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Puppy Referral - Shyann (Adora)

Puppy Name Shyann (Adora)

Submitted By Cheryl and John Furmaniak from Bolingbrook,Illinois

Date Friday, September 24, 2021

Shyann’s adoption was amazing. Premier Pups were caring and answered any questions. Shyann has two older sisters. Sophie and Skye. Skye is like a Momma to her and shows her the ropes of the house. They have full rein off the home and just a few puppy issues and a talking to helped. She loves snuggling in bed whether with me or Skye and Sophie. She is a mini and still small at 16 weeks. We love ❤️ her and so do the Grandkids. Thank you for your kindness. Cheryl Shyann (Adora)
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