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Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Comparison

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle – Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, October 27, 2021 by PremierPups

Charming personalities, wonderful set of skills, and incredible looks, all in America’s favorite doodle dogs – meet the Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle. These two fur-babies are playful, loving, smart, and a delightful treat for pet parents and kids. Cuddles and dog games are their passion and they are known to be quite loyal to their humans. Whether you want to adopt a puppy for snuggles, affection, or hiking adventures, we guarantee that whichever one you choose, you will have a joyful new family member.  

Which one is better? The Mini Labradoodle or the Mini Bernedoodle? Although we don’t believe that one is better than the other (as they are equally perfect in our eyes), we do believe that each fits better with certain owners and lifestyles. Read on to learn more about their similarities and differences, personalities, looks and features, and find out which one is the right dog for you.  

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Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Overview

Mini Labradoodle Overview

A sunny little dog that loves to be around its people and partake in every outdoor adventure, the Mini Labradoodle makes for a fun companion pet. Mini Labradoodle puppies are a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Miniature Poodle. They have been around for a few decades and never fail to impress with the abundance of qualities they possess. Mini Labradoodle puppies are fluffy, bouncy, happy, and playful. Taking after both of their parents, they display great interest in training as well as kindness, friendliness, and loyalty. Adoringly referred to as “the world’s most loving dog”, the Miniature Labradoodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, Europe, and Australia.  

Mini Bernedoodle Overview

One of the sweetest dogs on earth, the Mini Bernedoodle enchants dog lovers with cuddly teddy bear looks, a merry disposition, and great passion for cuddles. A cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle, the Mini Bernedoodle puppies make for perfect little family dogs. These fluffy puppies are renowned for their playful nature and friendliness. They inherit the easygoing nature of their Bernese Mountain dog parent and the high intelligence of their Poodle parent. Mini Bernedoodle puppies are receptive to training, fond of attention, and fans of human interactions. Commonly referred to as Mini Bernese Poodle, Mini Berniedoodle, and Mini Bernadoodle, the Mini Bernedoodle is considered one of the best dogs for kids and a highly popular doodle breed.  

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Overview Comparison

Two petite dogs that display adoring behavior, great intelligence, and immense affection towards their humans, the Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle are certainly a delightful treat for dog lovers worldwide. Designed to inherit the most desirable traits their parent breeds have to offer, these two doodle crossbreeds come with hypoallergenic qualities, gorgeous looks, and a mountain of love to give. Although their origins are miles and decades apart, with the Mini Bernedoodle originating from Canada in 2003 and the Mini Labradoodle originating from Australia around the 1970s, both of these doodle breeds are considered the most popular dogs in the United States today. The Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle share a Miniature Poodle parent. The Poodle is recognized as the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, a trait that is passed down to both Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle puppies making them highly trainable and eager to learn.  

The Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle are both known for their three generations:  

  • F1 Mini Labradoodle – a first-generation Mini Labradoodle – when a puppy is half Labrador and half Mini Poodle
  • F1b Mini Labradoodle – a second-generation Mini Labradoodle – when a puppy has an F1 Mini Goldendoodle parent and a Miniature Poodle parent
  • F2 Mini Labradoodle – a third-generation Mini Labradoodle – when a puppy has two Mini Labradoodle parents


  • F1 Mini Bernedoodle – a first-generation Mini Bernedoodle – when a puppy is half Bernese Mountain Dog and half Mini Poodle
  • F1b Mini Bernedoodle – a second-generation Mini Bernedoodle – when a puppy has an F1 Mini Bernedoodle parent and a Miniature Poodle parent
  • F2 Mini Bernedoodle – a third-generation Mini Bernedoodle – when a puppy has two Mini Bernedoodle parents   

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Temperament

Mini Labradoodle Temperament

A sweet and charismatic little dog, the Mini Labradoodle has an even temper and a caring disposition. As a mix between two naturally well-behaved dogs, Mini Labradoodles lack any trace of aggression or shyness. They are friendly towards everyone they meet from strangers to cats and other dogs, and are quite fond of interacting with children. When it comes to their people, these dogs are completely devoted, loyal, and very loving. They connect and form strong bonds with their owners and thrive when they are included in all of their human’s activities. Passionate about going on hikes, trips, and active outings, Mini Labradoodles make excellent exercise partners. They love joining their owners on morning jog routines and bike runs and are quite eager to take on any kind of adventures. Training Mini Labradoodle puppies is as easy as loving them as all they want to do is please and impress their humans. Their intelligence and receptiveness to lessons make them amazing puppy students.  

Mini Bernedoodle Temperament

Calm, kind, and happy, the Mini Bernedoodle impresses with an ideal temperament. Although the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle are somewhat different when it comes to their personalities, they do pass on an amazing combination of qualities and features to the Mini Bernedoodle puppies. Mini Bernedoodles are sweet and cuddly dogs that love to be with their humans most of all. They enjoy the occasional short hike, swims, and quick runs, but they are mostly relaxed dogs that fit best in a laid-back environment. Neither aggressive nor territorial, and with excellent social skills, Mini Bernedoodles are friends to everyone. They are exceptional with children, open towards meeting new people, and ideal for multi-pet households. Training Mini Bernedoodle puppies should be easy as they love attention and treats in equal measure. Although they sometimes lose interest in training when they prefer playing instead of learning, they are easily brought back on track with fun training methods and proper motivation. Identifying their moods and acting on them works best with these puppies.  

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Temperament Comparison

The Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle share a mountain of remarkable qualities and desirable features but they also have quite a few differences. The key aspect that stands out when comparing the two breeds is their energy. Mini Labradoodles are energetic dogs that love to be active whereas Mini Bernedoodles are more laid-back and prefer a relaxed lifestyle. Because they are both driven to please their owners, they can easily tailor themselves to their owners’ needs and, as such, they can both adapt to either type of lifestyle. A slight difference can also be seen in training them as puppies. Mini Labradoodle puppies are much more eager to learn and more focused on pleasing, while Mini Bernedoodle puppies are more focused on receiving attention and less compliant without proper motivation. Although they are both known to attach to their humans like velcro, Mini Labradoodles and Mini Bernedoodles deal quite differently when left alone. The Mini Labradoodle is of a more independent nature and can be left alone for a few hours each day without the risk of destructive behavior. The Mini Bernedoodle on the other hand is not at all fond of being without its humans and might suffer from separation anxiety.  

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Appearance

Mini Labradoodle Appearance

The Mini Labradoodle is an absolutely gorgeous dog that combines features from both the Labrador and the Poodle breeds. Mini Labradoodles are small to medium-sized dogs that appear happy, friendly, and athletic. Their step is playful and confident and they sport lovely traits from both parents. Mini Labradoodle dogs have a sturdy-built athletic body, dark soulful eyes, adorable floppy ears, and a long feathered tail. Their appearance is that of a cuddly, playful, and sporty dog. Their coats can be straight to wavy or curly depending on which parent breed they take after more. Mini Labradoodle colors include white, black, apricot, red, tan, golden, silver, gray, cream, chocolate, or brown. The Miniature Labradoodle sheds very little and is considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. A full-grown Mini Labradoodle weight is between 16 to 25 pounds with an average height of 14 to 17 inches. The F1b Mini Labradoodle is smaller in size and has better hypoallergenic qualities.  

Mini Bernedoodle Appearance

The Mini Bernedoodle appearance is that of a small cuddly, warm, and sweet dog. Combining stunning traits from both of their parents, the Mini Bernedoodle dogs sports a very unique look. They have a compact, well-built body, a gorgeous round face, dark oval eyes, a dark button nose, and cute hanging ears. Their fluffy coats can be straight to wavy or curly and with patterns and markings resembling that of their Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Mini Bernedoodle colors are black, brown, and white. These mini doodles are known to shed very little and are a hypoallergenic dog breed. The size and weight of a full grown Mini Bernedoodle can vary depending on which breed they take after more. The Mini Bernedoodle weight can vary between 20 to 50 pounds and their height ranges from 13 to 22 inches. An F1b Mini Bernedoodle is much smaller than an F1 Mini Bernedoodle and has more hypoallergenic qualities.    

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Appearance Comparison

The Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle are quite different in terms of looks. The Mini Labradoodle coat can come in a variety of colors (solid or particolored) with possible patterns, marking, and color combinations. The Mini Bernedoodle coat is a combination of colors, markings, and patterns pertaining to the Bernese Mountain dog. The Mini Labradoodle appears more athletic while the Mini Bernedoodle sports a cuddlier look. When it comes to size and weight, the Mini Labradoodle is smaller and lighter than the Mini Bernedoodle.   

Mini Labradoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle Comparison Conclusion

Although different in many ways, the Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle both make fantastic companions. They are both stunning, joyful and good dogs. Training them is easy, as is loving them. The Mini Labradoodle and Mini Bernedoodle are great with kids, fun, cuddly, and very loyal. Although they both love their humans dearly and can adapt to either lifestyle, we believe that each fits best with certain owners. The Mini Labradoodle is a great fit for those that need to be away from home for a few hours each day and don’t want to worry about any destructive behavior their dog might indulge in. Mini Labradoodle puppies are also a great fit for active families that have kids, for active singles, and active retirees. The Mini Bernedoodle is a much better fit for an owner that is home most of the time as this dog might suffer when alone. The Mini Bernedoodle puppies are also an excellent fit for families with children, couples, singles, and seniors leading a laid-back lifestyle.