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Havanese vs Havashu Comparison

Havanese vs Havashu – Read All About It - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, October 27, 2021 by PremierPups

Lively, happy, and up for games and cuddles at any hour of the day, the Havanese and Havashu are driven to bring joy home. Aside from being as cute can be, these lovely pooches are intelligent, loyal, friendly, and playful. They light up rooms with their funny antics and cause giggles with their perfect little dog stunts. Choosing between the two is no easy task as both of these dogs make quite remarkable pets. Keep reading and you might just have to take them both home.  

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Havanese vs Havashu Overview

Havanese Overview

The Havanese, a dog many centuries old, comes to us from Cuba, where it is recognized as the country’s national dog. The Havanese has long been a favorite of high society families and aristocrats in Cuba and around the world. Strong loyal tendencies, caring personality, friendly nature, and a happy-go-lucky attitude are just some of the many reasons why the world loves these dogs. The Havanese dogs are famously known to adore pretty much everyone they come in contact with, and because of this trait and many more qualities, they are considered a favorite pet in many countries. The Havanese is often referred to as the Havana Silk Dog and is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a member of the Toy Group.  

Havashu Overview

Half Havanese and half Shih Tzu, the Havashu is a crossbreed meant to enchant the world with unique looks and an abundance of qualities inherited from both parent breeds. Created as a new hypoallergenic dog breed during the 1990s in the United States, the Havashu is the gift that keeps on giving. Adventurous, intelligent, playful, and a friend to all, the Havashu certainly is a joy to have around. Also known as the Havatzu and Hava-Tzu, these adorable puppies are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and, as of 2021, they are among the most sought-after puppies in the United States.    

Havanese vs Havashu Overview Comparison

The Havanese and Havashu, although similar in name, have quite different backgrounds. The Havanese is a little canine aristocrat that has been enchanting dog lovers for hundreds of years, if not more. The Havashu is a young breed when it comes to history, having been around for a little over 30 years. Although they originated centuries apart, the Havanese and Havashu share a similar status when it comes to world fame, as both of these dogs are greatly loved. The Havanese dog is native to Cuba where it was raised among aristocrats and royalty whereas the Havashu is an American crossbreed designed for gorgeous looks and strong hypoallergenic qualities. Both of these dogs are favorites in the canine kingdom and although they are equally admired, only the Havanese is recognized by the American Kennel Club, with the Havashu yet to be defined as an eligible breed.  

Havanese vs Havashu Temperament

Havanese Temperament

The Havanese is a well-mannered little dog that loves to go on long walks, play with other dogs and kids, impress his owner with cute tricks, and nap the rest of the day on a lap. Truly a joyful addition to any family, the little Havanese puppies are nothing short of perfect. They are playful, bouncy, and very affectionate towards all family members. Some of their favorite activities include fetching, jumping from one lap to the next, going on adventures and treat hunts, and chasing their cute tails. Because the Hanavese dogs have always been companion pets throughout their long history, they retain their need to always be surrounded, cuddled, and doted on by their humans. They are fond of being involved in every family activity there is and they become so deeply attached that they seldom like to be parted from their humans. Although they are not considered an active breed, more towards moderately active, the Havanese dogs fit best with an owner that can take them out for an occasional sprint around an open field. Training a Havanese puppy is a breeze as these little fluffs of joy are quick learners with people-pleasing personalities and good performance skills. They are focused, happy to learn, and driven to impress their trainer in any way that they can.  

Havashu Temperament

The little Havashu dogs are speedy, happy, and ready for an adventure. These stunning little pooches are fans of dog sports, dog parks, dog games, and everything else dog. They love every fur-baby they meet and are quite fond of having fun. Although most dogs slow down after reaching a certain level of maturity, that is not the case with the bouncy little Havashu pups, as these adventure-seekers could go on forever. They love to be active both indoors and outdoors, and they will always be eager to join their humans on a hike. Some of their biggest hobbies include friendly dog chases, fetching, games of tag, hide-and-seek with treats, and discovering new places. They are also quite enthusiastic about being the center of attention since they are great performers of dog tricks and stunts. When it comes to their family, the Havashu puppies like to glue themselves to the hip and never let go. They become increasingly attached as they grow up and are generally very loyal. Training a Havashu puppy can at times be tricky as these pups prefer to zoom across the living room as opposed to standing still for class. With the proper motivation, like their favorite puppy treats or toys, the Havashu puppies become excellent students that want to learn and are driven to please.   

Havanese vs Havashu Temperament Comparison

The Havanese and Havashu are very similar when it comes to their personality. They both share a strong love for fun – games and adventures included, and they are both quite attached to their human family. Both of these dogs are great with kids and both make exceptional companion pets for many types of owners. Both the Havanese and Havashu are friendly, non-aggressive dogs that love to socialize and be part of their family’s daily routines. Although they are quite similar in many ways, there are a few key differences that make them stand out from one another. The Havanese is a tad easier to train, more relaxed, and a better candidate for therapy work, whereas the Havashu tends to be more active than the Havanese, a bit more stubborn when it comes to training, and a better candidate for watchdog duties.  

Havanese vs Havashu Appearance

Havanese Appearance

The Havanese are sporty little Toy dogs that impress with a friendly demeanor and a playful attitude. They are toy-sized with the average Havanese height being 9 to 12 inches and the average weight being 7 to 13 pounds for a full-grown Havanese. These little dogs have beautiful almond-shaped eyes, a sturdy-built body, cute floppy ears, a full muzzle, and a fluffy feathered tail. The Havanese coat is long, silky, and low-shedding, and can either be wavy or straight. The Havanese colors include white, black, silver, gray, blue, and brown, or combinations of these and other colors with various markings and patterns.  

The Havanese hypoallergenic coat sheds very little and this pooch is considered one of the best hypoallergenic dogs.  

Havashu Appearance

The Havashu dogs are petite, compact, and very warm-looking. They appear friendly and approachable, and they walk with a confident yet playful step. The Havashu size and weight can vary depending on which parent breed these dogs take after more. A full-grown Havashu stands at 8 to 12 inches tall and weighs between 7 to 15 pounds. These athletic little dogs have a cute short muzzle, a button nose, floppy ears, dark round eyes, and an adorable puffy tail. The Havashu sports a long silky coat that can be straight to wavy or sometimes curly, low-shedding, and gorgeous. The Havashu colors are most commonly black, white, gray, brown, cream, and sable, or various combinations of these and/or other colors. The Havashu has a low-shedding hypoallergenic coat and is also considered a great fit for those suffering from pet-related allergies.  

Havanese vs Havashu Appearance Comparison

The key difference between the two in terms of appearance is their breed standard. Although they share a similar height and weight, the Havanese, being recognized by the AKC, has a set breed standard, whereas the Havashu is yet to be defined in terms of aspect and features. As of yet, the Havashu dogs can resemble either parent in their genetic makeup. Because the Havanese is one of the Havashu’s parent breeds, they can at times look very similar. Other times, the Havashu may take after the Shih Tzu parent more or be a perfectly balanced combination of both.  

Havanese vs Havashu Comparison Conclusion

Although very similar in many aspects, the Havanese and Havashu each fit better with an owner that matches their energy and personality. With that in mind, we recommend the friendliest of dogs – aka Havanese puppy – to families with children, couples, and seniors looking for a loyal friend, and the spunky little adventurer Havashu puppy to families with kids and active couples and seniors looking for a fun companion to explore the world with.