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Maltipoo vs Malshi (Teddy Bear) Comparison

Maltipoo vs Malshi: Breed Comparison - Premier Pups
Published Wednesday, August 25, 2021 by PremierPups

The Maltipoo and Mal-Shi are two very cute and very popular designer dogs. In the 30 or so years they have been around, these precious designer dogs have impressed with an amazing set of skills and qualities. They are great students when it comes to learning, fantastic play buddies for children, and loyal to the core when it comes to their humans. With that in mind, we can only imagine the difficulty of choosing between these two. If your choice does come down to Maltipoo vs Mal-Shi, read on to learn about the qualities they share and some of the aspects that set them apart.  

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Maltipoo vs Malshi Overview

brown maltipoo sitting on a couch

Maltipoo Overview

The Maltipoo is a toy-sized Designer Doodle that originated during the 1990s in the United States. A crossbreed of a Maltese and a Mini or Toy Poodle, the Maltipoo impresses with a charming nature, a merry disposition, and an adoring personality. Our Maltipoo puppies were designed to be loved and the world does exactly that. These happy dogs lift spirits up, train easily, and play nice with others. They are hypoallergenic and great for allergy sufferers, easy to groom and care for, and a joy to have around.  

The Maltipoo is also referred to as Maltepoo, Maltese Poodle Mix, and Multipoo, and is currently recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club as a Toy Designer Doodle.

teddy bear malshi dog sitting on the floor

Malshi Overview

The Mal-Shi dog breed, also known as Teddy Bear, Mal-Tzu, Malti-Zu, and Maltese Shih Tzu Mix, is a designer hybrid of a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. Bred to be a hypoallergenic lapdog during the 1990s in the United States, the Mal-Shi enchants with a teddy bear appearance and a fun-loving personality. These adorable dogs are adventurous, playful, highly affectionate, and very smart. They are quick to adapt to any type of lifestyle and are very fond of their humans.

As their name suggests, the Mal-Shi Teddy Bear puppies make wonderful cuddle buddies who thrive on love. The Mal-Shi breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club as a Toy Designer Hybrid Dog.  

Maltipoo vs Malshi Overview Comparison

The stunning Maltipoos and Mal-Shis originate from the United States and were created around the same time for their unique looks, caring personalities, and hypoallergenic qualities. Both breeds share a Maltese parent breed and both are considered to be members of the Toy Group.  
Because they are Designer hybrids, both the Maltipoo and Mal-Shi benefit from hybrid vigor. 

Maltipoo vs Malshi Overview Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Malshi
Parent breeds Maltese, Poodle Maltese, Shih Tzu
Place of origin US US
Date of origin 1990 1990
Purpose Companionship, hypoallergenic pet Companionship, hypoallergenic pet
Breed type Poodle mix, doodle breed Designer breed, hybrid
Other names Maltepoo, Multipoo, Maltese Poodle mix Teddy Bear
Lifespan 10-14 years 12-14 years

Maltipoo vs Malshi Temperament

cream and white maltipoo sitting in the arms of a large plush toy

Maltipoo Temperament

The Maltipoo is a kind and affectionate dog that loves attention, hugs, and belly rubs. This gentle pooch is very fond of squeaky toys, games that involve fetching, and cuddle time. Alert, obedient, and always aware of their surroundings, Maltipoos will come running on their first recall. Although they love being near their owners for most of the time, they also have an independent nature and will want to inspect and explore the surroundings on their own. Maltipoos also do well when left alone and are not generally prone to separation anxiety or the destructive behavior that comes with it.

Maltipoo puppies are energetic and fluffy little creatures that love to zoom, chew, and love. These puppies thrive on affection and make excellent cuddle buddies. Training them is effortless as they are very intelligent, quick to learn, eager to impress, and great fun. When training a Maltipoo puppy, be sure to pet, praise, and reward them with treats, as those are their biggest motivation.  

Neither active nor too relaxed, the Maltipoos stand in the middle with moderate energy levels. These wonderful dogs are equally fond of roaming freely in a yard as they are spending most of the day glued to the hip on the couch. They are great with kids of all ages and make wonderful pets for families, seniors, and novice owners. 

happy malshi dog

Malshi Temperament

The Mal-Shi is a happy-go-lucky dog with a delightful personality. Docile, adventurous, and sweet, the Mal-Shies thrive on love and fun. These sweet dogs need to be at their owner’s side at all times as that is their comfort zone and favorite place in the world. As long as they are glued to their owners, they won’t care where the road takes them and they are most definitely going to enjoy the ride with every mile and adventure.

Mal-Shies love to explore, discover new places, interact with new people, and play with their furry friends, and because they are such adaptable dogs, they can fit well into many types of lifestyles. They are excellent for active families and couples as well as for seniors, laid-back folk, and first-time pet owners.  

Training a Mal-Shi puppy can be challenging at times as they might inherit a slight stubborn streak from their Shih Tzu parent. They are clever and fond of praise and tricks so motivating them into keeping focus should be easy. Once you get their attention, these pups will impress you with their fast-learning skills and eagerness to please. 

Maltipoo vs Malshi Temperament Comparison

When comparing their personalities, you will find that both the Maltipoo and the Mal-Shi are highly affectionate, fun, and playful companion pets. They share in their love for games, family, and cuddles, and they are very adaptable when it comes to their living situations. They do well in both small apartments and large homes, and they are equally fond of attention. Although they are both quick to adapt to either a relaxed or active lifestyle, neither is built to take on trekking adventures or endurance runs. Both the Maltipoo and Mal-Shi do best with moderate exercise routines and they are both great for multi-pet households.

As for their differences, there are quite a few between the two breeds. The Maltipoo is a better fit for families with small children, whereas the Mal-Shi makes a better companion pet for singles and families with older children. The Maltipoo is also a tad more independent and can be left alone for a few hours each day, as opposed to the Mal-Shi who is family-attached and prone to separation anxiety.  

Although equally smart, the Mal-Shi tends to be a bit more stubborn than the Maltipoo when it comes to training. Both respond best to positive reinforcement methods and reward-based training, with the Mal-Shi needing a tad more motivation.  

Maltipoo vs Malshi Temperament Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Malshi
Good with kids Yes Yes, better for older kids
Training Easy Easy, can be stubborn
Friendly Yes Yes
Separation anxiety Independent Can be prone to separation anxiety
Energy levels Moderately energetic Laid-back
Good for Families with children, single owners, seniors Families, couples, single owners, seniors
Barking Occasionally Generally quiet

Maltipoo vs Malshi Appearance

cream and white toy maltipoo dog with wavy hair

Maltipoo Appearance

The Maltipoos are a tiny breed of dog with gorgeous features. Their gait is relaxed, their step bouncy, and their demeanor friendly. They appear warm and have an alert, curious, and admiration-filled gaze. As toy-sized dogs, Maltipoos stand at 9 to 12 inches tall with a weight of 5 to 10 pounds. They have expressive dark round eyes, a tiny cute dark nose, floppy ears, and a fluffy curled tail.

The Maltipoos sport a wool-like coat that is soft to the touch, wavy or curly, and low-shedding. Their coat is solid white, silver, or cream, or various combinations of these colors with patterns and markings.  

teddy bear malshi dog with straight hair

Malshi Appearance

The Mal-Shi is a small to toy-sized dog that stands at 9 to 12 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 6 to 14 pounds. Mal-Shies appear friendly, confident, and sporty. Their step is smooth, their gaze attentive, and their demeanor happy. The Mal-Shi has sparky dark round eyes, a cute button nose, fluffy hanging ears, and a curled tail.

The Mal-Shi sports a silky coat that is shiny, straight to wavy or curly, and low-shedding. The Mal-Shi coat can be particolored or tricolored with shades of white, black, brown, gray, and yellow.  

Maltipoo vs Malshi Appearance Comparison

The Maltipoo and Mal-Shi are very different when it comes to their appearance. Although they share a few similar features, their overall look is quite dissimilar. The Mal-Shies generally take after their Shih Tzu parent, whereas the Maltipoos resemble their Maltese parent more. Although they are both designer hybrids with varying weight and height, we can say that the Mal-Shi teddy bear can, on a rare occasion, be a tad bigger than the Maltipoo.  

Both the Maltipoo and Mal-Shi are considered to be hypoallergenic breeds that are a wonderful fit for allergy sufferers.  

Maltipoo vs Malshi Appearance Key Points

Comparison Table

Breed Maltipoo Malshi
Adult weight 5-10 pounds 6-14 pounds
Adult height 9-12 inches 9-12 inches
Coat type Curly, wavy Straight, wavy, curly
Colors White, cream, silver White, brown, gray, yellow
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes
Shedding Minimal Minimal

Maltipoo vs Malshi Comparison Conclusion

Both the Maltipoo and Mal-Shi are excellent family dogs. They get along great with everyone they meet and their love is unconditional. They are great with kids, fond of playtime, sociable with other dogs, and cuddle-oriented. These dogs adapt well to either a relaxed or semi-active lifestyle and are excellent for multi-pet households.  

With that in mind, we recommend the gentle  Maltipoo puppy to families with small children and folk with semi-busy schedules, and the Mal-Shi puppy to couples, seniors, and families with older children that are home for most of the day.  

Elena R.

About The Author

Elena is a leading expert in the field of dog behavior, care, and training, with over a decade of experience in writing about dogs. As a published writer and lifelong dog enthusiast, Elena currently shares her home with three beloved canine companions. She is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest advancements in dog care and training, ensuring that her articles provide readers with accurate and valuable insights. With her extensive knowledge and passion for all things canine, Elena's contributions to the Premier Pups community offer both expertise and authority on a wide range of dog-related topics.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more energetic, Maltipoo or Malshi? Both the Maltipoo and Malshi possess lively and spirited personalities. The Maltipoo, with its Poodle genes, can be slightly more energetic, especially during their puppy years, while the Malshi shows a playful demeanor typical of both its parent breeds.

Maltipoo or Malshi, which barks more? Both breeds can be vocal, primarily serving as alert dogs to notify their owners of any changes in their environment. With proper training, excessive barking can be minimized in both.

Do Maltipoos have more separation anxiety than Malshis? Both breeds form strong bonds with their families and can experience separation anxiety. However, with early training and gradual acclimation to alone time, this anxiety can be managed.

Should I get a Maltipoo or a Malshi? Your choice should be influenced by your personal preferences and the characteristics of each breed. Consider factors like grooming needs, temperament, and activity levels when making a decision.

Which is better, a Maltipoo or a Malshi? The term "better" is subjective and varies based on individual preferences. Both breeds are affectionate, friendly, and adaptable, making them excellent companions.

What is the lifespan of a Maltipoo vs. Malshi? Both breeds typically have a lifespan ranging between 12-15 years, contingent on proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary check-ups.

Are Maltipoos easier to train than Malshis? Both breeds are intelligent and respond well to training. Positive reinforcement methods work best for both. The Maltipoo, with its Poodle lineage, may have a slight edge in trainability.

Do Maltipoos shed more than Malshis? Both the Maltipoo and Malshi are considered to be low-shedding breeds, thanks to their Maltese parentage. However, their hair can mat if not groomed regularly.

Which is calmer, a Maltipoo or a Malshi? Both breeds can be calm and laid-back, especially after play sessions or walks. Although their calmness is relatively comparable, Malshis are widely known for their cuddlier nature.