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Poochon vs Shih Poo Comparison

Poochon vs Shih Poo: Breed Comparison - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, December 29, 2021 by PremierPups

If you love small doodle breeds and want to add a fluffy and cute puppy to your family, we have just the right candidates. Meet the Poochon and Shih Poo designer doodles. They are among our favorite doodle puppies here at Premier Pups. The Poochon and Shih Poo dogs are smart, happy, and ready to love you to the moon and back. They enjoy games, cuddles, and attention, and they are more than happy to keep busy while you’re away at work. Read on to learn more about where they come from, what they’re like, and why only one might be a good fit for your family.

A puppy’s love is a pure thing and, here at Premier Pups, we aim to give our loving puppies the forever homes they deserve. Our specialized team of Puppy Agents is here to help you with the choosing process to make sure your new pup fits right in with your family.       

Poochon vs Shih Poo Overview

cute poochon adult dog

Poochon Overview

The lovely Poochon puppies, or Bichpoo puppies as some like to call them, are a crossbreed of a Bichon Frise and a Miniature or Toy-sized Poodle. Purebred Bichons and Poodles were first intentionally mixed to create the sweet Poochon puppy back in 1990 in Australia. As both the Bichon Frise and the Poodle are among the few dog breeds that can be owned by allergy sufferers risk free, Poochon breeders set out to create a new hypoallergenic hybrid breed that would possess better health and more qualities.

Despite them being very young in the world of dog breeds, the Poochon puppies are well-loved all over the world. They are among our fan-favorite doodle dogs here at Premier Pups and among Australia’s most loved puppies.  

tricolor shih poo dog

Shih Poo Overview

If you love Shih Tzu dogs and small Poodles, the Shih Poo puppies will undoubtedly charm you. The Shih Poo puppy was first bred in the United States at the beginning of the 21st century and has since been dubbed one of the most amazing crossbreeds of all time. By crossing a Poodle with a Shih Tzu, you get a puppy with improved health, enhanced qualities, and a truly beautiful personality.

Shih Poo puppies are intelligent, affectionate, independent, and playful. They don’t mind watching the house when you’re at work, and they’re a sweet cuddly treat to have around. The Shih Poo is also a hypoallergenic dog breed that doesn’t produce as much dander as other dogs and is safe to be owned (and cuddled) by people with allergies.  

Poochon vs Shih Poo Overview Comparison

The Poochon and the Shih Poo are both Poodle crossbreeds that were created with the same idea in mind – to enchant the world with unique looks, better hypoallergenic qualities, and better health. Despite coming from different continents, the Poochon and Shih Poo have toured the world and are now the proud fur-babies of dog lovers everywhere. Although the Poochon appeared a decade before the Shih Poo puppy, they both enjoy a similar popularity status.  

Poochon vs Shih Poo Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Poochon Shih Poo
Parent breeds Poodle, Bichon Frise Shih Tzu, Poodle
Place of origin Australia US
Date of origin 1990 2000
Purpose Companionship, hypoallergenic pet Companionship, hypoallergenic pet
Breed type Poodle mix, doodle breed Poodle mix, doodle breed
Other names Bichpoo Shih Tzu poo, Shoodle, Shi doodle
Lifespan 12-15 years 10-15 years

Poochon vs Shih Poo Temperament

small poochon dog

Poochon Temperament

Poochon puppies and Poochon adults have excellent personalities to impress their families with. They are calm, attentive dogs that have plenty of patience and love to give. Poochon puppies might indulge in some mischief as all young puppies tend to do, but they are neither destructive nor aggressive. They are fond of kids big and small, and they love having other four-legged siblings in the house.

Training these energetic puppies is effortless. They are happy to execute any command as long as they have their trainer’s undivided attention. Because the Poodle is one of their parents, Poochon puppies come with higher intelligence compared to other dogs.

As adults, Poochons grow up to be naturally sociable and well-behaved, even without prior training. They don’t react negatively to being left alone and are kind towards everyone they meet. When it comes to hobbies, Poochon dogs have a mile-long list of favorite things to do. They love visiting new places, playing dog sports like football and Frisbee, going for summer swims, and socializing with their friends at the neighborhood park. If you’re ready for an adventure-filled lifestyle, the Poochon puppy is the right match for you.  

full grown shih poo dog sitting on grass

Shih Poo Temperament

Shih Poo dogs are just as sweet as they are beautiful. They love doting on their humans and are passionate about games and adventures. Energetic, happy, and ready for long walks, the Shih Poo puppies make excellent companions for outdoorsy people.

If you’re looking for a bundle of joy to cheer you up and spoil you with unconditional love, the Shih Poo is the right doodle dog for you. Shih Poos are fantastic dogs, especially when it comes to their skills and qualities. They make remarkable therapy dogs and excellent entertainers. Although they can be a little bit stubborn as puppies, they compensate for it with their generous affection.

Shih Poos love attention, possibly even more than they love their food. They enjoy long cuddles and are immensely fond of being pampered. If not introduced to other dogs when they are still puppies, these doodles can become a bit jealous and territorial. They crave their owner's attention and sharing it with others doesn’t seem too appealing to them. Shih Poo dogs thrive in a home where they are the sole attention magnet. Although they crave companionship just as much as anyone, they are not an overly dependent breed.  

Poochon vs Shih Poo Temperament Comparison

Poochons and Shih Poos are amazing dogs that display several wonderful qualities. They are smart, loving, completely lovable, independent and fun. Both the Shih Poo and the Poochon can adapt easily to any type of environment and lifestyle.  

As far as their differences are concerned, the first thing that stands out between them is their energy. Although they are both energetic dogs, the Poochon tends to be more athletic and driven towards an active lifestyle compared to the Shih Poo.  

Training them as puppies also comes with a few differences. Generally, all puppies have a level of stubbornness, especially when it comes to training. Some are more eager and open, while others tend to lose focus more easily if their rewards are not motivating enough. Between Poochon puppies and Shih Poo puppies, Poochons are the more receptive and eager ones to learn and follow commands. Shih Poos don’t have the same attention span and are generally more easily distracted.  

Another aspect that sets these puppies apart is their willingness to accept other dogs. Although both the Poochon and the Shih Poo are friendly dogs, Poochons are more accepting of others, while Shih Poos prefer to be the only fur-babies of the house. 

Poochon vs Shih Poo Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Poochon Shih Poo
Good with kids Yes Yes
Training Easy Easy, can be stubborn
Friendly Yes Yes
Separation anxiety Independent Independent
Energy levels Moderate to high energy Energetic
Good for Families with children, active owners, first-time owners Families with older kids, active owners, experienced owners
Barking Occasionally Occasionally

Poochon vs Shih Poo Appearance

poochon dog sitting in a car

Poochon Appearance

Poochon dogs are a gorgeous blend of a Bichon Frise and a small Poodle. As both of their parents are curly-haired dog breeds, you can expect your little Poochon to sport the same textured coat. The Poochon size can be the same as either parent or an average of both. Generally, an adult Poochon will grow between 9 and 15 inches tall and weigh from 6 to 17 pounds.

Because these dogs are a crossbreed of two different breeds, they can inherit certain traits from each of their parents. They have an athletic build, a wavy to curly coat, dark eyes, a rounded face, and a nicely curled tail. Poochon colors are white, blue, black, tan, and apricot, which can come in a solid pattern or combinations of two or more.  

tricolor shih poo with wavy coat

Shih Poo Appearance

Shih Poos have an amazing appearance that speaks to the beauty of both Shih Tzus and Poodles. The Shih Poo doodle dogs display affection and confidence with every step they take. The Shih Poo size can vary from toy to small depending on the size of the Poodle that is used in the crossbreed. Generally, a full-grown Shih Poo adult will weigh between 8 to 18 pounds and stand at 8 to 17 inches tall.

As the offspring of very dissimilar breeds, the Shih Poo can sport a variety of coat textures and features. Their hair texture can be straight, wavy, or curly, depending on which parent they take after more. Generally, a Shih Poo dog will have a wavy-textured coat, a beautiful, fanned tail, dark round eyes, and adorable hanging ears. Shih Poo colors include, but are not limited to white, gray, black, brown, brindle, and apricot.  

Poochon vs Shih Poo Appearance Comparison

When comparing the appearance of Poochons and Shih Poos, there are a few aspects that stand out. Because they are both crossbreeds of different-looking dogs, their appearance can vary even in the same breed litter. That being said, Poochons take after their Poodle parent more with a curly coat and Poodle-like features. Shih Poos, on the other hand, are a perfectly balanced combination of both of their parents, sporting a wavy-textured coat and a blend of Poodle and Shih Tzu features.  

Some features that these dogs have in common include a beautifully curled tail and adorable floppy ears that hang near their cute faces.  

Poochon vs Shih Poo Appearance Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Poochon Shih Poo
Adult weight 6-17 pounds 9-18 pounds
Adult height 9-15 inches 8-17 inches
Coat type Curly, wavy Straight, wavy, curly
Colors White, black, tan, blue, apricot Brown, apricot, gray, white, black, brindle, cream
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Poochon vs Shih Poo Comparison Conclusion

When comparing the Poochon and Shih Poo, we believe it’s safe to say that they are both equally perfect. Choosing between these two bundles of joy would be impossible if there weren’t any important differences between them. Luckily, the Poochon and Shih Poo are quite different, which makes our job of matching them with an ideal owner a tad easier.

With that in mind, we would recommend the Poochon to a family with children, couples that have multiple pets, and folks that love adventures on weekends. Poochons would also be an excellent puppy for a first-time owner. We feel that the Shih Poo would be a much better fit for an owner or family that has the time and disposition to dote on this beautiful dog. Seniors, retirees, and couples are also an excellent match for the lovely Shih Poo.  

Elena R.

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Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic: Poochon or Shih Poo? Both Poochons and Shih Poos have a moderate to high energy level due to their Poodle heritage. However, Poochons might be slightly more playful and vivacious, while Shih Poos can be a tad more relaxed but still keen on regular playtimes.

Poochon or Shih Poo, which barks more? Both breeds can be somewhat vocal, especially when they want attention or sense unfamiliar stimuli. While Poochons can be alert barkers, Shih Poos might bark more when they feel lonely or are trying to alert their owners to strangers.

Do Poochons have separation anxiety vs. Shih Poos? Both these hybrid breeds can develop separation anxiety since they form tight bonds with their human families. Early training for independent time can be beneficial for both breeds.

Should I get a Poochon or a Shih Poo? The choice largely depends on your preferences and lifestyle. If you're leaning towards a slightly more lively companion, a Poochon might be right. For a cuddly lap dog with a bit of spunk, the Shih Poo could be your pick.

Which is better: a Poochon or a Shih Poo? The term "better" is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Both breeds are affectionate, adaptable, and suited for various households. Consider their appearance, grooming needs, and temperament to make your choice.

What is the lifespan of a Poochon vs. Shih Poo? Both breeds have similar lifespans, usually ranging between 12-15 years. Proper care, regular veterinary check-ups, and a balanced diet can contribute to their overall longevity.

Are Poochons easier to train than Shih Poos? Both breeds are quite trainable, thanks to their Poodle genes. Poochons might have a slight edge in trainability, but both breeds respond well to positive reinforcement.

Do Poochons shed more than Shih Poos? Both the Poochon and Shih Poo are considered low-shedding due to their Poodle genetics. Regular grooming is essential to maintain the health and appearance of their coats.

Which is calmer: a Poochon or a Shih Poo? Shih Poos are generally a bit more laid-back and can be content as lap dogs, whereas Poochons can be slightly more energetic.