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Brussels Griffon Puppies For Sale and Adoption

Brussels Griffon Puppies Breed Information

Brussels Griffon was originally bred to hunt and kill rats in Belgium and it is unique due to its affection and liveliness and its intelligence and sense of humor. It is small and sturdy with a lively look, cheerful, sensitive, curious and affectionate, being a great companion. Sometimes it becomes moody as well as demanding of its owner’s attention. It has a flat face, a prominent chin and large, wide-set eyes and a wiry, dense coat colored in reddish brown, black and reddish brown mixed, black with reddish brown markings or simply black.

Despite its small size and cuddly looks it is heavy and athletic and can take part in dog sports such as agility, obedience and other performance sports. It is very affectionate and bond closely with one member of its family.

Griffon can become stubborn and difficult to housetrain, needing a patient and consistent trainer. It tends to bark at every sound, being noisy, but also a very good watchdog. Early socialization and exposure to various people, sights, sounds and experiences will help him to become a well-rounded dog. It needs to be trained with kindness and consistency, using positive reinforcement such as rewards and praise. If treated harshly it tends to become stubborn and less willing to learn. If treated roughly, it may also become fear biter.

It doesn’t require a lot of exercise and can adapt well to apartment living. It needs a consistent training to avoid barking at every noise.

To have a neat coat, the Griffon needs to be brushed weekly, bathed occasionally. Specialized grooming twice a year would be ideal. Brush its teeth two or three times a week and trim its nails once or twice a month.

Griffon has a lot of energy and needs regular exercise to be in a good shape. Daily walks or other type of exercise would be perfect for it.

Always give your Griffon high quality food and be careful to measure it. Feed it twice a day, without leaving the food out all the time.

If well cared, Griffon is generally healthy, although common ailments are related to its facial structure. It may suffer from breathing problems and eye diseases such as cataracts, distichiasis, prolapse of the eyeball or progressive retinal failure.

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