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Yorkie Poo Puppies For Sale

Cheerful ~ Intelligent ~ Loyal ~ Social

Yorkie Poos are the little canine detectives of dogdom. They love to explore and investigate everything around them, and they are very skilled at alerting visitors. These adorable toy dogs are feisty, loyal, fun-loving, and lively. Their demeanor is confident and cuddly and their personality cheerful. Aside from their canine warrior nature, the Yorkie Poo dogs are very affectionate, smart, and playful. They enjoy dog sports, play dates at dog parks, family adventures, and snuggle time. Yorkie Poo puppies train easily, are very fond of grooming/spa sessions, and make fast friends with other dogs and kids. A designer Doodle Breed, the sweet Yorkie Poo is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Mini or Toy Poodle.  

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Cheerful, Intelligent, Loyal, Social

Adult Weight 3-14 lbs
Adult Height 7-15 in
Life Expectancy 10-15 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
Low High
Easy Hard
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The Yorkie Poo is a designer crossbreed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Though there is little known of its origin, we do know that is was bred in the United States within the last 20 to 30 years for companionship and its hypoallergenic coat. Its loving, intelligent, energetic personality makes it a great choice for first-time dog owners.

Appearance and Grooming

As with many hybrids the coat of these puppies can vary. Their non -shedding, hypoallergenic coats will always be silky and quite soft, but could also be curly, wavy, or straight. The coat can be many colors including apricot, red and white, black, black and white, black and tan and tri-colored. With rather long coats they need brushing several times each week to prevent tangles and knots. A monthly bath is also recommended to keep your dogs coat soft and clean.


Energetic and always ready to play, this little hybrid is affectionate and loves the company of people.  Because they crave the attention of their owner however, it is not a breed that does well when left alone for long periods of time.  If left unattended for long periods of time it becomes lonely and bored, which may lead to incessant barking or digging. 

Family and Companionship 

This fun loving and loyal puppy makes the perfect companion for any person or family that can be with them much of the time. They make an excellent pet for seniors or those who are retired. They can easily thrive in any environment whether in a big home or an apartment. Their low-maintenance needs and sweet personalities make them a favorite with many pet owners.


Yorkie Poos require a smaller amount of exercise than most hybrids. Though they are lively and always ready to play a small walk around the block is really all they need to keep trim, and healthy. This makes them a good choice for pet parents with limited mobility. A fenced yard is also an excellent way to keep these pups healthy and happy.

Training and Socialization

Their eager to please and enthusiastic attitudes make for an easily trainable dog. They are extremely intelligent like that of both parent breeds and aim to please their owners. Focusing on positive training methods while working with this crossbreed will reap the most rewards as these pups will not do well with harsh or negative methods. Early socialization is key for this curious breed as they are very interested in everyone and thing around them. Early socialization makes for a well-rounded dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds make a Yorkie Poo? The Yorkie Poo is a designer hybrid mix crossed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

How big does the Yorkie Poo get? These tiny pups weigh in at around 7 pounds and grow to a height of 7-8 inches.

What is the lifespan of the Yorkie Poo? Yorkie Poo’s live between 11 – 15 years on average.

What are the exercise requirements for a Yorkie Poo? Although the Yorkie Poo does not require a lot of exercise, they still need their daily dose of playtime. A 20-30 minute daily walk along with some active play either indoor or outdoor should be plenty to keep your little one fit and trim.

How often does my Yorkie Poo need to be groomed? Your little one should be brushed daily to keep their hair silky soft and clean and prevent any tangles or mats. They should also get professionally groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.

What is the difference between a Yorkie Poo and a Yoodle? Not a thing. This is just another name for the same dog. They may also be referred to as a Yorkapoo or a Yorkiedoodle.

What type of coat does the Yorkie Poo have? The Yorkie Poo’s coat can be curly, wavy or straight, and its texture is on lighter side and often silky.

What is the temperament of the Yorkie Poo? The Yorkie Poo is a free spirit and fun-loving dog that loves being in the company of its humans. The heritage of the Yorkshire Terrier and Toy poodle make for a very intelligent and easygoing pup.

Do Yorkie Poo’s bark a lot? Yes. These vocal little dogs love to hear themselves “speak”, which makes for an excellent watch dog. However, this could get their owner in some hot water with the neighbors. Early socialization and proper training can help to minimize the amount of barking as they get older.

Is a Yorkie Poo a good choice for a first time dog owner? Yes, they are an excellent choice. They are very adaptable and eager to please, which means they want to keep their owner happy-making training a breeze. In addition, they thrive on giving lots of love and cuddles.

What is a Teacup Yorkie Poo? A Teacup Yorkie Poo is a term used by breeders to focus on the little size of the breed. Smaller sized dogs are chosen from first generation (F1) Yorkie Poos and bred with small purebred Toy Poodles for achieving teacup size. It is often discouraged to breed Teacup sized dogs as they often have a weak bone structure and health problems.

What is a first generation (F1) Yorkie Poo? A first generation (F1) Yorkie Poo is the first generation of hybrids bred from a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and purebred Poodle.

What is an F1b Yorkie Poo? The F1B hybrid is 75% Poodle bred with a Yorkie Poo.

Do Yorkie Poo’s suffer from leg problems? Given its weight and its small frame, the stress factor on the bones and joints should not be too high. The most common problem found in dogs, including the Yorkie Poo is when they suffer from a luxating patella. This is a relatively common problem in smaller dogs.

Do I need to buy clothes for my Yorkie Poo because of their size? Given that these are mostly indoor pets, they will not need clothing to keep them warm, they will be quite content in their natural state.

Yorkie Poo Reviews

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Yorkie Poo Breeders

Like people, the most critical moments in a puppy's life starts in the beginning. It truly takes a special breeder to assist with nourishing and raising an Yorkipoo puppy properly. Only the nation's best Yorkipoo breeders can provide the best quality of life. Here at Premier Pups, we work hand-in-hand with our breeders. Providing a safe, natural, comfortable, and healthy environment for the nursing mother and her baby is essential.

The footage produced in our videos is 100% real. We directly take un-staged, unedited, and only authentic scenes at our breeder locations. We only align ourselves with Yorkipoo breeders whose standards are much higher than the rest. We spend consistent on-site time with our selected breeders and can undoubtedly say that our puppies come from a caring environment.