

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Black Cavapoo Temperament 

Black Cavapoo dog with white patches

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a stunning Cavapoo with black hair

Black Cavapoos are often described as friendly, playful, and sociable. They thrive on human interaction and love being part of family activities. Their intelligence, inherited from their Poodle lineage, makes them quick learners and eager to please, which is great for training sessions. 

Despite their playful demeanor, Black Cavapoos are also known for their calm and adaptable nature. They can be as content cuddling on the couch as they are playing in the park. This balance makes them suitable for both active households and more relaxed environments.  

Because this breed is as lovey-dovey as it is, Cavapoos, regardless of their coat color, might suffer from separation anxiety. They very much dislike being parted from their family, even for a few hours. If you are planning on getting a black Cavapoo puppy, make sure to be prepared to invest in some puppy training classes. Cavapoos are sensible dogs that need to learn how to be independent.  

A question we come across quite a bit is “are black dogs more aggressive”? The short answer to this question is no. Color does not influence a dog’s temperament or personality. Black Cavapoo dogs are just as sweet-loving, cuddly, and playful as brown, white, or any color Cavapoo. 

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Caring for a Black Cavapoo 

Black Cavapoo puppy on grass

Premier Pups Customer Photo of the sweetest black Cavapoo puppy

When it comes to the health and care of Black Cavapoos, being informed is key to ensuring a happy, healthy life for your sweet furry friend. Black Cavapoos are generally healthy dogs, but, like all dog breeds, they can be prone to certain health issues. 


Black Cavapoos may inherit some common health concerns from their parent breeds, like heart conditions from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel side and eye issues from the Poodle lineage. Early detection and management of these conditions can lead to a healthier, longer life. 


Exercise is another important aspect of their care. Black Cavapoos have a moderate energy level, so daily walks and playtime are essential for their physical and mental well-being. They love interactive games and activities that challenge their intelligence. 


A balanced diet plays a significant role in their overall health. Feeding them high-quality dog food appropriate for their age, size, and activity level is essential. Also, keeping an eye on their weight is important, as Cavapoos, no matter the coat color, can be prone to obesity.

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Black Cavapoo Puppy Prices 

Black Cavapoo puppy

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a Cavapoo puppy with black hair

Depending on their coat color, Cavapoo puppies can go from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  
Black Cavapoo puppies are not as sought-after as brown or tan Cavapoos. And because there is less demand, professional breeders may steer away from breeding black puppies. 

That said, a black Cavapoo puppy can range anywhere from $800 to $3000, depending on whether the puppy’s coat is a solid black or has traces of other colors. 

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Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our exploration of the Black Cavapoo, it's easy to see why these dogs are such a hit. From their stunning looks to their lovable nature, every aspect we've discussed highlights what makes them so special. Whether it's their hypoallergenic coats, adaptable temperament, or the joy they bring to daily life, Black Cavapoos are simply adorable.  

Scroll down to see FAQs about Black Cavapoos!

Elena R.

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Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cavapoos be black? Yes, Cavapoos can certainly be black. They inherit their coat color from their parent breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

Are black Cavapoos rare? While not extremely rare, black Cavapoos are less common and less in demand compared to other colors like brown and apricot, making them somewhat special.

Are black Cavapoos good? Absolutely! Black Cavapoos are known for their friendly, affectionate temperament, and playful personalities.

Do black Cavapoos fade? Some black Cavapoos may fade slightly as they age, especially if they carry the progressive graying gene from their Poodle lineage.

Will my black Cavapoo turn grey? It depends on their genetics. If they have the progressive graying gene, their black coat may fade to grey over time.

Do black Caboodles stay black? Most black Cavapoos retain their black color, but as mentioned, some may fade to grey due to genetic factors.

Do black dogs overheat more? Black dogs can absorb more heat from sunlight, so it's important to ensure they have shade and water, especially on hot sunny days.

Are black dogs more aggressive? There is no scientific evidence to suggest that coat color influences a dog's temperament. Aggressiveness is more influenced by factors like breeding, upbringing, and training.

Do black Cavapoos change color? While most retain their black color, some may experience fading or greying due to genetic traits.

How much is a Black Cavapoo? The price of a Black Cavapoo can vary depending on the breeder, location, and pedigree of the parents. Generally, they can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.