Birth Date 4/26/2021
Gender Female
Current Weight 4lb 3oz
Est Adult Weight 10-16 lbs
Registry n/a
Vaccinations Up-To-Date On All Shots
Vet Inspection 6/22/2021

This designer breed is a cross between a Havanese and a Miniature or Toy Poodle, the Havapoo also known as the Poovanese or Havadoodle, inherits traits from both parent breeds, resulting in a unique canine with a beautiful appearance and wonderful personality. Their ideal size and eagerness to please make them a wonderful companion dog and a perfect family pet.

Appearance and Grooming

Not all Havapoos will look the same, some may favor their Poodle genes and others may inherit a Havanese look, but most will exhibit a good mixture of both. With a small round head and dark eyes, their ears will be floppy and fall down onto their cheeks. They have a beautiful thick hypoallergenic coat that can be kept medium or long in length and can appear wavy or curly, depending on which parent breed the pup favors the most. The most interesting thing about this breeds coat is that it can come in sixteen different color mixes, more than most any other breed. The most common litters include black and blue, silver, chocolate, white, fawn, silver and gold, apricot, blue, brown, gray and cream.


If you’re looking for a charismatic, friendly and energetic family dog; the Havapoo should certainly be at the top of your list. Some Hava Poos will exhibit extrovert behaviors, while others can be docile and cuddly, enjoying most of the time staying close to their families.  However, their trusting attitude and incredible sensitivity to voices does not make them a very effective watchdog.

Family and Companionship

This sweet little pooch is well-suited for most all families due to its child friendly nature and happy and playful disposition. Like most small dogs, the Havapoo can adapt to a large family home or small apartment. It is as playful as it is cuddly. This puppy will be just as happy curled up on your lap as they are socializing with other people and animals.


Their curiosity mixed together with their sociable nature means that you can expect to spend a good amount of time out on a daily walk. Expect to walk upwards of 60 minutes per day as the charming little pups will want to get to know everyone they see-people and animals alike. When at home, you can keep them busy with lots of toys and games that activate their intelligent minds.

Training and Socialization

When it comes to training, this puppy is extremely similar to its Poodle parent thus making training a breeze. With the right amount of coaxing and praise it shouldn’t take much time at all. As with any pup, always focus on positive reinforcement and rewards based training. Focusing on negative reinforcement and punishment will make for a nervous and anxious pet.



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Date: 8/10/2020
Name: Wrigley (formerly Chewy)
Breed: Havapoo
Client: Renee and Ryan
Loc: Waynesville, OH

We've had Wrigley just over 3 months already! He's been the perfect addition to our family. We were very nervous about the online purchase, but we could not be happier that we made the decision to go with Premier Pups! We had a few hiccups on the way home with car sickness, but the team at Premier Pups were always available and ready to help us through the first few days and get him back to eating the kibble. A check up with our vet after a few days confirmed how we were feeling about Premier Pups- we had the perfect healthy puppy! The best thing about purchasing Wrigley with Premier Pups was that he came home so well socialized, we could tell he came from a home that cared for him and loved him as much as we do! Thank you Premier Pups!

Date: 6/3/2021
Name: Trulli
Breed: Havapoo
Client: Daniela Guarino
Loc: Manalapan, Florida

Trulli, formerly Sangria, has been the absolute light and energy of our home. She has been doing so well, as she sleeps through the night already and has only had one accident in the house, and she has only been here a week! Premier Pups did a great job with the detailed instructions and helpful meds to make sure she was healthy and happy. She is more than we could’ve every hoped for, she is energetic and intelligent, and just the cutest thing alive. We’re so glad we decided to go with Premier Pups!

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