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Puppy Referral - Koda (formerly Brendon)

Puppy Name Koda (formerly Brendon)

Breed Mixed Breed

Submitted By David & Lynn Ross from EL Dorado Hills, California

Date Monday, June 21, 2021

I would like to thank PremierPups for bringing Koda (formerly Brendon) into our family. He has been spoiled since the day with brought him home. When we started searching for a new puppy recently it was not easy. We lost our Australian Shepherd Jake to Cancer a little over a year ago and debated getting another dog anytime soon. Jake was in our life's for almost 16 years. He was gentle, quiet, and a great companion to our entire family. Those are some big paws to fill. We looked into local breeders and even out of state breeders of various breeds. Our search narrowed to a Bernedoodle after reading all the great traits of this mixed breed. Most breeders had a long waiting list or just was not in our budget, Some asking upwards of $5,000. We came across the PremierPups website and I will say we were a little hesitant to purchase a puppy off the internet. There was also the fact that the puppy would have to take a plane ride from Ohio to California. We had all the normal thoughts about this being to stressful for a puppy, not meeting the puppy in person first, etc... We narrowed our puppy picks on the PremierPups website and contacted them by phone to discuss the entire process, and how it works. PremierPups customer service is outstanding, they always answer the phone and if on those rare occasions they don't, they call back very quickly. After discussing the entire process and reading other reviews we were more at ease with the whole process. Believe me, we didn't just take their reviews on their site to heart. I searched several social media sites, google and others. They have great reviews. We committed to adopting from PremierPups and everything they said about the process, from initial purchase, flight arrangements, after arrival followup care, etc... was spot on. The staff proactively calls before, during, and after arrival. Michelle even texted me to let me know the flight was delayed by 15mins after 8pm at night, and to provided updated pickup procedures. Our Koda arrived healthy but tired and obviously skittish to his new environment. PremierPups provided us detailed instructions for his arrival and after arrival care and there was no surprises at all. We feed Koda his baby food formula mix as instructed and he pepped right up within an hour of being home. He started exploring his new home and figuring out his new surroundings. He was eating his dry food mix within hours and had no problems adjusting. He is a fantastic new addition to our family. He is fun, playful, smart, sometimes stubborn, and gets a ton of attention from the whole family. Thanks PremierPups for making our family complete again. P.S. Koda is still trying to figure out our cats and they are guarded, but curious of their new house mate.

Koda (formerly Brendon)
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