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Mini Cavapoos: A Complete Guide

Mini Cavapoos 101: Size, Characteristics, FAQs & More
Published Friday, November 10, 2023 by Elena R.

Mini Cavapoos, also commonly referred to as Mini Cavoodles, Mini Cavipoos, or Mini Cavadoodles, are the definition of dream designer dogs. With their petite stature and affectionate ways, these small hybrids combine the best of the Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You’ll find they are intelligent, easy to train, often hypoallergenic, and a perfect fit for any family or living space.  

Despite their Miniature size, Mini Cavapoos pack a lot of personality and have more to them than meets the eye. They come in various generations (each with its own little surprise) and can be found in different colors and coat types, each with its own story to tell.  

Keep reading to get important insights on Mini Cavapoo size, generations, grooming, health considerations, and more. 

History and Origin of Mini Cavapoos 

Mini Cavapoo with wavy hair

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a Mini Cavapoo

Although they seem like they’ve been turning heads for centuries (given their amazing popularity) Mini Cavoodles haven’t been around for long. Their exact origins are hard to trace back, but it is widely believed that the first ones (Mini and Toy varieties) emerged around the '90s in Australia.  

Though no breeder has taken the credit for their creation, and we don’t know exactly when they were first bred, the intent behind their creation is well-known: breeders aimed to gift the world with a new type of hybrid dog that inherits the best traits of its purebred parents. These traits include the Poodle’s minimal shedding and intelligence, and the Cavalier’s friendly demeanor and amiable nature. The Cavapoo’s cute teddy bear-like appearance was a happy outcome of combining the two breeds. 

The Mini Cavapoo’s parents are two well-established dog breeds that have been around for ages. Although we know why they were chosen for the crossbreed, their qualities will give us better insight into what to expect from the Mini Cavapoo. 

Mini Poodle 

mini poodle

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a Mini Poodle

The Mini Poodle is a versatile breed that has too many qualities to count. This curly gem is one of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs around, being one of the few curly dogs that doesn’t shed and doesn’t produce as much of that allergy-inducing dander. Their curls and hypoallergenic qualities aren’t the only things that people love about these dogs though. They are also the second most intelligent dog breed in the world. This means that intelligence and cleverness run in the genes of Mini Cavapoos as well. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier, one of the world’s favorite toy breeds, passes on its remarkable friendliness and adaptability to the Mini Cavapoo. Since their inception, Cavaliers have known life in the lap of luxury. From being adored by kings and queens to finding owners in the celebrity world, these dogs have always been cherished for their sweet-loving nature. They get along with every household pet, make ideal pets for families with children, and have a natural inclination for therapy work, aspects that Mini Cavapoos also flaunt proudly. 

Together, these breeds have gifted us the Mini Cavapoo, a dog that inherits the best qualities of both – the perfect mix for dog lovers seeking a miniature, intelligent, and affectionate family pet.  

As they are not purebred themselves, but a mix of two purebred parents, Mini Cavapoos are yet to receive formal Kennel Club recognition. While breeders are working tirelessly to establish the Cavapoo as a breed, the world can’t help but love these dogs either way. 

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Physical Characteristics of Mini Cavapoos 

Mini Cavapoo full grown

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a cute Mini Cavapoo

If you’ve ever met a Mini Cavapoo, you know that half their charm lies in their teddy-bear-like appearance. These petite gems are small, often curly, and have the most soul-piercing gaze.  

General Appearance 

The Mini Cavapoo takes quite a lot after it’s parents, and sometimes it can be a 50-50 mix of features, or a combination that leans more towards the appearance of one of the parents. Most often though, standard Mini Cavipoos tend to be in the middle, with equal features from both the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  

The general appearance of Mini Cavapoos changes when we bring generations into the mix. An F1 Mini Cavapoo can be quite different looking from an F1b or F2.  

Their coat, a crowning glory, is often a mix of their parent breeds' fur – ranging from the Poodle's signature curly hypoallergenic coat to the silky smoothness of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It can come in a myriad of stunning colors, including cream, fawn, chocolate, gold, and black. Some Mini Cavapoos even sport the charming and distinct Blenheim pattern of their Cavalier ancestors. 

From the F1b Mini Cavapoo, known for the curliest coat reminiscent of the Poodle's non-shedding quality, to the F2 Mini Cavapoo, which may showcase a more blended appearance, each dog is unique. These physical characteristics not only make them incredibly appealing but also practical for owners who may be concerned with allergies and grooming needs. 

Some common features among Mini Cavapoos include dark, almond-shaped eyes, adorable floppy ears, a well-proportioned body, and a beautiful semi-rounded face. 

Mini Cavapoo Size 

Mini Cavapoos typically weigh between 20 to 30 pounds, and their height ranges from 12 to 16 inches at the shoulder, making them compact little companions that thrive in various living environments. The size of the Miniature Poodle used in the mix is usually the one that influences the size of the Miniature Cavapoo.  

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Mini Cavapoo Generations 

F1 Mini Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of an F1 Mini Cavapoo

Like most doodle breeds, Mini Cavapoos can come in many generations, ranging from the regular F1 50-50 mix to backcrosses between Cavapoos and Miniature Poodles. Each of these generations has unique qualities and appeals. 

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F1 Mini Cavapoo 

The F1 Mini Cavapoo, which is the most common, is the first generation of Cavapoo, a mix between a purebred Mini Poodle and a purebred Cavalier King Charles spaniel. This generation comes with what some call hybrid vigor, an attribute that often translates to better health for the offspring of two purebred dogs.  

When it comes to looks, the F1 Mini Cavapoo usually takes after both parents in equal measure, flaunting wavy hair and a teddy-bear-like appearance. 

F1b Mini Cavapoo 

Advancing to the F1b generation, Mini Cavapoo breeders introduce a higher percentage of Mini Poodle genes, usually by backcrossing an F1 Mini Cavapoo with a purebred Miniature Poodle, enhancing the hypoallergenic quality of the coat. 

F1b Mini Cavapoos are a popular choice for those who suffer from pet-related allergies. This generation is often referred to as the second-generation backcross. 

F1bb Mini Cavapoo 

The F1bb Mini Cavapoo takes this a step further, being the offspring of an F1b Mini Cavapoo and a Miniature Poodle, resulting in a dog that is predominantly Poodle, with a curlier and even more hypoallergenic coat. Though the F1bb is a bit harder to find, it is also a popular choice for allergy sufferers. 

F2 Mini Cavapoo 

The F2 Mini Cavapoo is the second filial generation, born from two F1 Mini Cavapoos, maintaining a balanced mix of its grandparents' breeds. This means that F2s can inherit just as many features from Poodles as they can from Cavaliers. Mini Cavapoo breeders usually create this mix for better control over certain features like coat color and type. 

Multigen Mini Cavapoo 

Multigenerational Mini Cavapoos, often simply referred to as 'multigen', are the product of several generations of breeding Cavapoos with Cavapoos, aiming to solidify the breed's most desirable traits. 

Mini Cavapoo Temperament 

Mini Cavapoo with curly hair

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a happy Mini Cavapoo

The balanced temperament of Mini Cavapoos is one of their most endearing qualities, making this designer breed a favorite among dog lovers. Known for their gentle and calm demeanor, Mini Cavadoodles are often considered one of the most serene doodle varieties. They exhibit a sociable and affectionate personality that makes them fantastic companions for children, often showing patience and playfulness in equal measure. 

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Mini Cavapoos as Family Pets 

Mini Cavapoos are adaptable dogs that seamlessly fit into a variety of lifestyles, thanks to their small size and typically quiet nature. They don’t tend to bark much and are quite the social butterflies when it comes to neighbors. Whether you live in a compact city apartment or have a sprawling backyard in the countryside for them to play in, these dogs can thrive pretty much anywhere.  

Their moderate exercise needs are also easily met with a daily walk or two and some playtime at home. For those who work during the day, Mini Cavapoos can be content with their own company for reasonable periods, provided they have toys and a comfortable space. 

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Intelligence and Trainability of Mini Cavapoos 

Mini Cavapoos are also highly praised for their intelligence and eagerness to please, which they get from both of their parents. This often translates into a behavior that is obedient, sweet, and adaptable. Whether it's a bustling family home or a quiet couple's retreat, these gorgeous dogs have a remarkable ability to match the energy of their environment, all the while maintaining their sweet, lovable nature.  

Training a Mini Cavapoo is often a rewarding experience thanks to their intelligent and very friendly nature. These dogs respond well to positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, treats, and playtime. Consistency is key, and establishing a routine helps them understand expectations. Early socialization is also crucial for Mini Cavoodles to ensure they grow into well-adjusted adults. Introducing them to various people, pets, and situations when they are still youngsters will help foster their naturally sociable demeanor. 

Another aspect that these dogs have and Mini Cavapoo owners simply love about them is their therapy work qualities. Because they are an attentive breed that can sense their owner’s moods, Mini Cavapoos are often trained as therapy dogs. This quality is popular for families, individuals, and the elderly.  

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Health and Vitality 

tan Mini Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a gorgeous Mini Cavapoo

When it comes to health, Mini Cavapoos benefit from hybrid vigor, an attribute that often blesses them with fewer health problems than their purebred counterparts. This crossbreeding can lead to a more robust genetic makeup, potentially reducing the risk of inherited diseases. 

However, prospective owners should be aware of common health issues that may affect Mini Cavapoos, such as luxating patellas, heart conditions inherited from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel side, and eye problems common in Poodles. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise are vital in maintaining the health and vitality of these Mini designer dogs. 

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Are Mini Cavapoos hypoallergenic? 

hypoallergenic mini cavapoo with curly hair

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a hypoallergenic Mini Cavapoo with curly hair

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, Mini Cavapoos are often quite the popular dogs because of their compatibility with allergy sufferers. Thanks to the influence of the Miniature Poodle's coat, which is known for minimal shedding, Mini Cavadoodles typically produce less dander, the common culprit behind allergies.  

Though not all Cavapoos come bearing that curly, low-shedding coat, most do. A good rule of thumb when looking for a hypoallergenic Mini Cavapoo is to look at the coat and features, which should be reminiscent of the Poodle. F1b Mini Cavapoos tend to have the best hypoallergenic qualities.  

Consistent grooming practices are key to maximizing the hypoallergenic potential of your Mini Cavapoo's coat. 

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Grooming Mini Cavapoos 

brown mini Cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a brown Mini Cavapoo

Caring for a Mini Cavapoo's coat is an essential part of their grooming routine that not only keeps them looking their best but also supports their health. Their often curly or wavy hypoallergenic coat requires regular brushing to prevent matting and to distribute natural oils throughout their beautiful fur.  

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Bathing should also be a part of their routine. Ideally, they should be bathed every 4 to 6 weeks with a gentle dog-specific shampoo to maintain their coat's natural luster without stripping essential moisture. 

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Professional grooming every few months can help manage their coat's length and shape, particularly around the eyes and feet, ensuring both comfort and hygiene.  

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Cavapoo vs Mini Cavapoo 

When choosing between a Cavapoo and a Mini Cavapoo, size is the most notable distinction. When you think about Cavapoos, you think about a small, adorable dog with curly locks and Poodle/Cavalier genes. In some very rare cases, Cavapoos also come in a standard size.  

The standard Cavapoo, which again, is quite rare, is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a standard Poodle. Standard Cavapoos typically grow larger, while Mini Cavapoos, with a Miniature Poodle parent, remain smaller. Both share similar personality traits and intelligence levels, making either one a great choice for families.  

Energy levels might differ between the Standard and Mini Cavapoo variations, with the standard being a tad more on the active side and the mini being a bit mellower. Grooming considerations are also a factor that can help you decide between the two. The standard, being larger, will take longer to groom, while the Mini Cavapoo has a more manageable size.  

The decision often comes down to space considerations and personal preference for dog size. Despite these differences, both the Cavapoo and Mini Cavapoo carry the friendly nature and hypoallergenic qualities that have made them so popular in the eyes of dog lovers. 

Toy Cavapoo vs Mini Cavapoo 

Choosing between a Toy Cavapoo and a Mini Cavapoo can hinge on subtle differences in size and temperament. Toy Cavapoos, bred from Toy Poodles, are the smallest variety, often suited for those who have limited living spaces or a preference for a smaller lap dog.  

Mini Cavapoos, slightly larger due to their Miniature Poodle lineage, offer a bit more robustness while still being compact, completely cute, and adaptable. Both varieties share the Cavapoo's renowned friendly and intelligent nature, making them excellent companions for anyone looking for a lovey-dovey companion dog.  

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cute mini cavapoo

Premier Pups Customer Photo of a sweet Mini Cavapoo

The Mini Cavapoo is a true gem in the dog world. With their hypoallergenic coats, friendly disposition, and intelligent minds, these dogs are equipped to integrate into a wide range of family dynamics and living situations. With their teddy bear faces and cuddly nature, these dogs are bound to make any home a happy, joy-filled one. 

Scroll down to see FAQs about mini Cavapoos!

Elena R.

About The Author

Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mini Cavapoo? A Mini Cavapoo is a charming crossbreed between a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, blending the intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle with the loving nature of the Cavalier.

How big does a Mini Cavapoo get? Mini Cavapoos typically reach a height of 12 to 16 inches at the shoulder, a manageable size that suits most homes comfortably.

How much does a Mini Cavapoo weigh? On average, Mini Cavapoos weigh in at a cuddly 20 to 30 pounds, making them a perfect companion size that's not too small, nor too large.

Are Mini Cavapoos healthy? Mini Cavapoos are generally a healthy crossbreed, especially when their health is diligently maintained with proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care.

Can you get a Miniature Cavapoo? Yes, you can adopt a Miniature Cavapoo. These dogs are bred to be a smaller version of the already compact Cavapoo, ideal for those looking for a tinier companion.

Do Mini Cavapoos bark a lot? Mini Cavapoos have moderate barking tendencies. They're not known to be excessive barkers, but they'll communicate when necessary. Training and socialization can help manage their barking behavior.

How long do Mini Cavapoos live? With good care, a Mini Cavapoo's lifespan can range from around 12 to 15 years, sometimes longer.

Is the Mini Cavapoo a high maintenance dog? Mini Cavapoos are medium to low maintenance. They do require regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition, but they're not as high maintenance as some other breeds with more demanding grooming needs.

Is the Mini Cavapoo a good family dog? Absolutely, Mini Cavapoos make fantastic family pets. They're known for their affectionate nature and ability to form strong bonds with all family members.

Are Mini Cavapoos hypoallergenic? Mini Cavapoos are often recommended for people with allergies as they may inherit the Poodle's hypoallergenic coat, but individual reactions can vary. Regular grooming helps to minimize shedding and dander.