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Pug Breed Information

Pugs are happy, gentle, and charming little dogs. Their personality is lively, their nature fun-loving, and their disposition affectionate. As even-tempered, sweet, and playful dogs, Pugs make wonderful playmates for kids of all ages and lovely companion pets for couples, singles, and seniors. These little joy bringers love to cuddle and are generous with their Pug love. When it comes to their family, Pugs attach like magnets. They are known to happily shadow their humans in every activity and are just as happy lazing on the couch all day as they are going for a long evening stroll around the neighborhood.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Regularly TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Courageous, Loving, Loyal, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 14-25 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 10-11 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs

Pug Characteristics

  • The Pug breed is a member of the American Kennel Club’s Toy Group since 1885
  • Gentle, playful, and docile, Pugs are very fond of children and they make fun playmates
  • Pug puppies are tiny, sweet, and bright. They are easy to train and socialize and they make ideal first pets for novice owners
  • Highly adaptable and easygoing, the Pug is comfortable in both small city apartments and large family homes
  • Pugs are highly sociable and friendly with other dogs, household pets, and strangers
  • Quiet yet courageous and vigilant, the Pug is a great watchdog  
  • Pugs and Pug puppies are goofy and amusing. They like to show off their funny antics and keep everyone entertained  
  • Easy to groom with low exercise needs, Pugs make excellent companion pets for families with children, couples, singles, and retirees
  • Eager to please and fond of their owners, Pug dogs and puppies are easy and fun to train 

Pug Breeders

Like people, the most critical moments in a puppy's life starts in the beginning. It truly takes a special breeder to assist with nourishing and raising an Pug puppy properly. Only the nation's best Pug breeders can provide the best quality of life. Here at Premier Pups, we work hand-in-hand with our breeders. Providing a safe, natural, comfortable, and healthy environment for the nursing mother and her baby is essential. We only align ourselves with Pug breeders whose standards are much higher than the rest. We spend consistent on-site time with our selected breeders and can undoubtedly say that our puppies come from a caring environment.

Pug Appearance

Pugs are small, hardy, and friendly-looking dogs. Their step is bouncy and playful and they carry themselves in a proud manner appearing happy and approachable. They have a unique appearance with their short dark muzzle (or mask), wrinkly face and body, and short curled tail.  

Pugs are sturdy-built muscular dogs. They have big round eyes that are sparkly and dark, rose or button ears, a short thick neck, and short strong legs. The Pug sports a double coat that is short, fine, and glossy, that can be either black or shades of fawn with a black muzzle or mask.  

As members of the Toy Group, Pugs stand at 10 to 11 inches tall and weigh between 14 to 25 pounds, with the female Pug a bit shorter and lighter.  

Pug Temperament

Pugs are even-tempered, gentle, and calm dogs that crave attention and are very fond of their pet parents and human siblings. They are hardy and don’t get hurt easily by playing with small children and they are neither jumpy nor aggressive. These dogs are generous in affection and they need the same in return. Many owners have reported that their Pug pets like to follow them everywhere and are always at the ready for a cuddle.  

Pugs are creatures of habit. They like to have a set routine and don’t fancy big changes, especially ones that involve them being without their people. They are at their happiest when they are surrounded by their human family, and that’s when they are most eager to show off their goofy tricks and have fun. Some of their favorite activities include pampering, cuddling, naps, belly rubs, and full-body massages. They also enjoy play dates at dog parks, games of fetch, and dog sports like obedience, agility, and rally.

Outgoing, curious, good-mannered, and toy-sized, Pugs are excellent travel companions. They are small enough to carry everywhere and they are more than happy to join their humans at work, shopping, and on vacations. 

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Pug History

Pugs are the little wrinkly sweethearts of dogdom and one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. They have been around for at least 2000 years and in that time they have been adoringly represented in art, sculptures, and literature, and even entered history as heroes. For over two millennia, the remarkable Pugs have never seen their popularity drop.  

Originally from Ancient China, these lovely dogs were the favored companion pets of Emperors and Empresses in the Chinese Dynasties. During ancient times, Pugs lived luxurious lives at Imperial courts where they were often dressed in the most fashionable garments, slept in the most luxurious chambers, and many claim that they even had personal guards and servants. It is also widely believed that Pugs could only be owned by royalty and the very rich as they were very hard to come by and could only be received as a regal gift of the highest order.  

Apart from their great popularity in the Chinese Empires, Pugs were also the favorite pets of Tibetan monks and European royalty. They traveled from China to Europe during the 16th century alongside Dutch traders who referred to them as Mopshond. In Holland, Pugs became the official dog of The House of Orange after a Pug saved the soon-to-be-king from foreign invaders by alerting to their presence. Queen Victoria was also a great fan of the breed, owning quite a few Pugs herself.  

The Pug dogs were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and in 1931 the Pug Dog Club of America was founded.