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Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Comparison

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon - Dog Breed Comparison - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, December 29, 2021 by PremierPups

Small dogs, big hearts, and a shared passion for fun games and cuddles – meet the Morkie and the Yorkie Chon. These two bundles of joy are renowned for their sunny personalities and loyal nature. Morkies and Yorkie Chons are both crossbreeds of Yorkshire Terriers and a member of the Bichon family. They are hypoallergenic breeds that fit wonderfully with allergy-suffering owners and they make fantastic fur-babies for families with children. Although they share similar parent breeds, the Morkie and Yorkie Chon have a few personality traits that set them apart. One is independent while the other is more attached. One is easier to train while the other tends to be a bit more stubborn. Read on and find out which of the two breeds is a better fit for your lifestyle.

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Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Overview

Black and Tan morkie

Morkie Overview

The Morkie, a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix, is a sweet, fun-oriented dog breed. Morkies originate from the United States where they were intentionally bred for the first time at the beginning of the 21st century. Although they are only 20 years old as a breed, Morkie puppies are well-known and loved all over the world.

These beautiful puppies are also known as Morkshire Terriers and Yortese. If you’re looking to adopt a Morkie puppy, you are in for a wonderful treat. As a Maltese Yorkie mix, the cute Morkie puppy inherits the best of two breeds. Eagerness to please, playfulness, and a mountain of affection to give, are just a few amazing qualities the Morkie has to offer. 

Cupcakes (now Stella)

Yorkie Chon Overview

The Yorkie Chon, a gorgeous bundle of joy, is half Yorkshire Terrier and half Bichon Frise. Like their Morkie cousins, Yorkie Chon puppies first appeared at the beginning of the 21st century in the United States.

Designed to inherit the best qualities of their parents, these adorable puppies display great versatility. They are receptive to their human’s needs, have excellent people skills, and can be trained for therapy work and sporting competitions. If you are looking to adopt a Yorkie Chon puppy, you are in for a lifetime of joy. This Yorkie Bichon mix loves games and cuddles, and wants nothing more than to be your fur-baby.  

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Overview Comparison

The Morkie and the Yorkie Chon are sweet-looking and fun-loving dog breeds that originated in the United States at the start of 2000. Because they are half Yorkshire Terriers, they inherit a little bit of spunk and a whole lot of affection and loyalty. Their Bichon side of the family, which includes both the Bichon Frise and the Maltese, offers these cute pups friendliness, great intelligence, and a wonderful eagerness to please.

As far as their origins go, both the Morkie and the Yorkie Chon come from the same place and were first bred around the same time. Both appeared as part of the designer dog trend and both rose to fame thanks to their upbeat personalities and hypoallergenic status.  

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Morkie Yorkie Chon
Parent breeds Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise
Place of Origin US US
Date of Origin 2000 2000
Purpose Companionship Companionship
Breed type Designer breed, hybrid Designer breed, hybrid
Other names Morkshire Terrier, Yortese Yorkie Bichon mix
Lifespan 10-15 years 12-15 years

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Temperament

morkie dog sitting on a dog bed

Morkie Temperament

Lovers not fighters, Morkies are the type of dogs that thrive in a fun and loving environment. Cuddle-oriented and fond of attention, these sweet dogs are an excellent match for families with kids. They love playing games of hide-and-seek, adore napping glued to a hip, and enjoy performing fun tricks. They are also very eager to go on family adventures.

Because this breed is half Maltese, you can expect your Morkie to possess all of that friendliness and affection the Maltese dogs are renowned for. Morkies are also very adaptable, which means that they make it their mission to match their family’s lifestyle. Although moderately active, they can adapt to a life of hikes and trips, as well as to one of relaxation.

When it comes to training, Morkie puppies can get overly-enthusiastic and on occasion stubborn. Although not all of them have this stubborn streak, the ones that do, need a little bit more motivation in the form of treats or games. Because Morkies see their humans as the center of their world, they don’t take well to being away from them for too long.  

Jackson, cute yorkie chon dog

Yorkie Chon Temperament

Yorkie Chons, like their Morkie friends, love to walk in the footsteps of their humans. They can adapt to any type of lifestyle and like to be included in their family’s day to day activities.

These fun dogs are passionate about tug-of-war, fetching, climbing on top of chairs, and observing. Exploring, swimming, and cuddling are also on their list of favorite things to do. They also love chasing things and entertaining crowds with cute puppy tricks. Being half Bichon Frise gives these cute hybrid dogs an upper hand in learning and performing.

Yorkie Chon puppies are fast-learning students and excellent trainees. You can expect your Yorkie Chon puppy to be all ears when it comes to training. They love to impress by any means possible and will use training to do exactly that. Because excellence is written in their DNA, Yorkie Chons will impress you with their generous affection, easygoing nature, and independence. 

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Temperament Comparison

Both the Morkie and the Yorkie Chon have quite a few qualities to show off with. They are just as intelligent and friendly as they are affectionate, calm, and sweet. Because Morkies have a more attached and loving nature, they make better therapy dogs. Yorkie Chons on the other hand, are a better fit for watchdog duties as they tend to be more observant and vocal.

When it comes to their energy levels, Morkies are on the more relaxed side while Yorkie Chons come with a bit more spunk. Although both breeds are intelligent and generally easy to train, Morkie puppies can sometimes show a little bit of stubbornness when they get bored.

Another difference that can be seen between the two dog breeds, is their disposition when left alone. Although both can be trained to deal well with being left alone, the Yorkie Chon puppy is naturally independent while the Morkie needs a little nudge in that direction. Morkies get very attached to their humans, an aspect that often leads to separation anxiety when left alone.  

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Morkie Yorkie Chon
Good with kids Yes Yes
Training Can be stubborn Easy
Friendly Yes Yes
Separation anxiety May suffer from anxiety when alone Independent
Energy levels Moderately energetic Moderate to high energy
Good for Families, seniors Active families, active singles
Barking Occasionally Can be vocal

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Appearance

Black and Tan morkie dog wearing a pink dog outfit

Morkie Appearance

Morkies have adorable looks that perfectly match their adorable personalities. They are toy-sized, cuddly, and joyful-looking. Because they are a mix of two very different-looking dog breeds, these dogs can take after either parent more.

The Morkie size can also differ a bit as Yorkies and Maltese aren’t identical in neither height nor weight. The Morkie height should be in average of 7 to 9 inches. Because of their tiny stature, these cuties should have a weight of 4 to 7 pounds for a full grown Morkie.

Common features among Morkie dogs include dark round eyes, a tiny and dark button nose, and a feathered tail. As a crossbreed, these hybrid dogs can have pointy ears that resemble that of their Yorkie parent, or floppy ears that resemble that of their Maltese parent.

Their coats can also be a mix of straight to wavy textures. Morkie colors are most commonly black, tan, and white, with various combinations of these colors. Morkie hypoallergenic qualities are excellent as these dogs shed very little and don’t produce as much dander as other dog breeds.  

black and white yorkie chon

Yorkie Chon Appearance

The Yorkie Chon is a wonderful example of a dog that is both elegant and athletic. As a mix between the white and curly-haired Bichon Frise, and the tiny pointy-eared Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkie Chon breed can sport features from either one, or be a perfect combination of both.

Generally, the Yorkie Chon size should be smaller than that of the Bichon Frise. The average height of the Yorkie Chon should be between 9 and 12 inches, and the weight (of a full-grown Yorkie Chon) should be in average of 6 to 8 pounds. Yorkie Chons have a small, athletic-built body, dark round eyes, a tiny dark nose, floppy or pointy ears, and a long fluffy tail.

As a first-generation crossbreed, these dogs can inherit the curly coat of their Bichon Frise parent, or the straight to slightly wavy coat of their Yorkshire Terrier parent. Common Yorkie Chon colors include black, white, tan, golden, gray, and brown, with various combinations of these colors. The hypoallergenic Yorkie Chon is a top choice for allergy sufferers as this dog sheds very little.   

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Appearance Comparison

When it comes to their appearance, the Morkie and the Yorkie Chon have very few dissimilarities. Because they are both half Yorkshire Terriers and half Bichons (the Maltese and Frise are both part of the Bichon family), they can sport similar features. The first difference that is noticeable between the two is their size. The Morkie is, more often than not, smaller than the Yorkie Chon. The Morkie also takes after its Bichon Frise more, while the Yorkie Chon has more prominent Yorkshire Terrier features.  

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Appearance Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Morkie Yorkie Chon
Adult weight 4-7 pounds 6-8 pounds
Adult height 7-9 inches 9-12 inches
Coat type Straight, wavy Straight, wavy, curly
Colors Black, tan, white Black, white, tan, golden, gray, brown
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Morkie vs Yorkie Chon Comparison Conclusion

As we reach the end of our breed comparison, we can safely say that choosing between the Morkie and the Yorkie Chon is anything but easy. Both of these breeds are beautiful, affectionate, trainable, and completely lovable. Luckily, there are a few differences between the two that make each a better fit for certain owners.

With that in mind, we would recommend the adorable Morkie to families with kids and senior citizens that are looking for an affectionate bundle of joy. The Morkie thrives in a home where he/she is constantly surrounded by their loved ones. The Yorkie Chon makes an excellent addition to a home with one or two owners that lead a busy lifestyle. Yorkie Chons are fond of weekend hikes and adventures, and can safely remain home during work hours as they are an independent dog breed.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic: Morkie or Yorkie Chon? Both Morkies (a cross between Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier) and Yorkie Chons (a cross between Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise) have a good amount of energy. Generally speaking, Yorkie Chons might have a slight edge in energy levels due to the spirited nature of the Bichon Frise and Yorkie, but both breeds are quite playful.

Morkie or Yorkie Chon, which barks more? Both breeds can be quite vocal, particularly when they want attention or if they notice something out of the ordinary. However, Yorkie Chons, with their Bichon lineage, might have a slight propensity to bark more, especially when they're alert or excited.

Do Morkies have separation anxiety vs. Yorkie Chons? Both Morkies and Yorkie Chons can experience separation anxiety, especially if left alone for extended periods. Regular companionship, training, and mental stimulation can help mitigate these feelings.

Should I get a Morkie or a Yorkie Chon? Your choice should align with your lifestyle and preferences. Both breeds are affectionate, but the Morkie might be a tad more independent due to its Maltese genes, while the Yorkie Chon might be a bit more social and friendly because of its Bichon Frise lineage.

Which is better: a Morkie or a Yorkie Chon? Neither breed is objectively "better." Both are delightful in their own right. It's about individual fit and what characteristics you value in a pet.

What is the lifespan of a Morkie vs. Yorkie Chon? Morkies generally have a lifespan of 10-15 years, while Yorkie Chons typically live between 12-15 years. Proper care, regular vet visits, and a balanced diet can contribute to a longer, healthier life.

Are Morkies easier than Yorkie Chons? Both breeds have their unique requirements. Morkies can sometimes be a bit more independent, which some might interpret as easier. In contrast, Yorkie Chons are sociable but might need more attention to satisfy their social needs.

Do Morkies shed more than Yorkie Chons? Both breeds are considered low-shedders. However, the exact amount of shedding can vary from one individual dog to another. Regular grooming can help minimize any shedding.

Which is calmer: a Morkie or a Yorkie Chon? While individual temperaments can vary, Morkies tend to be slightly calmer due to the laid-back nature of the Maltese. Yorkie Chons, however, are bubbly and spirited.