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Cavapoo vs Cavachon Comparison

Cavapoo vs Cavachon - The Right Pooch For You - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, August 25, 2021 by PremierPups

The Cavapoo and Cavachon are two of the most popular small breed dogs. They attribute their worldwide fame to their fabulous personalities, affectionate nature, and adorable looks. The Cavapoo and the Cavachon stand out for their remarkable abilities to adapt easily, learn quickly, and love deeply.  

A puppy’s love is a pure thing and, here at Premier Pups, we aim to give our loving puppies the forever homes they deserve. Our specialized team of Puppy Agents is here to help you with the choosing process to make sure your new pup fits right in with your family.  

If you are faced with the choice between the Cavapoo puppy and Cavachon puppy, read on to find out what amazing qualities they share and the qualities that set them apart.  

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Overview

brown Cavapoo adult dog

Cavapoo Overview

The Cavapoo is a laid-back, affectionate, and highly devoted dog. He is a member of the Doodle Breed Group and a very popular and sought-after designer companion pet. Cavapoos are a mixed breed between the  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle breeds. Both Mini Poodles and Cavalier Spaniels are centuries-old breeds that have gathered impressive numbers of admirers throughout history.  

Cavapoos are amazing dogs. They are easygoing, sweet, and a joy to be around. Cavapoos have been delighting pet owners with their companionship for over 20 years. They originated in Australia during the 1990s and have been popular ever since.

Other names for the Cavapoo breed are Cavoodle and Cavadoodle. 

small Cavachon dog with cream coat

Cavachon Overview

The Cavachon is a fun-loving, adventurous, and playful dog. Having originated during the 1990s in North America, they credit their fame to their fun personality, lively nature, and cuddly good looks. Cavachons are a designer crossbreed between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise breeds. Both Cavachon parent breeds are wonderful companion pets. They are smart, easy to train, and very fashionable dogs that never fail to impress with their comedic stunts and good looks.  

Cavachons are active, spunky dogs. They enjoy hikes, adventures, and everything nature.  

Other names the Cavachon breed is known for are the Cavalier Bichon breed and the Bichon King Charles breed. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Overview Comparison

Both the Cavapoo and the Cavachon originated around the same time during the 1990s. Although they originate from two different continents, both breeds share a wonderful popularity status as well as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent breed.  

Because they are hybrid breeds, both the Cavapoo and Cavachon live longer healthier lives and are not prone to the same ailments that their purebred parent breeds are. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Cavapoo Cavachon
Parent breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise
Place of origin Australia North America
Date of origin 1990 1990
Purpose Companionship, hypoallergenic pet Companionship, hypoallergenic pet
Breed type Poodle mix, doodle breed Designer breed, hybrid
Other names Cavoodle, Cavipoo, Cavadoodle, Cava-poo Cavalier Bichon, Bichon King Charles
Lifespan 12-15 years 10-17 years

Cavapoo vs Cavchon Temperament

a pair of Cavapoos sitting on a green couch

Cavapoo Temperament

Cavapoos are calm-tempered, cuddly lap dogs. They are gentle, kind, and patient, and have the ideal personality to keep kids entertained and happy. Cavapoos are famously known to be great with children. Most Cavapoo owners describe them as being excellent babysitters, protective guardians, and fun playmates for their children. Unlike other small dog breeds, the Cavapoo is not jumpy, aggressive, or easily scared, and can handle speedy toddlers just fine.  

When it comes to training them, Cavapoo puppies are exceedingly bright, fast learning students. Their eager to please personalities and easy-going nature have put them high in the top 5 most trainable dogs. They enjoy impressing their pet parents and they thrive on praise, attention, and affection. The Cavapoo is known to master basic commands and tricks in just a couple of months and he is just as eager to take on more advanced obedience training.  

Cavapoos are highly affectionate and loyal dogs. Their main concern is to be near their humans and join in all of their family activities. They also enjoy being cuddled, petted, and spoiled, so they seek out ways to get into the center of attention to perform a trick or two and collect the desired rewards.  

Cavapoos are relaxed pups. They enjoy tanning their bellies in the sun, going on relaxing camping trips, and playing canine games and puzzles indoors that keep them mentally stimulated.  

Kate @ Princess Grace Cavachon puppy, small, fluffy Cavachon

Cavachon Temperament

Cavachons are energetic, spunky, adventure-seeking dogs. Their nature is playful and friendly, and they thrive on social interactions. Cavachons make friends with everyone they encounter. They are known to playfully invite their canine friends for a chase at the dog park, and greet strangers with the same enthusiasm they greet their family members.  

Cavachons love to be active. Some of their hobbies include swimming, sprinting, hiking, chasing, and fetching. When it comes to their mood, Cavachons are joyful and happy dogs. They like to entertain with their amusing stunts and can cheer up and entice even the most bored teen in a chase.  

Training Cavachon puppies is a fun and entertaining activity. Cavachons are clever pups. Show them once that they get a treat for sitting and they will put their tooshies down randomly expecting that treat. Having inherited the big brains of their parent breeds, the Cavachons are highly trainable, very obedient, and can take on advanced agility training. The Cavachon loves to be rewarded with delicious treats and lots of cheers and will respond best to positive reinforcement training methods.  

Cavachons are also family-attached dogs. They love unconditionally, are quick to form lifelong bonds, and have a strong desire to be around their family members at all times.  

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Temperament Comparison

When comparing the two breeds, you will find that both the Cavapoo and Cavachon have amazing personalities. They are family-attached companion pets and remarkable dogs. Both breeds are non-aggressive, highly social, and friendly with other household pets, dogs, and strangers.  

The main difference between the Cavapoo and the Cavachon is seen in their energy levels. On one side we have the affectionate Cavapoo who enjoys cuddling, playing fun low-intensity games, and relaxing, who is a perfect fit for a laid-back calm lifestyle. On the other we have the adventurous Cavachon who craves activities like running and hiking and is best suited for an active lifestyle.  

Both the Cavapoo and the Cavachon are great with kids, with the Cavapoo being a better playmate for smaller children as he is calmer and more patient than the Cavachon.  
When it comes to training them, both the Cavapoo and Cavachon have impressive learning skills. They are equally clever, with the Cavapoo being a better candidate for obedience training, and the Cavachon better equipped for agility training.  

Although both Cavapoos and Cavachons are Velcro dogs, the Cavapoos tend to be a bit more independent and are capable of being left alone, whereas the Cavachons are sometimes prone to separation anxiety and need more training during puppyhood.  

The Cavapoo is known to be a quiet, calm dog, whereas the Cavachon, although generally quiet, tends to be more vocal and enthusiastic when approached by strangers.    

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Cavapoo Cavachon
Good with kids Yes Yes
Training Easy, can be stubborn Easy
Friendly Yes Yes
Separation anxiety Can be prone to separation anxiety Can be prone to separation anxiety
Energy levels Laid-back, moderately energetic Moderately energetic
Good for Families, singles, seniors Families with children, seniors, new owners
Barking Can be vocal Occasionally

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Appearance

cream and white Cavapoo sitting in the grass

Cavapoo Appearance

The Cavapoo is a small-sized adorable-looking dog. He sports a low-shedding coat that can either be black, brown, white, yellow, or tricolor, with a wavy, curly, or sometimes straight texture.  

The Cavapoo is considered a hypoallergenic dog which makes him an excellent choice for family members that suffer from pet-related allergies.  

The Cavapoo appearance is of a cuddly, approachable dog. His demeanor is happy and his disposition is friendly.  
Inheriting the small size of both his parent breeds, an adult Cavapoo stands at 9 to 14 inches tall and generally weighs between 8 to 20 pounds.  

Cavachon white and cream

Cavachon Appearance

The Cavachon is a sporty, agile, and athletic dog. He is small in stature and although cuddly-looking, he is sturdy-built, fast, and strong. The Cavachon has a confident, joyful demeanor, and a playful disposition.  

The Cavachon coat is low-shedding and can come in various colors that include white, black, tan, red, apricot, brown, sometimes tricolor, or various combinations of these colors.  

A fully-grown Cavachon weighs 10 to 20 pounds, stands at about 13 inches tall, and is considered a hypoallergenic dog.  

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Appearance Comparison

Both the Cavapoo and Cavachon are fluffy, gorgeous, and cuddly-looking dogs. They share a similar height and weight and are both considered hypoallergenic dogs since they both shed very little. When it comes to their coat colors, both the Cavapoo and Cavachon have a similar color palette.

As for their differences, the Cavachon is generally sturdier than the Cavapoo. Another difference that might be seen in the Cavapoo vs Cavachon appearance is their coat texture. The Cavachon tends to have a wavy coat, whereas the Cavapoo generally sports a curly Poodle coat. 

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Appearance Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Cavapoo Cavachon
Adult weight 8-20 pounds 10-20 pounds
Adult height 9-14 inches 12-13 inches
Coat type Straight, wavy, curly Straight, wavy, curly
Colors White, black, brown, yellow Tan, sable, white, brown, apricot, red, black
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Cavapoo vs Cavachon Comparison Conclusion

These two breeds check all the boxes for brains, looks, and personality. Both the Cavapoo and Cavachon share in their affectionate nature, and unconditional love for their pet parents. They are both wonderful companion pets and great first dogs for novice owners. Both the Cavapoo and the Cavachon are stunning, intelligent, friendly, and easy to train.  

That being said, we recommend the sweet Cavapoo puppies to families with children of all ages, retirees, and couples that enjoy a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, and the spunky Cavachon puppies to singles and families with older children who lead a more active and adventurous lifestyle.

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Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic, Cavapoo or Cavachon? Both Cavapoo and Cavachon breeds have a moderate energy level. However, the Cavachon can occasionally exhibit slightly more spirited bursts of energy.

Cavapoo or Cavachon, which barks more? Both breeds can be vocal, but Cavapoos might be a tad more alert and thus more inclined to bark when they sense unfamiliar activities.

Do Cavapoos have separation anxiety vs. Cavachons? Separation anxiety can be an issue for both Cavapoos and Cavachons if left alone for prolonged periods. Early training and consistent routines can mitigate this concern in both breeds.

Should I get a Cavapoo or Cavachon? Your choice should reflect your lifestyle and preferences. If you lean towards a slightly more active companion, consider a Cavachon. For a more laid-back nature, a Cavapoo might be a better fit.

Which is better, a Cavapoo or a Cavachon? Neither breed is superior. The decision rests on individual preferences, living conditions, and what qualities you prioritize in a pet.

What is the lifespan of a Cavapoo vs. Cavachon? Cavapoos generally have a lifespan ranging from 12-15 years, whereas Cavachons have a typical lifespan of 10-15 years, contingent upon factors such as health and care.

Are Cavapoos easier than Cavachons? Both breeds are amiable and relatively easy to train. However, Cavapoos may be slightly easier for novice dog owners due to their somewhat more placid disposition.

Do Cavapoos shed more than Cavachons? Both breeds boast low-shedding coats. That said, the Cavapoo's Poodle lineage might give it a slight edge in terms of hypoallergenic traits, resulting in marginally

Which is calmer, a Cavapoo or a Cavachon? Cavapoos tend to be a bit calmer on average, with Cavachons occasionally showing bursts of playful energy.