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Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Comparison

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo - Doodle Comparison - Premier Pups
Published Thursday, August 5, 2021 by PremierPups

Choosing between doodles can sometimes seem like an impossible task, as there are so many pawrfect and unique Doodle Breeds out there. At Premier Pups, two of our most adorable small Doodle Breeds are the Maltipoo and the Yorkiepoo. If your choice comes down to Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo, here are a few things to consider that might help you with the decision.

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Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Overview

brown maltipoo with curly hair

Maltipoo Overview

The Maltipoo puppy, also referred to as Multipoo or Maltepoo, is a cross between a purebred Maltese and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle. The Maltipoo is a highly sought-after modern designer Doodle Breed. Maltipoos first appeared in the United States in the 1990s and attribute their worldwide popularity to their sweet nature, adoring behavior, and forever young puppy looks.

Black and Tan yorkipoo dog

Yorkipoo Overview

The Yorkiepoo puppy, also referred to as Yo-Yo Poo or Yorkie Doodle, is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle. The Yorkiepoo is a popular, modern, designer Doodle Breed. The Yorkiepoos originated in the United States a little over 20 years ago and attribute their popularity to their playful nature, spunky attitude, and stunning looks.

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Yorkipoo
Parent breeds Maltese, Poodle Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle
Place of origin US US
Date of origin 1990 2000
Purpose Companionship, hypoallergenic pet Companionship, hypoallergenic pet
Breed type Poodle mix, doodle breed Poodle mix, doodle breed
Other names Maltepoo, Multipoo, Maltese Poodle mix Yorkiedoodle, Yorkidoodle, Yorkie Poodke mix
Lifespan 10-14 years 10-15 years

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Temperament

happy maltipoo dog

Maltipoo Temperament

Maltipoos are gentle, friendly, cuddle-oriented dogs. They have a sweet playful nature, they are kind to everyone they meet, and are affectionate companion pets for children. Maltipoos love the center of attention and crave human interaction. They are natural-born comedians and stunt artists who love to entertain.

Maltipoo puppies are very intelligent, easy to train, and fast learning students. They have eager-to-please personalities; they love to bounce around, play and they are always cheerful. The Maltipoo is a calm, joyful family companion pet who loves to give cuddles and kisses and is known to form strong lifelong bonds with family members.

brown and black yorkipoo dog wearing an orange outfit

Yorkipoo Temperament

Yorkiepoos are confident, playful, and lively dogs. They have a friendly disposition and are highly devoted family dogs. Yorkiepoos get along great with other pets and are patient and playful with children of all ages. Yorkiepoos are agile, energetic, and adventurous; they excel at canine sports and love to accompany their family on hikes and trips.

Yorkiepoo puppies are sweet, bright, and easy to train; they are easily entertained by canine toys and games and are highly affectionate. The Yorkiepoo is a fiercely loyal and loving companion pet who loves to have fun and be surrounded by family members.

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Temperament Comparison

When it comes to comparing the Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo temperament, you will find that they are both quite amazing family companion pets. They are both highly affectionate, non-aggressive dogs who share in their love for playtime and cuddles. The Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo puppies are equally intelligent and easily trainable people pleasers. They have a sweet nature, a cheerful disposition, and a knack for tricks.

As for their differences, the Yorkiepoo is a bit more active, sporty, and adventure-oriented. The Maltipoo is calmer and more cuddle-oriented. The Yorkiepoo is generally energetic and requires more daily exercise than the Maltipoo. The athletic Yorkiepoo is a skilled performer in the canine sports arena, whereas the Maltipoo is a celebrated participant in the canine show ring.

Both the Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo crave human companionship and are prone to separation anxiety if not properly trained early on, with the Yorkiepoo being a tad more on the independent side. When it comes to strangers, the Yorkiepoos are more cautious and reserved, whereas the Maltipoos are more welcoming and will greet them with tail wiggles and kisses. Although they are both easily trainable, the Yorkiepoo tends to be a bit more stubborn and might require more praise and treat-based motivation.

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Yorkipoo
Good with kids Yes Yes
Training Easy Easy
Friendly Yes Yes, can be reserved around strangers/new people
Separation anxiety Independent Independent
Energy levels Moderately energetic, laid-back Energetic
Good for Families with children, single owners, seniors Active families, active owners, first-time owners
Barking Occasionally Occasionally

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Appearance

fluffy maltipoo dog with long hair

Maltipoo Appearance

The Maltipoo is a toy-sized dog with an average weight between 5 and 10 pounds with an average height between 9 to 12 inches. The Maltipoo sports a medium to long, soft fluffy coat. The Maltipoo coat can be cream, white, or silver and can vary from slightly wavy to curly. The Maltipoo exudes joy, has a happy demeanor, and resembles a little marshmallow.

black yorkie poo dog wearing a black and white dog outfit

Yorkipoo Appearance

The Yorkiepoo is a toy-sized dog with an average weight between 3 and 14 pounds with an average height between 7 to 15 inches.

The Yorkiepoo sports a long, soft silky coat that can vary from straight to wavy or curly and can come in a variety of colors and color combinations that include black, white, brown, red, apricot, sable, tan, gray, and silver with various patterns and markings. The Yorkiepoo is elegant and proud and has a confident friendly demeanor.

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Appearance Comparison

When comparing the Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo appearance, you will find that they are two adorable tiny dogs. They both have low-shedding coats with hypoallergenic qualities and are a great fit for people who suffer from pet-related allergies. When it comes to coat maintenance, both the Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo require daily brushing, with the Maltipoo requiring a more intense daily brush.

As for differences in appearance, the Yorkiepoo has a longer coat with a richer variety of coat colors.
Both the Maltipoo and Yorkiepoo can vary quite a bit in size, features, and coat length color and texture, depending on which parent breed they take after.

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Appearance Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Yorkipoo
Adult weight 5-10 pounds 3-14 pounds
Adult height 9-12 inches 7-15 inches
Coat type Curly, wavy Straight, wavy, curly
Colors White, cream, silver Black, white, red, apricot, gray, silver, tan, sable, brown
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Maltipoo vs Yorkipoo Comparison Conclusion

Choosing between the Maltipoo and the Yorkiepoo is a difficult task. They are sweet, affectionate, fun, and friendly dogs. They love to be surrounded by their family, are playful, and equally wonderful with children. We recommend the sporty Yorkiepoo puppy to families looking for a pup to join in family adventures and the cuddly Maltipoo puppy to families looking for an entertaining pup to share in fun family activities.

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Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic, Maltipoo or Yorkipoo? Both Maltipoos and Yorkipoos have a lively disposition, but the Yorkipoo, owing to its Yorkshire Terrier lineage, may display a tad more energy, especially during their puppy years.

Maltipoo or Yorkipoo, which barks more? Y Yorkipoos tend to be more vocal given their Yorkshire Terrier genes, which are known for their alertness and tendency to bark at unfamiliar sounds. Maltipoos can also be vocal but may not bark as much as a Yorkipoo. Proper training can curb excessive barking in both breeds.

Do Maltipoos have more separation anxiety than Yorkipoos? Both breeds can experience separation anxiety given their affectionate nature. However, it's relatively common for both breeds, especially if left alone for extended periods. Early training and socialization can help manage this trait.

Should I get a Maltipoo or a Yorkipoo? The choice should be based on individual preferences regarding temperament, size, and grooming needs. Both breeds are affectionate and make great companions.

Which is better, a Maltipoo or a Yorkipoo? "Better" is subjective. Both breeds have their unique charms. It depends on what characteristics you're looking for in a companion dog.

What is the lifespan of a Maltipoo vs. Yorkipoo? B Both breeds typically have a lifespan ranging from 12-15 years, depending on factors like genetics, care, diet, and overall health.

Are Maltipoos easier to train than Yorkipoos? Both breeds are intelligent due to their Poodle genes. While both are relatively easy to train, Maltipoos might be slightly more eager to please, making them slightly more trainable for first-time dog owners.

Do Maltipoos shed more than Yorkipoos? Both breeds are considered low shedders because of their Poodle lineage. However, individual shedding can vary. Regular grooming is essential for both to prevent matting and tangles.

Which is calmer, a Maltipoo or a Yorkipoo? Maltipoos generally have a more relaxed disposition compared to Yorkipoos. While Yorkipoos are also calm, they can display bursts of energy and playfulness.