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The Miniature Schnauzer is a small purebred known for being alert, friendly, intelligent, and playful. The most common colors for Miniature Schnauzers are black, silver, and white. To keep it healthy, it will need to get exercise regularly. Known to be multi-talented, the Miniature Schnauzer participates in a wide variety of activities such as agility, competitive obedience, earthdog, hunting, and tracking.


Alert, Friendly, Intelligent, Playful

Adult Weight 9-16 lbs
Adult Height 12-14 in
Life Expectancy 12-14 yrs
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
Easy Hard
Low High

Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale in Ohio

Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Breed Information

The Miniature Schnauzer is a small purebred known for its friendly temperament. It is alert, playful, smart and multi-talented and participates in a wide variety of activities such as agility, competitive obedience, hunting and tracking.

It is a sturdy dog with square body and a strong rectangular head. The width of its head gets slightly smaller from ears to the eyes. It has a strong muzzle that ends bluntly, a black nose and deep-set small eyes colored in dark brown. Its ears are set high on the head and when are left natural they are small and V-shaped, folding close to the head. It has straight legs and a tail which is set high and carried erect. It has a double coat, the under coat being soft.

It is smart, loving, happy, energetic and playful and gets along well with children and other pets. It tends to be affectionate, devoted and docile.

The training is easy and enjoyable as Miniature Schnauzer tends to listen to commands, it is intelligent and learns fast. It is also stubborn and needs to be socialized since puppyhood to ensure a well-rounded dog.

Miniature Schnauzer is good for apartment living and tends to be calm indoors as long as it is exercised on a regular basis.

Its wiry coat is not hard to groom. It needs daily combing and brushing with a short wire brush to prevent matting. Trim around the eyes and ears and clean the whiskers after meals. It sheds little to no hair and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Miniature Schnauzer needs daily exercise to maintain its fitness. It is energetic and needs daily walks and play sessions to consume its high amount of energy. While out on the walk it has to be made to heel beside or behind the owner to perceive him as a leader. If it is not exercised daily, it tends to have behavioral problems. It is active indoors as it loves to play with toys and to be always in the company of its owner.

Feed it with high quality dry food to keep it healthy and pay attention to the quantity of food you offer it. It has the tendency to eat too much and is prone to obesity.

Generally, if it well cared, it is healthy. It can develop liver disease, kidney stones, diabetes, skin disorders, Von Willebrand’s disease or hereditary eye problems.

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