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Havanese Puppies For Sale Near San Leandro, CA

Havanese Puppies can be Delivered to you in San Leandro, California

Looking for a Havanese puppy for sale near San Leandro, California? You've come to the right place! Premier Pups is partnered with the nation’s top breeders to offer you sweet, beautiful, and healthy Havanese puppies. All our puppies are routinely screened and go through nose-to-tail inspections before they are ready to arrive at their new home. They also come with a 10-year health guarantee that backs up our Premier Promise. 

Havanese puppies are bouncy little pets that love to play and go on adventures with their family. They are small, fluffy, and completely beautiful. These puppies thrive in a family setting but are also quite the sweethearts for retirees. They are gentle and their love is immeasurable. With a Havanese around, boredom is replaced by enthusiasm and entertainment. Adopt a healthy and happy Havanese puppy near San Leandro, California at Premier Pups.

Premier Pups is your go-to source for the best Havanese puppy sales in San Leandro, California. We partner with the best dog breeders in the nation to offer you healthy, happy Havanese puppies.

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Havanese vs Havapoo Comparison

Havanese vs Havapoo Comparison

The Havanese and Havapoo are fan-favorites at Premier Pups. With their eye-catching appearances and delightful personalities, these two are sure to make any family feel lucky. Although they share an abundance of desirable qualities, the Havanese and Havapoo aren’t quite the same. What sets them apart is what makes them uniquely perfect. Read on to learn more about their key qualities and some of the aspects that set them apart.  

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Discover the Top 10 Breeds of Puppies that Stay Small and Capture Hearts

Discover the Top 10 Breeds of Puppies that Stay Small and Capture Hearts

If you've ever found yourself captivated by the charm of a tiny puppy, you're not alone. Many of us are enchanted by the idea of puppies that stay small forever and don't shed. These petite pooches offer all the love and companionship of a larger dog but in a more manageable size. 

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Havanese Breed Info

Havanese Breed Info

Known as the national dog of Cuba and famous worldwide for their friendly demeanor, beautiful coat, and loving nature, Havanese dogs truly are a breed like no other. Their charming personalities and adaptable nature make them perfect companions, while their small size makes them suitable for both apartment living and larger homes. But, as any Havanese owner will tell you, it's the love and warmth that this breed brings into their lives that truly makes them stand out. 

Havanese dogs are part of the Bichon family of breeds, boasting a lineage rich in history and companionship. With their distinct, silky coat, expressive eyes, and lively temperament, they easily steal the hearts of everyone they meet. They're known for being incredibly social and get along well with people of all ages, including children. They also typically get along well with other pets. 

Despite their small size, Havanese dogs are sturdy and not as fragile as some other small breeds. They love to play and can be quite active, though they're not as hyperactive as some breeds and can adapt well to their owner's lifestyle.