Cowboy Corgi Puppies For Sale

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Date: 4/22/2020
Name: Jarvis
Breed: Cowboy Corgi
Client: Susan
Loc: West warwick, RI

We got Jarvis (formerly Rhett) almost 3 weeks ago and he’s doing great! He’s our second pup from Premier Pups ( we have a 2 year old mini golden doodle) we’ve had such a great experience working with premier! We recommended them our our friends who are now patiently waiting for a litter of cowboy corgis from premier


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A cross between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Cattle Dog, the Cowboy Corgi is also known as the Corgi Cattle Dog. With both parent breeds known for their high intelligence and having a long history of herding, this sweet tempered little cowboy will most assuredly be a perfect fit to any working ranch or farm. 

Appearance and Grooming

Many Cowboy Corgis take on a strong resemblance to their Corgi parent, with a short stature and long body. If the Australian Cattle parent is more prevalent in your puppy they will likely have a tail, whereas if their closer in genetics to their Corgi parent they will have a docked tail. What we do know for certain is that all of them have an upright ear and double coats, which are great for staying warm during colder weather. With a double coat comes double the fur and so double the shedding. Regular brushing and bathes will help to keep your new puppy not only clean, but will minimize the amount of shedding considerably.


Since both parent breeds are highly intelligent, you can be assured that the genetics passed onto your new puppy will show for an exceptionally smart and eager to learn dog. Depending on each puppy, you may have a super loyal and alert Australian Cattle type of Cowboy Corgi, or a loving, affectionate Pembroke Welsh type of puppy. Either way, you’ll have a family-friendly and loyal dog that will make a perfect addition to your family.

Family and Companionship

These dogs are at their happiest in a working environment. Known for their skills of herding, these pooches are a great addition to a farm style life or with any owner that remains highly active. Because of their energetic nature they do not make good pets for apartment living or for homes that don’t have an adequate sized yard. After a long day on the job, you can assure your dedicated little pup will be curled up on your lap or right next to your feet.


These enthusiastic dogs are packed full of stamina and need plenty of daily exercise and activity. With both parent breeds having a long history of being working dogs, it only makes sense that these pooches will undoubtedly have an instinctive need for open spaces and an active lifestyle. Keeping your little cowboy healthy and fit means a lot of walks and a lot of play.

Training and Socialization

It is rare to find a Cowboy Corgi that isn’t eager to learn new tricks and commands, which makes training a simple task. One thing the owner must keep in mind during the training process, however, is that these are herding animals by nature and may try to herd not only other animals, but humans as well. Letting them know that you can be trusted and as such are the boss early on will gain the respect of this puppy at an early age and they will look to you for regular commands. Treat based training is not advisable, at least not in early stages, as they have the tendency to put on weight more quickly than other breeds. Socializing your puppy early on will also let them know that their natural instinct must be curbed in familiar settings.