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Top 20 Most Adorable Maltese Mixes

Top 20 Most Adorable Maltese Mixes - Premier Pups
Published Friday, May 27, 2022 by Premier Pups Team

The Maltese has long been a favorite of dog lovers from all over the world. And it’s no surprise that there are also dozens of Maltese mixes available now.  

Everyone loves the Maltese for their adorable looks and delightful personality. These dogs are always happy, and their cuteness is simply immeasurable. But there’s more to these dogs than meets the eye. They are quite intelligent, which makes them very easy to train; hypoallergenic, which means they won’t make you sneeze when you cuddle them; and incredibly friendly, which is fantastic for several reasons. With so many qualities in their cute portfolio, it’s no wonder they were chosen for the creation of countless lovely mixed breeds.  

Maltese mixes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are over two dozen of these adorable hybrid breeds available today, one more amazing than the next. Although they all share the Maltese breed as a parent, each of these Maltese mixes come with their own personality and qualities. Some are more energetic, while others are more inclined to spend the day on your lap in a cute cuddle.

Some of these Maltese hybrids will want to go out and explore the world, and others will want to shadow your footsteps from dusk till dawn. Simply put, there is a Maltese mix for every type of owner out there. So, without further ado, we present you the most adorable and popular Maltese mixes.  

Maltipoo – Poodle Maltese Mix 

Maltipoo Poodle Maltese Mix

Maltipoos are a truly gorgeous crossbreed not just in looks but personality-wise too. Combining the Maltese and the Poodle gives you a fantastic little dog that’s incredibly intelligent, sweet, and playful. Like their parents, the Maltese Poodle mix dogs are hypoallergenic, moderately active, and generally easy to care for. They are among the easiest dogs to train, and they make amazing companion pets for both new and experienced owners.  

Caring for these dogs isn’t as difficult as some tend to think. Brushing them a few times every week and giving them a bath every two or three months is all it takes to keep them looking gorgeous and fresh. They require a moderate amount of exercise that can be accomplished with two walks per day. 

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Malshi – Shih Tzu Maltese Mix 

Malshi Shih Tzu Maltese Mix

One of the most popular designer puppies around, the Malshi is a must-have pet for any household. This hybrid is a Shih Tzu and Maltese mix that was created to be a sweet, loving, lap dog. These dogs fit wonderfully with families, seniors, novice owners, and everyone in between. 

Malshis check all the boxes for friendliness, intelligence, eagerness to please, and affection. They are also one of the most adorable dogs in the canine world, impressing with teddy bear looks and plenty of fluff.  

Malshis are a breeze to care for. They need to be brushed once or twice every week and will do best with a bath every 4 to 6 weeks. Their exercise needs are minimal as they’re more laid-back rather than energetic.  

Available Malshi Puppies to Adopt 


Morkie – Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix 

Morkie Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix

A beautiful dog in every way, the Morkie is a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix created for blissful companionship. Morkies are just the right amount of spunky, feisty, and cuddly. They train easily, although they might carry a stubborn streak from their Yorkie parent, and they’re quite friendly with others.  

The Maltese Yorkie mix is best suited for families with older children, but they can be great for small kids too, granted there is no rough play involved. Like most Maltese mixes, their small size makes them vulnerable to injuries when they are not handled properly.  

Taking care of Morkies is fairly simple. They're a low-maintenance breed that doesn’t shed, which means they’re fine with a brush every week.  

Available Morkie Puppies to Adopt 

Malchi – Chihuahua Maltese Mix

Malchi Chihuahua Maltese Mix

A Maltese and Chihuahua mix, the Malchi is one of the most adorable hybrid dogs around. These cute bundles of joy are very small, feisty, and perfect for those who want a toy dog with a huge personality. Malchis are not usually recommended to families that have very small children. Because of their petite size, these dogs could easily get hurt during rough play.  

Although you don’t have to be an experienced owner to train these dogs, you should have plenty of patience when you begin training them. Malshis can be stubborn if they are not properly motivated.  
Grooming them requires little effort, but you should be prepared to brush them at least once every week to make sure their hair doesn’t get tangled. Other than that, a walk or two every day will be enough to keep them happy and in great shape.  

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Jacktese – Jack Russel Maltese Mix

Jacktese Jack Russel Maltese Mix

The Jacktese are clownish little dogs that will impress you with their funny antics and love for everything that is fun. They are energetic and never grow tired of going on adventures. From the Maltese and Jack Russel mix, you can expect great loyalty and friendship. They're fantastic with kids, even with small ones, and they get along great with every animal they meet.  

Taking care of these dogs is easy breezy. Brush them once or twice a week and give them a bath every now and then, and you’re good to go. Training them as puppies might require you to be extra patient, but apart from that, they’re a wonderful addition to any type of owner – new or experienced. 

Maltipug – Pug Maltese Mix 

Maltipug Pug Maltese Mix

Just as you can imagine, if you put a Pug and a Maltese together, you get quite the amazing hybrid puppy. Maltipugs are goofy little dogs that love to follow in their owner’s footsteps. Sometimes called a Velcro Dog, this tiny Maltese and Pug mix is best suited for an owner or a family that is home most of the time. Because they are entirely devoted to their owners, these cute hybrid dogs don’t like solitude one bit. After all, they are lap dogs that are bred for companionship.  

Maltipugs are typically easy to train, but you must dedicate plenty of time to them and find the right motivation. They are not generally stubborn but can show some boredom if they’re not having fun during training.  

When it comes to grooming, things are pretty easy with these dogs. A brush every week and a bi-monthly bath will suffice.  

Maltichon – Bichon Maltese Mix 

Maltichon Bichon Maltese Mix

A Bichon Frise and Maltese mix, the Maltichon is a true beauty. This dog has the appearance of a puffy white cloud and comes with a glamorous personality to match. The Bichon Frise and the Maltese are both part of the Bichon family, so they’re not that different in terms of personality. And since the Maltese mix takes after both parents, you can expect an adorable toy dog that is cuddly, playful, friendly, and fun-loving. 

Maltichons are perfect companion dogs for any type of lifestyle and family. They are quick to adapt and are known to tailor themselves to their owner’s needs. Whether you like to be active or prefer lounging on the couch comfortably, the Maltese and Bichon Frise mix is the perfect addition to your lifestyle. 

Caring for a Maltichon does take a little bit of effort as the breed is somewhat high maintenance. These beauties require frequent brushing throughout the week and monthly baths to keep up with their fluffy appearance.  

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Mauzer – Miniature Schnauzer Maltese Mix 

Mauzer Miniature Schnauzer Maltese Mix

A crossbreed of a Maltese and a Miniature Schnauzer, the Mauzer is one impressive little dog. The hybrid charms with a fearless personality and keen intelligence. These dogs might come off as a bit stubborn during their first training sessions, but as soon as they discover the fun that comes with training, they are all ears. 

Mauzers are also very outgoing and friendly dogs, which makes them excellent for city life. They have plenty of energy to spend on adventures, and they are quite the cuddle buddies.  

This Maltese Schnauzer mix doesn’t have high grooming needs. Brush them once or twice per week and give them a bath when they look like they need it, and you’re good to go.  

Ratese – American Rat Terrier Maltese Mix 

Ratese American Rat Terrier Maltese Mix

An inquisitive and affectionate little terrier, the Ratese is a sweet addition to any home. These dogs love their cuddles, but they’re also up for a ball game at any hour of the day. They like chasing things, especially smaller animals, so they should be socialized very early to ensure good behavior around other pets.  

Training them is quite easy, given that they are the offspring of two naturally obedient and intelligent dog breeds. The Ratese also requires very little care when it comes to grooming. A weekly brush is all it takes to keep this charming dog looking its best.  

Scottese – Scottish Terrier Maltese Mix 

Scottese Scottish Terrier Maltese Mix

Another Maltese and Terrier mix, the Scottese comes with a true terrier’s spirit. This Maltese mix is lively, independent, and a bit feisty. He enjoys spending his energy by playing both indoors and out and is renowned for his strong loyalty towards his humans. Scottese dogs aren’t known to attach to the hip like other dogs, which means they can also be left alone for a few hours each day without any risk of separation anxiety. They’re a great choice for owners who spend long hours at the office, but also for families. 

Taking care of a Scottese involves two or three daily walks, a weekly brush or two, and a bath every month or so.  

Havamalt – Havanese Maltese Mix 


One of the top Maltese mixes around, the Havamalt enchants with fluffy looks and a merry disposition. Havamalts are great companion dogs for both active and relaxed lifestyles. They love everything that moves and like to be surrounded by people. These dogs have the ideal temperament to be family dogs. Kids are their best friends, and they thrive in multi-pet households.  

The Maltese and the Havanese are both good-natured, clever dogs that train easily, and so is their little hybrid Havamalt. With a treat and some praise, you’ve got yourself a perfect little student that’s eager to learn. 

Grooming these dogs involves some, although not much, effort. Brushing them every other day and giving them a bath every month or so, is what it takes to keep them looking cute and clean.  

Malti Pin – Miniature Pinscher Maltese Mix 

Malti Pin Miniature Pinscher Maltese Mix

An adorable and active little canine, the Malti Pin is a fantastic dog for outdoorsy owners. This Maltese mix is energetic, playful, and quite friendly. The breed is most often recommended to families with older children, as it might be overly energetic for smaller kids to play with. Otherwise, this Maltese Pinscher mix is renowned for its fondness of its owners and strong loyalty. 

Training these cute hybrids is somewhere between difficult and easy. The Maltese side of them will make them eager learners, while the Mini Pinscher side will have them show some stubbornness. The best way to train these dogs is to be patient and combine games with learning.  

Although training might pose some difficulties, grooming is anything but difficult. You only have to brush these dogs once every week or so and give them a bath when they get dirty.  

Cavamalt – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix 

Cavamalt Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix

The Cavamalt is a wonderful crossbreed of a Maltese and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Like his parents, this stunning hybrid is known to be gentle, playful, and incredibly sociable. The Cavamalt is one of those dogs that you know will make a positive addition to your family. This cutie is always happy and eager to do whatever his family is doing.  

Cavamalts are great for families with children of all ages, as well as for single and new owners. This is a highly intelligent breed that learns quickly and craves to impress.  

Routine weekly brushing is recommended to keep their coats from getting tangled, but baths can be as infrequent as two months. Otherwise, this lovely companion requires 2 daily walks to stay fit and happy. 

Caltese – Cairn Terrier Maltese Mix 

Caltese Cairn Terrier Maltese Mix

Although part Cairn terrier, this Maltese mix has a milder temperament compared to your usual feisty terrier. Caltese are active and fearless little dogs that like to explore the world at the side of their owners. They are loyal and quite renowned for their strong bonds.  

The Caltese fit best with an owner that has some experience with training and raising a pet. Because they come with a stubborn streak and some independence, they are best raised by someone who has the patience to take them on. For this Maltese mix, the terrier side of the family is more dominant, which comes with both pros and cons. They can prove difficult to train if not properly motivated, but they’re also capable of entertaining themselves while their owners are at work. 

These hybrids are also somewhat low maintenance when it comes to brushing and grooming them. They can go for as much as two weeks between brushes and can do with a bath every two months.  

Maltipom – Pomeranian Maltese Mix 

Maltipom Pomeranian Maltese Mix

The Maltipom, one of the most adored toy lap dogs in the United States, is a Maltese and Pomeranian mix. This beauty was created to inherit the best qualities of both parent breeds. It’s a breed that possesses high intelligence, friendliness, and a very loving temperament. Like the Pomeranian and the Maltese, the Maltipom is a fantastic fit for any dog owner. This companion pet is great for families, singles, and new puppy owners.  

With the right motivation, Maltipom pups can learn everything they are taught in training. They're quick to pick up on tricks and can be trained for sports and competitions. They are confident, clever dogs that are quite eager to please their owners. 

Regular brushing throughout the week is recommended for these beautiful hybrid dogs. Since they have one parent that is a moderate shedder, these Maltese mixes need regular combing or brushing to keep their coats matt-free.  

Available Maltipom Puppies to Adopt 

Malteagle – Beagle Maltese Mix 

Malteagle Beagle Maltese Mix

Inheriting most of their personality from the Beagle, the Malteagles are a true joy to have around. These toy dogs are gentle, amicable, and quite loving of their owners. They get along well with other dogs and pets and have remarkable behavior around children of all ages.  

When it comes to training, the Malteagle is a determined student that learns quickly. Tricks are among this dog’s favorite things to learn, but they can also be trained for rally and advanced obedience.  

The Malteagle is also quite easy to care for in terms of grooming since this dog doesn’t require you to spend endless hours brushing or combing through its coat. A brush and a bath every now and then will do the job.

Boston Malterrier – Boston Terrier Maltese Mix 

Boston Malterrier Boston Terrier Maltese Mix

Another Maltese mix that is half terrier, the Boston Malterrier is a perky and lively companion pet that is well suited for a loving owner. These energetic hybrid dogs are quite the explorers much like their Boston terrier parent. They enjoy showing off their detective skills and like to investigate every corner of their surroundings. They are great adventure partners for an outdoorsy owner that enjoys going on hikes and long walks.  

Training isn’t always easy with these dogs, but with a determined owner, they can be excellent students.  

Boston Malterriers require some grooming, but nothing too major. A few brushes per week and a monthly bath are all it takes.  

Silky Cocker – Cocker Spaniel Maltese Mix 

Silky Cocker Cocker Spaniel Maltese Mix

The Silky Cocker is a beautiful Maltese and Cocker Spaniel mix. These hybrids are very loving, and as their owners attest, they are the happiest dogs around. Silky Cockers are friendly, sociable dogs that make friends wherever they go. They love their cuddles and are incredibly playful.  

These designer dogs have remarkable behavior. They are naturally well-mannered, obedient, and quite eager to make their owners happy. They are quick learners, which makes training them a success, and adaptable to any type of lifestyle.  

Grooming Silky Cockers does take a bit of work as these designer dogs require regular daily brushing.

Jatese – Japanese Chin Maltese Mix 

Jatese Japanese Chin Maltese Mix

The Jatese is a stunning toy dog that comes with a sweet personality and a mighty attitude. This dog is a mix of a Maltese and a Japanese Chin. Like its parents, the Jatese fancies cuddles above all else and wants to be involved in everything that goes around the house. He is also an alert breed that gets the job done as a watchdog. He is not particularly vocal but will sound alert to visitors or intruders. The Jatese fit well in a family with kids, however, smaller kids might not be the best playmates for them since their size is so petite.  

These glamorous little designer dogs train easily with the proper motivation, although they may be stubborn at times. Grooming isn’t demanding either for these dogs, but they do require a quick brush every few days to make sure their coats don’t get matted.    

Maltsky – Husky Maltese Mix 

Maltsky Husky Maltese Mix

One of the most unusual but nonetheless gorgeous Maltese Mixes around is the Maltsky. Maltskies are a Maltese and Siberian Husky mix that almost seems too surreal to be true. They resemble their Husky parent more in features but have the adorable small size of the Maltese.  

Maltskies are friendly and energetic dogs, much like their Husky parent. They can be stubborn during early training, but other than that, they’re quite amazing dogs. They fit better with active owners, however, they’re also great for families with children big and small.  

Daily brushing is a must for this Maltese mix. Because it inherits some of the Husky's shedding, it requires daily brushing to maintain a clean and fresh aspect. Bathing shouldn’t be done too often, once every two months should suffice. 


As we reach the end of our list of adorable Maltese mixes, we can safely say that these dogs are all perfect. They're small, fun-loving, affectionate, and cuddlier than we know. Some are even hypoallergenic, so a great fit for allergy-suffering owners. Some are active and some are laid back. You'll find some that are low-maintenance and easy to train. Simply put, there is a Maltese mix for every lifestyle and personality.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Maltese mixes? Some popular Maltese mixes include Maltipoo (Maltese and Poodle), Malshi (Maltese and Shih Tzu), Maltese Yorkie mix (Morkie), Maltese Chihuahua mix (Malchi), and Maltese Bichon mix (Maltichon).

Are Maltese mixes hypoallergenic? Yes, Maltese mixes are generally considered hypoallergenic as they have hair instead of fur. This means that they shed less and produce less dander, which is the main cause of pet allergies.

What is the temperament of Maltese mixes? Maltese mixes are known for being affectionate, playful, and friendly. They make great family pets and are good with children and other pets. However, they can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

How big do Maltese mixes get? The size of a Maltese mix will depend on the other breed involved in the mix. Generally, they are small dogs and will weigh between 5 to 15 pounds and stand between 7 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder.

What kind of grooming do Maltese mixes require? Maltese mixes have a long, silky coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling. Daily brushing and monthly bathing are recommended to keep their coat healthy and clean. They may also need regular trimming to keep their hair from getting too long.