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Havapoo vs Havachon Comparison

Havapoo vs Havachon - Complete Comparison - Premier Pups
Published Thursday, January 6, 2022 by PremierPups

The Havapoo and the Havachon are two amazing small dog breeds with big and beautiful personalities. Each of them has impressive learning skills, a strong passion for games and interactions, and a great deal of affection to spoil their owners with. They are equally loving and kind, and they both love to make new friends on their daily walks. There are also a few differences between the Havapoo and the Havachon that stand out. In this breed comparison, you will find everything there is to know about the two, along with their similarities, differences, and unique traits. The Havapoo is a Havanese Poodle mix and the Havachon is a Havanese Bichon Frise mix. Read on to find out which Havanese mix makes the perfect addition to your family.  

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Havapoo vs Havachon Overview

havapoo puppy playing with a dog toy

Havapoo Overview

Always happy and ready for a game of fetch, the  Havapoo puppy has been charming dog lovers with its upbeat personality for over three decades. The Havapoo mix is a crossbreed of a purebred Havanese and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle dog. Although these cute mixed puppies have only been around since the 90s, they have managed to impress the world with their amazing portfolio of qualities. Havapoos are hypoallergenic, very smart, agile, easily trainable, and very loving of their owners. They were first bred in the United States by professional Havapoo breeders and have since become one of the most popular small doodle dog breeds worldwide. The Havapoo mix is also known as Poovanese, Havanese Poodle mix, and Havadoodle.

The Havapoo puppy’s parents, the Poodle and the Havanese, have been immensely popular since they first appeared centuries ago. Both the Poodle and the Havanese have excellent hypoallergenic qualities, impressive intelligence, and friendly personalities. They were both selected for the doodle mix in hopes of creating a new dog breed that would inherit their remarkable shared and individual qualities.  

gray and white havachon dog

Havachon Overview

A truly gorgeous designer dog, the Havachon merits its ever-growing fame to its adorable appearance and darling nature. Originally from the United States, the Havachon puppy is believed to have emerged at the start of the 21st century when the demand for designer dogs was at its peak. The Havachon puppy is a stunning small designer dog breed that has a purebred Havanese parent and a purebred Bichon Frise parent.

This beautiful little designer puppy is playful, brilliantly smart, hypoallergenic, and affectionate beyond measure. Its parents, the Havanese and the Bichon Frise, are both members of the Bichon/Barbichon family. They are old breeds in Dogdom and among the most popular dogs for companionship. Both the Havanese and the Bichon Frise are known to have excellent hypoallergenic qualities, high intelligence, and ideal temperaments for therapy work, traits which they pass on to the Havachon mix.

The Havachon puppy is often referred to as the Frise Havanese puppy and the Havanese Bichon mix puppy.  

Havapoo vs Havachon Overview Comparison

The Havapoo and the Havachon are both originally from the United States where they were bred between 1990 and 2000. Although they appeared almost a decade apart, both the Havapoo and the Havachon were just as quick to travel from the United States to other countries and continents, and to rise to popularity. Both the Havapoo and Havachon were created for greater diversity in looks, better health, and stronger hypoallergenic qualities.

While they do share a Havanese breed parent, their second parent is the one that brings noticeable differences to the mixes. The Poodle (both Miniature and Toy size) is an energetic, fun-loving dog that comes with keen intelligence and strong loyalty for the Havapoo mix puppy to inherit. The Bichon Frise is a more relaxed dog compared to the Poodle, but with just as much love for games and fun.  

Havapoo vs Havachon Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Havapoo Havachon
Parent breeds Havanese, Poodle Havanese, Bichon Frise
Place of Origin US US
Date of Origin 1990 2000
Purpose Hypoallergenic pet, companionship Hypoallergenic pet, companionship
Breed type Poodle mix, doodle breed Designer dog, hybrid
Other names Poovanese, Havadoodle Frise Havanese
Lifespan 12-15 years 12-15 years

Havapoo vs Havachon Temperament

adult havapoo dog sitting on a chair

Havapoo Temperament

Havapoos are happy dogs that prance on happy paws all day long. These beautiful small dogs love games and sports and are great at making friends. When it comes to their temperament, Havapoos have what we all want our dogs to have – calmness, patience, friendliness, and catchy joy. The cute Havapoos are well behaved in both puppyhood and adulthood. They don’t show signs of aggression, shyness, reservedness, or any type of territorial behavior.

Given their adventurous nature, these little dogs make great companion pets for those who love the outdoors. Games of Frisbee, fetching, running, swimming, hiking, and chasing, are among these dogs’ favorite activities. Another great quality these dogs possess is their independence. Although most puppies can be taught to entertain themselves when their owners aren't around, the Havapoo dogs have this quality naturally. Training them is also a fun and easy thing to do. Havapoo puppies inherit their high intelligence and eagerness to please from both of their parents and are famously known for being quick learners.  

small havachon puppy sitting on a dog bed

Havachon Temperament

Havachons are fun, lovey-dovey dogs that thrive in a happy and loving environment. Kids are their favorite friends and cuddles are their favorite activity. Havachon puppies come fully equipped to impress their owners from day one. They are incredibly smart and passionate about learning, and they exude joy with every bouncy step.

Families with small children, single owners, and seniors make the ideal pet parents for these beautiful dogs. Havachons are well-balanced dogs when it comes to their temperament. They not only possess attentiveness and calmness, but they are also quite capable of remaining composed during trying situations. Training Havachon puppies should be an effortless and fun activity as long as treats are involved.

These little munchkins love a good reward, whether it’s a belly rub, praise, or a delicious puppy-friendly treat. When it comes to their owners, Havachon puppies will glue themselves to the hip and crave to remain there as long as possible. These dogs don’t do well in solitude. They are social beings that love the presence of another. Their owners leaving is not something they accept easily.    

Havapoo vs Havachon Temperament Comparison

Between the Havapoo and the Havachon, qualities are endless. They are both good dogs with even temperaments that behave well around others. Among the most impressive qualities they share are their keen intelligence, friendliness, strong affection for people, and kindness. Neither is known to be shy or aggressive, and both love social interactions.

As for their differences, the first thing that stands out between the Havapoo and the Havachon is their energy. Although both fit the moderately active category, the Havapoo is known to be a bit more energetic than the Havachon. Havapoos love the outdoors where they can roam around freely and chase their favorite four-legged friends. Havachons, on the other hand, although passionate themselves about going on trips and adventures, are more driven towards family games and low intensity activities.

Another difference between the two is how they respond to being left alone. Both the Havapoo and the Havachon can be trained to be more independent but, as far as their nature goes, the Havapoo is more naturally inclined to be independent. Havachons tend to be more attached to their owners and don’t take well to being on their own for very long.

Havapoo vs Havachon Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Havapoo Havachon
Good with kids Yes Yes
Training Very easy Easy
Friendly Yes Yes
Separation anxiety Independent May develop separation anxiety
Energy levels Moderate to high energy Moderately energetic
Good for Outdoor lovers, active owners, families Families, seniors, single owners
Barking Occasionally Occasionally

Havapoo vs Havachon Appearance

brown havapoo puppy sitting in a dog basket

Havapoo Appearance

Havapoo dogs are teddy-bear look-alikes that charm with a friendly expression and an ever-wagging tail. These adorable doodle dogs have round faces, dark round eyes, small dark-colored noses, and cute floppy ears. Their tails are always worn upwards, and their coats are either curly or wavy. The Havapoo size can have slight variations between individuals but will mostly average 9 to 12 inches in height and 8 to 12 pounds in weight.

As a mixed breed, the Havapoo can appear with various features from both of its parents. It can take after its Poodle parent and sport tight curls and a longer muzzle, or after its Havanese parent and appear with a fluffier coat and a more rounded face. Color combinations, patterns, markings, and shades can also hold great variety since these little canines are a mixed breed. The Havapoo colors are black, white, chocolate, cream, silver, gray, golden, blue, fawn, and apricot.  

Havana, a Havachon puppy from Foxboro, MA

Havachon Appearance

Havachons are splendid little designer dogs that enchant with their fluffiness, joyous expression, and cuddly appearance. These designer pups sport a beautiful blend of features from both of their parents. Their coats are long, luxurious, silky, and fluffy, and their eyes are expressive and dark-colored. Their little noses are diamond shaped and dark-colored, and their ears are floppy and slightly rounded at the tip.

As a crossbreed, the Havachon can sport a coat with varying textures. Generally, an adult Havachon dog will appear with a slightly wavy coat texture, although straight and curly textures are also possible. The Havachon size can also have a few variations between pups in the same litter, as it is with most crossbreeds. A full-grown Havachon will reach an average of 9 to 12 inches in height and weight between 10 and 15 pounds. The Havachon colors include white, black, tan, cream, golden, silver, gray, blue, and shades of brown. 

Havapoo vs Havachon Appearance Comparison

Although they share a Havanese parent breed, the Havapoo and Havachon appear quite different. The Havapoo is smaller, toy-like in stature and lighter while the Havachon tends to be a little heavier and possibly taller. Their color patterns are also quite different. Havachons are usually seen with the same markings as their Havanese parents, while Havapoos are more often seen with solid coats similar to that of their Poodle parent. Havapoos also tend to come in a curlier, denser coat, while Havachons are more likely to sport a wavy-textured, silky coat.

Havapoo vs Havachon Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table  

Breed Havapoo Havachon
Adult height 8 to 12 pounds 10 to 15 pounds
Adult weight 9 to 12 inches 9 to 12 inches
Coat type Curly, wavy Wavy
Colors Black, white, cream, chocolate, fawn, silver, apricot, gray, golden White, black, tan, cream, golden, silver, blue, gray, brown
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Havapoo vs Havachon Comparison Conclusion

The Havapoo and Havachon are, without a doubt, two of the most adorable crossbreeds ever created. These little bundles of joy are beautifully equipped with an abundance of qualities. They are highly trainable, responsive to their owners, good with children, sweet towards everyone they meet, and very loving of their humans. But, as no two dogs are the same, the Havapoo and Havachon each come with their individual wants and needs that dictate what type of owner is ideal for them.

Our sweet Havachon puppies love companionship more than anything and will thrive in a setting where a family member is always at their side. Seniors, retirees, families with small children, and couples are an excellent match for Cavachon puppies. The more adventurous Havapoo puppies crave a life of fun games and lots of outings. These petite puppies are best suited for single owners, families with older children, and active seniors.  

Elena R.

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Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic, Havapoo or Havachon? Both the Havapoo and Havachon possess a spirited and energetic nature. However, Havapoos, with the influence of the Poodle genetics, might display slightly higher energy levels. On the other hand, Havachons also tend to be active and playful.

Havapoo or Havachon, which barks more? Havapoos may occasionally bark if they want attention or sense strangers. Havachons, with the mix of Havanese and Bichon traits, may lean towards barking for alerts. The barking tendencies can vary within individual dogs, but neither breed is excessively yappy by nature.

Do Havapoos have more separation anxiety than Havachons? Both breeds can develop separation anxiety due to their deep attachment to their families. It's essential to train and socialize them early to prevent this issue. The risk is quite comparable in both breeds.

Should I get a Havapoo or a Havachon? Your choice boils down to personal preference. If you're inclined towards a Poodle mix with hypoallergenic traits, a Havapoo might be your pick. If you prefer the combination of Havanese and Bichon characteristics, then the Havachon could be your choice.

Which is better, a Havapoo or a Havachon? Neither breed is "better" in a general sense. It depends on your living environment, personal preferences, and the qualities you're looking for in a pet.

What is the lifespan of a Havapoo vs. Havachon? Both breeds typically enjoy a lifespan ranging from 12-15 years, contingent on various factors like genetics, health, and overall care.

Are Havapoos easier to train than Havachons? Both breeds are intelligent and generally responsive to training. Consistency and positive reinforcement make the training process relatively smooth for both.

Do Havapoos shed more than Havachons? Thanks to the Poodle genes, Havapoos often have hypoallergenic, low-shedding coats. Havachons, with the influence of the Bichon's curly coat, also tend to be low shedders.

Which is calmer, a Havapoo or a Havachon? Both breeds display a jovial and playful disposition. Individual temperaments can widely vary, but in general, both breeds can be calm and affectionate, especially in a loving environment.